Cannabis Company, LOWD, is changing the world. Smoke like a grower. Be what you want to see.

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Tokeativity visits LOWD. 

From the moment Kia & I walked into the infamous LOWD Cannabis indoor cultivation facility I knew it had some kind of special magic that most facilities don’t. That magic is from visionary, social justice warrior and cannabis cultivation expert, Jesce Horton.

I first met Jesce Horton, co founder and CEO of LOWD Cannabis, nearly 8 years ago in Portland, Oregon just as adult use cannabis was being legalized. He spoke at an Oregon Cannabis Industry Meet Up event that I hosted at Prism House PDX and his powerful story captured the hearts and minds of everyone in the room. He told his personal story that included a strict father who spent time in prison for a small amount of cannabis. His parents tried everything they could to encourage Jesce to stay away from cannabis so he would not fall into the same cycle of incarceration and lack of opportunity.

The plant and Jesce had other plans. Big plans.

Jesce’s journey as a cannabis consumer began at the age of 15. Despite his parent’s attempts to discourage a relationship with weed, the plant connected with Jesce deeply and forever impacted his life. His dad’s worst fears came true when Jesce was arrested for cannabis possession at the age of 18. He went on to have multiple more arrests and witnessed, first hand, how the failed war on drugs deeply harms people and communities.

 Jesce is brilliant, motivated, passionate and he cares so much about changing the world view and policies on cannabis. He is still grounded in the same ethos and principles he was when I met him so many years ago – innovation in design, sustainability, precise environment control for high quality results and team building from a foundation of equity, community and culture.

 This is a recipe for success and we love what they are cooking up over at LOWD!

LOWD: Love Our Weed Daily. (Photo: Nickia Delaware)

LOWD Community Manager, Alexandra Burns (Photo: Nickia Delaware)

LOWD, which stands for Love Our Weed Daily, sticks out in a crowded Oregon market by honing in on small batch and craft ethos, using highlzy sought after genetics and a precise growing process that produces the very best cannabis on the market. Their dialed in flow and unmatched quality product speaks to the vast experience that the diverse team at LOWD brings to the table

LOWD’S Plant Daddy nurturing the babies. (Photo: Nickia Delaware)

LOWD’s tag line, “smoke like a grower”, speaks to the level of care they put into every product. Growers are known for consuming the very best of the best and at LOWD they want everyday consumers to have access to ethical, high quality cannabis.

 Jesce is also the Co-Founder of the Minority Cannabis Business Association and has tirelessly advocated for building an equitable and responsible cannabis industry through sensible policy. The MCBA works directly with local representatives to support fair implementation and enforcement of sensible cannabis policies and provides resources for governments and citizens to design and advocate for better policies.

 “Today’s cannabis market needs innovation and authenticity — a lack of cultural diversity, the abandonment of legacy growers, and alienation of its pioneers threaten the culture.” – Jesce Horton, co founder and CEO of LOWD

Education is a huge part of creating opportunities for folks in cannabis and Jesce is developing curriculum and instructing at the first college in New York to have a cannabis major, LIM College! He is doing similar work at HBCU Medgar Evers College, as well. People have been cultivating cannabis for over 12,000 years and in just the last 100 years so much of the ancestral knowledge has been erased in the war on drugs. LOWD is passionate about honoring the past and innovating a future that is inclusive, equitable and founded in quality.

We are inspired by Jesce and the team at LOWD because they are truly walking the talk of being a part of positive change. They are an incredible example of what is possible and what we can see as cannabis continues to be legalized. Bonus: their weed is seriously FIRE.

LOWD BlūTIPS. (Photo by Sludge Studios.)

Speaking of, LOWD Pre-Rolls are officially here! Fused with artisan hash, these pre-rolls are packed with top shelf flower, and the packaging is compostable and reusable. We got to sample them – these 1 gram j’s will send you to the MOON and back! Grab some wherever LOWD is sold!

If you want to support LOWD Cannabis , give them a follow and show them some love to stay on the cutting edge of possibility and innovation in cannabis! Here at Tokeativity we certainly Love Our Weed Daily and we hope you do the same.


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