WILLAMETTE WEEK-” Toke Up For Pride With Six Queer-Friendly Cannabusinesses Drop that green on the finest gay and trans-friendly bud.” by Meghan O’Dea

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 Here’s a little Pride month history lesson for you: Back when the Plague Years were in full swing and AIDS was still a mysterious scourge, the government and medical community weren’t exactly rushing to find a cure. Instead, it was queer pioneers like San Francisco’s Dennis Peron who opened the first buyers clubs and dispensaries to get medical cannabis to the people who needed it most.

That doesn’t mean LGBTQ folks have managed to stay at the forefront of the cannabis industry, however.

Here are six queer-owned cannabusinesses to drop that green on the finest gay and trans-friendly bud:

Tokeativity: Co-founded by queer feminist Lisa Snyder, inclusivity is baked into all of Tokeativity’s events, which often take place at safe spaces like Escape Bar and Grill, and at private events around town. The goal is simple: to destigmatize cannabis use, especially for women and minorities who haven’t historically been the most visible smokers and tokers. There’s often a professional bent to its events, too, with gatherings themed on everything from cloning pot plants to speed networking for cannaprofessionals.


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