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Family focused, BIPOC, Queer owned and woman run, Dutch Valley Farms is an Oregon-based cannabis farm that is upholds Oregon’s DANK craft cannabis reputation to the highest degree.

In 2010, Dutch Valley Farms founder, Anthony Palacio’s family’s world was turned upside down when a neurologist uttered words that no parents hope to hear: “Your son is on the autism spectrum.” Tired of sleepless nights and the frustrations that come with seeing your child suffer, Anthony and his partner started to research tools that could help their son’s quality of life. One of the tools that seemed the most promising: CANNABIS!

After countless hours of learning and exploring the benefits of this amazing plant, Anthony, like many parents of children with disabilities, came to the realization that without more research, this remarkable tool couldn’t reach its full potential. Anthony has been on a mission since to grow the best cannabis and to advocate for research on how cannabis can help people with disabilities. Dutch Valley Farms was born from this mission and they are setting an example for what the sustainable, craft cannabis industry should look like everywhere.

“My family and what we have created here…. it is special. I have always believed it is best to go into battle with people you trust and we have been through Fires, Ice Storms, the pandemic and other issues together. We made it past the other side and we are stronger because of that. I think the Sky is the limit.” – Anthony Palacio, COO and owner of Dutch Valley Farms and Permaculture Solutions

Honoring the land they reside on, Dutch Valley uses natural products, OMRI listed fertilizers, beneficial fungus, microbes and natural predatory insects for IPMS and sustainable farming practices to ensure their flower is free of toxins or chemicals, for both the consumer and the environment. Their sister brand, Permaculture Solutions, offers top quality rosin, bubble hash and soon a new edible line.

Dutch Valley Cannabis is so on the cutting edge of sustainability that they even capture all rain storm water run off from the facility as well as the A/C and dehumidifier systems. In fact, the capture is large enough to water the entire grow operation that they bypass the need to pull from the local watershed. It doesn’t stop there, either! They capture the nutrient wastewater and use it to fertilize a vegetable garden.

BELIEVE US when we tell you that this flower is DANK, sustainable, ethical and simply beautiful…the Tokeativity HQ Team did a visit to Dutch Valley Farms and we saw it with our own eyes! They even play music to their plants to keep the vibes high!

When I tried the Banana Puddintain strain by Dutch Valley Farms, I was immediately enamored with the gorgeous, chunky and sparkly presence of these big, beautiful buds! On the first puff of my bong my mouth watered with those delicious terpenes and flavonoids coming in strong. Easy on my lungs, this strain was a delight to toke and made me feel super relaxed and happy. Perfect for a wind down, the DVF Banana Punch had me chillin hard and feeling good. Their flower is just the kind of fire that we love here at Tokeativity, after a long day of smashing the patriarchy!

Dutch Valley Cannabis is crushing it so hard that their craft grow operation is expanding! In late 2021, the team is thrilled to move up to Tier 2 licensing and they are expanding their production to a second facility! Their sister brand, Permaculture Solutions, is also expanding production of their top notch rosin, bubble hash and edibles!

We could not be more stoked to support craft, family farms like Dutch Valley. When you buy their flower, concentrates or edibles you know that you are 1. Getting a quality product that is free from toxins, pesticides and bull shit 2. Supporting a BIPOC, queer owned and woman operated farm 3. Supporting a family who is expanding and creating opportunity for their farm fam to make a real impact on the future of cannabis research and science, specifically for people with disabilities.

When you are at the dispensary next time ask your budtender more about the farms that you are buying from! Know where your weed is grown, how and by whom! It makes a real difference in real people’s lives in this exciting time in the cannabis legalization movement. 

Read more about Dutch Valley Farms HERE and if you are in Oregon, make sure to try some Dutch Valley Cannabis and support their amazing farm.

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