How do you measure success? I learned slowly that all gains were really made up of incremental wins and losses.

It would make no sense to celebrate just the big victory, as I would not only miss honoring the smaller gains that made the big victory possible, but I would not gain the momentum necessary even to reach the big victory at all.

In other words, honoring the small wins wasn’t just being thoughtful. It was necessary to my survival. I’d argue it is essential to yours, too.

In our end of year outreach, we asked over 50 cannabis entrepreneurs to share with us,  milestones that they achieved this year! Dive in and let’s recognize and celebrate each of these entrepreneurs milestones for 2018!

Lisa Snyder

Lisa Snyder, CEO of Tokeativity

“Tokeativity is the Global Cannabis Community for Women. We work to empower women at the root level and forward the normalization of cannabis. This year we launched our online platform and social network, Tokeativity Connect, launched 7 chapters in Portland, Eugene, Bend, Seattle, LA, Denver and our first international chapter, South Africa!”


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