MAGNETIC MAGAZINE: Plant Medicine Advocate Lisa Snyder on Women’s Equality Day

By |Published On: August 26th, 2021|1.5 min read|

In honor of this special day Magnetic Magazine asked leaders in the plant medicine community to share their thoughts on what it means to them.

“Being a woman, specifically a lesbian woman, in the cannabis industry is incredibly humbling and challenging. Everyone, even men, is wounded by the patriarchy’s desire to dominate and control. There is this belief that women have to take the same approach in order to be successful. And unfortunately unless we demand otherwise, we will continue to perpetuate the same cycles of oppression in the cannabis industry.

We are the first generation of women to have the privilege of approaching relationships differently than our mothers and grandmothers before us simply due to discrimination laws that are now in place (such as ability to buy a house or get a credit card without a man’s signature) and the focused equality efforts made by today’s activists. Additionally, learning how to resolve conflicts and communicate needs with clarity and sincerity with others when it arises. I’ve seen a lot of women come and go and a lot of women ruin relationships because of their inability to understand their needs and communicate it to others.”

– Lisa Snyder, Co-Founder of Tokeativity

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