Social media has become a platform for the legal cannabis industry to not only display their brands but create a community revolving around the plant. Women, in particular, have found success in promoting brands, educating, and taking followers from all over the world on a journey of cannabis legalization creating relationships with these fans. Through this, they have a global reach to make a change and are jumping at the opportunity. A quick search on any popular social media site will bring up everything from Women Cannabis Business Owners, to Women’s Veterans Support Groups all based around this beautiful female plant. But its more than just a group on social media, these women are there to lift each other up by making connections, supporting businesses, and offering resources to other female-run organizations with a desire for everyone to succeed. It is a new level of compassion being brought to the table that allows for collaboration benefiting all parties involved. Groups like Women Grow, Tokativity, Women Leaders in Cannabis, Grow Sisters and Women & Weed are actively pursuing a change and equality in the legal cannabis industry. Using meetups, online classes, educational events, lobbying, and support groups they are being the voice of not only gender equality in the industry but also help break the stigma of the traditional “stoner”.

BY: Chelsea Smith
IG: @thebakedunicornqueen 

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