CANDID CHRONICLE – Tokeativity Founders Featured in 4 Women in Cannabis, 20 Questions

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The founders of Tokeativity were featured in Candid Chronicle’s 4 Women in Cannabis, 20 Questions article! Veronica Castillo shares on the past experiences of Samantha Montanaro and Lisa Snyder and how the two came together to create the global cannabis community for feminists.


“Tokeativity was made to offer a space for women to feel empowered in their own skin with cannabis, creativity, and connection. With steam behind Prism House’s popularity, when Lisa met Samantha her seeds sprouted into reality very quickly! What started as an event series became a unique women’s community that was hungry for feminist-forward cannabis gatherings.”

Candid Chronicle also highlighted the communities growth and new chapter expansions. “We have India, the UK, Guatemala, Mexico, and other countries in sight. The cannabis and feminist movement is global and our goal is to create a massive, global network of women and allies that choose each other for resources and support. Social commodities can weigh more than gold itself. People have a deep inherent need for connection. In this paradox of easy interconnectedness via the internet, people have never felt so alone. We bridge the gap between online and in-person for a common goal – to feel better in our everyday lives.”


Read more about Tokeativity’s founders and the other amazing women featured for this great 4/20/2020 special on Candid Chronicle’s website,

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