Utokia: Craft Cannabis, Adventure and A Crazy Cat Lady Quest!

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Utokia Farms has taken creativity and cannabis to a whole new level and the Adventure Quest has just begun! Founded in 2016, Utokia is a woman-owned 2nd generation family farm just outside of Canby, OR. Combining their love for gaming and expertise of growing, Utokia produces consistent, high quality craft cannabis that is cultivated with precision and paired with creative art.

Earlier this year Utokia released their already famed Adventure Preroll Pack that features not only the highest quality, premium cannabis prerolls but also collectible trading cards designed by local artists that correlate to their unique cannabis strains. They even come in an adventure-ready tin that you will want to keep and repurpose! Buy the joint packs, collect the cards, and get the chance to win dope swag and special prizes!


“The Utokia Adventure Quests are just like a classic quest you might find in a video game, like World of Warcraft or your favorite RPG (role playing games for those non-gamers out there).”


Crazy Cat Lady is Utokia’s latest dank strain and there is a new challenge to go with it that supports the Cat Adoption Team. Grab your lighters, and prepare for your next quest: The Crazy Cat Lady has lost her cats! Collect the 3 minion cat cards either through finding them in the Adventure Packs, or buy them directly from their website (a portion of the proceeds go to the Cat Adoption Team)!

Utokia is setting a high bar for craft cannabis everywhere with their highly intentional micro-tiered farm. Founder, Holly Hillyer, shares her thoughts on what it means to her to be a small batch farm.


“I think it’s important that people understand what small batch really means. A lot of companies market themselves as “small batch” when they are simply mass producing cannabis in a whole bunch of “small”ish rooms. 

Small batch to us really means that you are giving the plant the time and attention it needs to bring it to its full potential, it goes way beyond just the quantities per strain you are growing in each room. 

It’s extremely labor intensive to create high quality cannabis. There is a lot that’s involved throughout the growing, drying, trimming, and curing process that can make a substantial difference in how it turns out.”


Pre-Rolls tend to get a bad reputation due to companies using B & C grade quality; like year-old material, shake, and even stems and seed that can taste harsh and give an uneven burn. At Utokia, they only use fresh ground nugs that have been grown in small batches, indoors with no pesticides, gently handled throughout, and slow-cured for a smooth and enjoyable experience. 

Their prerolls feature ultra-thin French rolling paper that is FSC Certified, meaning it is environmentally friendly. Specifically chosen to allow you to easily see the flower inside with a smooth, tasteless burn so you can enjoy the taste of the flower, not the paper.

So gather your friends, pack your supplies, and get ready to venture out on your next quest with Utokia Farm’s Crazy Cat Lady Adventure Quest. Utokia Adventure Packs are available at dispensaries across Oregon, now featuring their newest strain Crazy Cat Lady – a potent cultivar which is certain to fuel your next adventure be it a hike through Powell Butte or a trek up Mt Hood; these prerolls will keep you inspired and ready to go with plenty of room for fun along the way! Collect the limited edition Cat Cards now for your chance to add a special holographic card to your growing Utokia deck!

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