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Our Mission

To nurture a safe space for women to connect, learn and create. We work to empower women at the root level and forward the normalization of cannabis.

What is Tokeativity?

Tokeativity® is the Global Cannabis Community for Women.

Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, Tokeativity was created by Lisa Snyder and Samantha Montanaro in 2016 with an intention to nurture a safe space for women to connect, learn and create. Whether they are a curious first timer or daily consumer, all women are welcome to join in our community in person or online.

We host a wide variety of events to connect and empower women of all ages across the globe. We curate intentional and focused experiences such as socials, workshops, networking, cannabis conversations, Q & A’s, panels, films, guest artists, and more. Whether they are a curious first timers or daily consumers, all women are welcome to join us at our in person or online community events.

Tokeativity® bridges the gap between this exciting emerging cannabis industry and consumers to educate, empower, uplift and create new meaningful connections. A portion of proceeds from each event is donated to causes we are passionate about supporting that are in alignment with our mission.

No matter where women live, they can connect with others to learn and participate with the regulated market on our online social network, Tokeativity Connect.

Women and cannabis have both been subject to the patriarchal imbalance of our modern world for too long. The drug war and the suppression of women have ruined lives and the time is now to restore this much-needed balance on our Earth. We believe that women and cannabis, together, can make that happen.


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Our Leadership Team

Lisa Snyder
Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Lisa Snyder is cannabis and women’s rights activist, a web developer and online strategist and the Founder & CEO of Tokeativity, The Global Cannabis Community for Women. She has worked on the web since the mid 90’s and has created and organized feminist events since 2005.

As the daughter of an Emmy Award winning CBS television video engineer and growing up organizing the neighborhood children, she has used the combined efforts of technology and live events to create communities across the country.

After working for MTV.com, Magnet Media, a woman-owned production company in Manhattan, and attending feminist festivals, she established her own nationwide women’s benefits, local women’s festivals, a feminist non-profit community in New York City, and a meetup for bisexual & lesbian women that’s been active since 2008.

She has been recognized for her work in Forbes, Rolling Stone, Modern Marijuana, MJ Lifestyle, Travel Portland, CannabisTours.com, Dope Magazine, Civilized, Marijuana Goes Mainstream, Magnetic Magazine, Willamette Week, The Potlander, Time Out New York, Go Magazine, Oregon Leaf, PUSH Mag, and The Weed Blog, among others.

After losing both parents to cancer in her 20’s, she passionately partnered her community building, feminist event planning, and web skills with fellow event planner, cannabis entrepreneur and community builder, Samantha Montanaro, to create Tokeativity, The Global Cannabis Community for Women in 2016. Together, they help bridge the cannabis industry with consumers to help educate and empower women, in hopes of encouraging forward movement, healing and ending the stigma around cannabis consumption.

She most recently headed the development and launch of Tokeativity’s online social network, Tokeativity Connect and was invited to the Oregon Entrepreneur Network’s Cannabis Leadership Team.

Samantha Montanaro
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Samantha Montanaro is a chicken lovin’ multi-media artist, event coordinator, gardner, musician and mother who is passionate about community, cannabis and feminine empowerment. Sam came into cannabis in 2014 by founding Prism House PDX, an events and graphic design company. She hosted regular events like The Oregon Cannabis Industry Meet Up and Puff Pass and Paint Portland and provided a private cannabis friendly space for dispensaries, farms and processors to host employee trainings, team building events and parties to celebrate their successes. The community built through Prism House became an epicenter for Oregon cannabis social culture by offering unique, uplifting and creative cannabis-friendly gatherings that shatter stoner stigmas. In 2017, Samantha expanded her regular repertoire of events by partnering up with Lisa Snyder to launch Tokeativity, the world wide cannabis community for women, based in Portland, OR.

Samantha serves as President of the Board of Historic Parkrose, a local non-profit aimed at revitalizing the business district of Parkrose. She is also on the executive board as the director of the community engagement committee of Venture Portland – a non profit dedicated to supporting all 50 Portland business districts. Sam’s passion for helping create a greater sense of community, creativity and positivity in Portland and beyond seeps into everything she touches.

Samantha and her work have been featured in numerous media outlets including Rolling Stone, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Newsweek, Dope Magazine, The Weed Blog and many others and is known for her progressive stance on healthcare, education and urban development.

Casey Wiser
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Casey Wiser is a mom of twin boys (aka twinjas), handywoman, jane-of-all-trades, entrepreneur, hostess with the mostest and CAO of Tokeativity, The Global Cannabis Community for Women. After 19 years in customer service and hospitality, Casey founded Wandering Spirits in 2005 with a 1971 Shasta Trailer – turned traveling bar. She ignited crowds with her beautiful trailer and her magnetic personality to countless events in Oregon and beyond.

Casey’s journey with cannabis became a path when she treated symptoms of PCOS and chronic back pain with cannabis and found more relief than ever before. When cannabis was legalized in Oregon in 2015, it opened up doors for Casey to bring her skill sets and strengths into this emerging industry. In 2016, Casey expanded her services with Wandering Spirits into the cannabis industry by joining forces with Samantha Montanaro of Prism House, a cannabis events company. In 2017, Casey supported the launch of Tokeativity, the global cannabis community for women, by mixing up drinks and helping the team for their first event. Her involvement was so impactful, that she immediately became a core part of Tokeativity and its operations. In 2018, Casey officially was on boarded as the Chief Administrative Officer of Tokeativity and has helped the company launch 6 chapters outside of Portland and the US.

Casey is an integral part of the reason Tokeativity has been featured in so many media outlets, including Forbes, Rolling Stone, MJ Lifestyle, Travel Portland, Dope Magazine, Civilized, Magnetic Magazine, Willamette Week, The Potlander, Oregon Leaf, and The Weed Blog, among others.

In Casey’s free time, she enjoying home renovation, DIY projects, camping, volunteering for causes she cares about and exploring the PNW with her amazing gregarious family.

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