Talya Mayfield visits the 2021 Midwest Canna Expo

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Article by: Talya Mayfield

I had the pleasure of attending Missouri’s Midwest Canna Conference and Expo in early august, and I think it’s safe to say Missouri women are creating their own path in this new, emerging market. I attended several sessions, but spent a fair amount of my time walking the expo floor to meet with Missouri’s Medical Marijuana industry  pioneers.

The first friendly face I found was that of Alexis Simmons of The Flower MIll USA. Alexis has reinvented the grinder by replacing the traditional metal on metal grinding device with a milling process that allows for uniform milling and fluffy results. You can view the live demo of this product at….( link video provided). Follow Alexis on Instagram @alexisflowermillusa or lowermillusa.com.

I ran into another pair of Sally and Amy from the Trimmer Store. These ladies saw an opportunity in the post harvest sector of cannabis cultivation, and began renting processing equipment to cultivators throughout the state. The ladies of The Trimmer Store are evidence that the cannabis industry is just like any other.  There are goods and services to be acquired and provided. If you’re wanting to be a part of this industry, you must find your niche, and jump in!  For more information on the The Trimmer Store go to, https://www.thetrimmerstore.com.

My key takeaways from the 2021, Midwest Canna Convention and Expo:

  1. Women in Missouri are dominating the ancillary cannabis business game!  While I was hard pressed to find diversity amongst license facility operators, it is obvious that women in Missouri have figured out how to turn their past experience and practices into a necessary commodity in the cannabis industry. 
  2. Social equity and diversity do not appear to have played a factor in determining who would be awarded state licensure.  However, the market is young enough, and adult use rumors keep Missouri residents hopeful of an inclusive and equitable adult use market in 2022. 
  3. There were multiple speakers, vendors and presenters from throughout the country which tells me that there are still opportunities for Missouri natives interested in getting into the industry, to find their role and take a seat at the table.  

About the Author: Talya Mayfield

Talya Mayfield
Talya Mayfield is the founding leader of Tokeativity Hannibal and has spent the last 7 + years as a Regulatory Compliance Manager in the highly regulated chemical and heavy manufacturing industries. Talya has recently began consulting as a regulatory compliance advisor for licensed medical cannabis facilities and corporations in Missouri and the greater Midwest.

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