Quit Like a Woman: From Wine Mom to Canna Mom

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“I have to make a big change now” 

said Studio Linear founder, Andrea Beaulieu, as she was laying next to her daughter at bed time, feeling heart race uncontrollably. She felt like she was about to die. Enough was enough.

Most adults have experienced a moment similar to this. That “AHA” moment where you realize that you, and only you, are going to make the change that needs to happen for your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

That moment, for Andrea, wasn’t the usual and all-too-common-these-days “I have to stop drinking alcohol now” moment. This moment was loaded with many layers of choices that were about to affect Andrea’s business and her ability to provide for her family of four. This was complicated.

Big Alcohol, after-all, was funding Andrea’s business and as the Creative Director for wine and beverage campaigns geared towards moms it was Andrea’s job to know and love that alcohol she was creating designs.

“This really pissed me off. It really started to bother me that the messaging for these alcoholic beverages, targeted to women and mothers, was that as moms we couldn’t deal with it ourselves…that we need alcohol to manage the stress of parenting.”  – Andrea Beaulieu

In this compelling interview below, Tokeativity Co-Founder and CEO, Samantha Montanaro talks with Andrea about going from Wine Mom to Canna Mom, as well as how Andrea pivoted her creative agency, Studio Linear, from alcohol to Cannabis! 

As Cannabis is legalized and marketed to massive audiences of new consumers, innovative cannabis and CBD brands are re-defining the stoner stigma and changing the world with their beautiful imagery absent of tie dye, stoner bros and women in skimpy clothes. Andrea and her team at Studio Linear are on the cutting edge of futuristic, beautiful and clever Cannabis branding, design and content creation that is genuinely changing the way consumers feel about weed, CBD and the array of many products.

“The future of cannabis branding is about a lifestyle. It will become so normal that we will start seeing incredibly packaged brands on the shelves of Target” – Andrea Beaulieu

Packaging, advertisements, billboards – this imagery really does influence the way people feel about everything. Behavioral data is worth more than oil these days. Brands have incredible power over human behavior. Cannabis branding has so much power and Studio Linear is using this power for good. The self healing revolution is HERE and women like Andrea are leading the way.

Studio Linear is accepting new clients who are looking for design services for new brands (or an existing company rebrand), logos, package design, websites, social media content and more. Check out studiolinear.com for more information and listen in on this inspiring story of how Andrea turned her pain into power.

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