Push Mag: “My Come to Jesus Moment: The New Religion of Cannabis & Psychedelics” by Lisa Snyder

By |Published On: June 14, 2017|0.9 min read|

Following a religious upbringing, Tokeativity founder, Lisa Snyder, discusses reclaiming her faith and finding relief and hope in cannabis and psychedelics.

I am a recovering not-so-Catholic, forced as a child to pray and to kneel down to things I didn’t understand, all while secretly wishing my co-religion parents chose to raise me Jewish so I could have a Bat Mitzvah. After coming out on the other side of it all, I am a spiritual being, who channels the universe’s messages as they come.

I’ve had several ‘Come to Jesus’ moments with cannabis over the years and my experiences range from funny to life-changing.

The first time I ever smoked was in high school in the woods behind a guy’s house whose mom was a full time clown named Minikin. Later in life, my relationship with cannabis consisted of continuous requests that my mom get access to cannabis pills to help her appetite at the end of her cancer battle (sidenote – she never got them).

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