ISTHMUS: Tokeativity Blows into Madison by Chelsey Dequaine

By |Published On: September 26th, 2019|0.6 min read|

“The hemp industry is male-dominated, and so is the cannabis industry in legal states,” says Samantha Montanaro. Many women work in the industry, but “they aren’t owners. They aren’t the ones with the money.”

Montanaro, a Wisconsin native, is co-founder of a group called Tokeativity, which terms itself “a global cannabis community for women.” Montanaro and women’s rights activist Lisa Snyder started the group in Portland, Oregon, in 2016.  It’s since grown to more than 12 chapters across the U.S., with one in South Africa. Its debut Madison chapter event was held at Mickey’s Tavern on Aug. 17. Madison is the first chapter in a state where weed isn’t legalized.

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