HONEYSUCKLE MAGAZINE: Tokeativity: A Recap Of The Empowering Women’s Plant Medicine Event by Brooke Arezzi

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Tokeativity, a global network for feminist cannabis culture, put together a night filled with panels, booths, main stage entertainment, and the perfect means for the connection of people within the cannabis space. In part of an increasing movement to celebrate psychedelics and their health benefits as research on mushrooms and plant medicine become more legalized, the event included info sessions, Tarot readings, music, and perspectives from all communities represented in cannabis. The Psychedelics and Plant Medicine Tokeativity Social opened a space for people to come together and explore not only their passions for the topics at hand, but also engage with leaders in all aspects of the sector, from justice system experts to holistic healers and media mavens.

Check out what five women at Tokeativity HQ had to say about the event: 

“It was so magical, next-level, and cutting-edge that I felt honored to be there, myself, even as the CEO and Co-Founder of Tokeativity. The vast array of experiential evidence that was shared, speaking to the power of psychedelics and plant medicine, was mind-blowing.” – Samantha Montanaro, CEO

“We believe in the normalization of plant medicine and that all people are capable of radical self-healing. We do not get a how-to guide when it comes to healing ourselves. Since Oregon has legalized psilocybin for therapeutic use and decriminalized all ‘drugs’, it’s so important that we learn from one another as a community so we can apply what works for us into our own lives.” – Lisa Snyder, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

“The psychedelics and plant medicine social was a beautiful example of the magic we all can create if we push ego aside in the name of collaboration. We all spoke power to the sacred and taboo practice of healing with plants. As we all know, representation matters in all sectors, and it feels damn good to gently show the way in this space” – Nickia Delaware, Chief Creative Officer

“The Tokeativity Socials are and always have been the highlight of my month – the feeling you get walking (or clicking) into these events has always been so powerful, like walking into a warm hug that just gets better. The vibe of mutual understanding and acceptance is hard to match – It’s one of my greatest joys; being able to bring the experience I never knew I needed until I found it, to others.” – Wendy Mintey, Chief Community Liaison

“It brings me so much joy to help create a space for our community to come together and learn about plant medicine from each other.” – Casey Wiser, Chief Operations Officer

About the Author: Tokeativity

Tokeativity is The Global Feminist Community for Active Cannabis Culture We are a global community of active cannabis consumers and business owners that believe in cannabis normalization, equity and empowerment of a modern consumption culture. We connect through creative, social, and political, intersectional feminist forward activities and marketing campaigns that work to create radical, positive change. Participate in the movement and become a supporting member! A portion of our proceeds go to non-profits we care about.

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