We are a global community of plant medicine advocates rooted in feminism

Who we are

Tokeativity is a global community of active cannabis consumers and business owners that believe in cannabis normalization, equity and empowerment of a modern consumption culture.

What we do

We connect through creative, social, and political, intersectional feminist forward activities and marketing campaigns that work to create radical, positive change.

Our Herstory

Tokeativity was founded in 2016 by Lisa Snyder & Samantha Montanaro.

With Lisa’s years of experience in planning events for feminists and digitizing dreams combined with Samantha’s expertise in hosting consumption events and local community building, the two birthed a new era of cannabis feminism.

The first Tokeativity event was held on January 15, 2017 in Portland, Oregon, at the beginning of the #MeToo movement. Tokeativity went on to launch in cities across the globe, working to normalize plant medicine and consumption for women, mothers, wives, and queer folk.

During the pandemic, Tokeativity shifted to all digital, and is excited to bring back opportunities to connect in person.

Our Team

We work as a collective to modernize consumption culture through interactive experiences.

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