FORBES – Tokeativity Business Member Community is Noticed as Top Creative Advertising Method for Cannabis Industry

By |Published On: May 4th, 2020|1.2 min read|

Janelle Lassalle gave the Tokeativity Business Member community a huge shout out, and recognized it as one of the top seven creative advertising methods for the cannabis industry. As a cannabusiness, your options for advertising and exposure can be severely limited. Finding unique ways to stand out and be creatively immersed in a community can be even more challenging. Tokeativity has been built on the foundations of support and growing as a collective, and our business memberships help provide a safe outlet to further this mission.


“One clever way to take the idea of word of mouth marketing and amplify it is to look into business memberships and subscriptions from local cannabis groups.” Lassalle explains, “a great example of a cannabis social group with extensive services for its members is Tokeativity. Tokeativity is a huge hub for cannabis lovers—there are currently 6 chapters outside the US and more growing everyday. In addition to their many social gatherings they also offer additional services through their hub, Tokeativity Connect.”

Want to learn more and join our community? Check out our website to learn more about different membership options. Read more about what our Business Member community brings and other creative ways to market yourself on Forbes’ website,

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