THE EMERALD MAGAZINE: 10 Cannabis Brands Dedicated to Equity by Claire Leibowitz

By |Published On: April 25th, 2022|0.8 min read|

The Emerald Media Group featured Tokeativity on a list of top cannabis brands dedicated to equity. Tokeativity was one of just TEN brands included on their “support and restock” list.


Tokeativity is committed to social equity. For instance, they have offered free marketing for women and BIPOC-owned businesses, and they also donate to many nonprofits, like Black Lives Matter, Minorities For Medical Marijuana, the NAACP, ACLU Planned Parenthood and many more. Their dedication to anti-racism is shown through free access to events through a scholarship program.

Also, Tokeativity helps focus on issues that women of color face in politics and leadership positions. Through their memberships, they connect creativity, social causes, politics and feminist activities to create changes in the industry.

Tokeativity emphasizes that they believe in “cannabis normalization, equity and empowerment of a modern consumption culture.”

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About the Author: Tokeativity

Tokeativity is The Global Feminist Community for Active Cannabis Culture We are a global community of active cannabis consumers and business owners that believe in cannabis normalization, equity and empowerment of a modern consumption culture. We connect through creative, social, and political, intersectional feminist forward activities and marketing campaigns that work to create radical, positive change. Participate in the movement and become a supporting member! A portion of our proceeds go to non-profits we care about.

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