The first time I attended a Tokeativity event, I knew I wanted to go back. I’d been to gatherings at the same venue, all of which were wonderful, and I’d been to women-centric cannabis industry events too. But there was something unique about this evening, and it wasn’t hard to name: Tokeativity was a women-only space. Explicitly, unabashedly, defiantly. And that was thrilling. 

Co-owners and curators Lisa Snyder and Samantha Montanaro have intentionally built an events series that is women- and cannabis-focused, and absolutely no men are allowed. Because that matters – we women are actually quite different, they contend, when we can connect and communicate without a patriarchal influence. Tokeativity appeared on the scene at a time when so many women were seeking friendship, community, and an outlet for the unrest, anxiety, and frustration they’d been feeling since the election. It’s become a touchstone that we return to because it offers us a space to find refuge, to resist the negativity in the world, and to refuel among likeminded ladies.

Did I mention there’s weed?  

We recently talked with Lisa and Sam about the birth of Tokeativity, the need for collaboration among women, and how more women can benefit from the experience they’re creating. Questions and answers have been edited for brevity and clarity. 

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