The Initiative, a Portland, Oregon-based accelerator focused on addressing the dearth of female entrepreneurs in the legal cannabis industry, has chosen its first group of participants (or “cohorts”). Ten emerging businesses are represented in the initial session. Although most of the startups are in the consumer-packaged goods sector, a burgeoning device company and an event and social platform are also in the inaugural group. The Initiative is a three-month-program that aims to provide participants with the tools and training needed to help them raise financing from investors as well as learn how to successfully launch and roll out their products and brands on a national scale. Launched last fall, The Initiative is seeking to fix a gender discrepancy that has long plagued other industries.


Following are The Initiative’s initial group of participants:


Founded by Samantha Montanaro and Lisa Snyder, Portland, Oregon-based Tokeativity is a cannabis-focused event and social platform.

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