WILLAMETTE WEEK- “A Weed Tourist’s Guide to Portland”

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If you come from a prohibition state where partaking in cannabis is limited to puff-puff-passing a joint handed to you by some strangers at a music festival, coming to Oregon can feel like crash landing in a promised land where the streets are paved with kif.

From neighborhood dispensaries to bud-and-breakfasts to mellow, terpene-infused cocktails, there are so many ways to consume THC and CBD in Portland it’ll make an outsider’s head spin. Shoot, it sometimes even overwhelms the natives…

DO: Enjoy that wiggle room at one of Portland’s cannabis house parties—from the women-only Tokeativity events, where you can dance, get a tarot reading, and shop local artisans—to Live at HiFi Farms concerts and the crafty Make & Mary art classes.

DON’T: Forget your ID when you visit a dispensary, even if you don’t intend to buy anything. To see inside, you’ll need state-issued identification or a passport.

DO: Buy something at a dispensary. Oregon has the strictest testing laws in the world, bans the most pesticides, and is home to the cleanest iterations of cannabis’s ideal growing climate.
DON’T: Just walk to the nearest shop. There are over 300 shops in the Portland area—all offering their own unique experiences.

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