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Tokeativity collaborator, Mskindness talk about Bridges in this CannaCon article.

You just hosted the first series of “Bridges: A Conversational Event Series About Race, Equity and Inclusion” in collaboration with Tokeativity. How was it? What surprised you most about (or during) the event?

YES! It was truly magical. It was a superb example of the types of difficult, mind-opening conversations we need to be having all the time. When we decided to combine the forces of Club Kindness and Tokeativity, we only had the pure intention of helping to bring ladies together around these critical topics with a goal of developing tools for each of us to access and use going forward.

The event ended up being so much more. I wasn’t really surprised at the outcome, but I am still overwhelmed by the community’s response. It was necessary! And women are still reaching out to say so. Lisa, Sam and I are working hard on the next one, and we’re looking forward to what this series can bring to the cannabis community and the world.

Do you have a favorite quote from a panelist? 

“I don’t know who came up with these rules, but that’s not how I operate.” -Chef Andrea Drummer.

Those words are so simple and pointed. And even without context, convey the importance of knowing oneself. One big takeaway (because there were so many) from the first Bridges is how critical it is that we spend time getting to know who we are, what stimulates us and how to set boundaries that foster our personal success. The rules don’t matter when you know what’s right!

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