However, while the CBD boom would have us thinking it’s a panacea for every possible ailment, there’s been a great deal of controversy over giving CBD to children: Schools are threatening to charge children with misdemeanors for possessing it, Child Protective Services are challenging parents’ custody for giving their kids CBD oil, and still other parents have been duped by snake oil retailers masquerading their products as healing solutions.


In the 1600s, North American landowners were indeed required to grow hemp, so it was a regular part of everyone’s diet. Because hemp was so widespread, its compounds were thus present in breastmilk. Samantha Montanaro, co-founder and COO of Tokeativity, believes that CBD can enhance a child’s life; she says the fact that hemp was a daily part of our lives for so long gives her confidence in making CBD a part of her family’s diet.

“In my family we eat hemp hearts, add fresh cannabis leaves in smoothies, and use CBD bath products and tinctures,” she says. “As we start to learn more about how our endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid deficiency affects how we absorb other nutrients, we can possibly adjust what our multivitamin intake is. But, for now, I am not supporting replacing multivitamins with CBD — they should work in conjunction with one another.”

To read the full article about CBD for Kids, head over to Civilized’s website.

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