I used to be a Wine Mom… Until I Replaced Wine with Drinkable CBD

By |Published On: June 10th, 2021|2.3 min read|

If you are anything like me you have been drinking alcohol more often during the pandemic. I know many of you are like me, in fact, because numerous studies have shown that middle aged women have had the most dramatic increase in alcohol consumption during pandemic times in comparison to any other demographic. We know why – this shit is stressful! Life was already stressful for parents who are juggling kids, careers, homes, friends and everything else. Add uncertain pandemic times to that mix and we are all one mishap away from a total breakdown.

My (conservative, non cannabis consuming) neighbor told me the other day that she was cracking a bottle of wine at noon nearly everyday simply to deal with parenting two kids under the age of 7, schooling and working from home all at the same time. She also spoke to how crappy and stressed she feels and how it is not helping anything…. but she is desperate for relief every single day. Drinking is so ingrained in the fabric of our society, it is hard to imagine our lives without it.

It was my pure pleasure to give her a couple bottles of my not-so-secret weapon to productivity, health, relaxation, joy and sanity: Danodan, a USDA Certified Organic, water soluble CBD elixir and ZV Botanicals CBD Bitters (organic, 100% woman owned) to add to any drink of her choice. Have your cake and eat it too, sister friend! Refreshing, relaxing cocktails without hangover, inflammation and all of the other negative side effects of alcohol. Pinch me!

I love drinking delicious things

and I know so many other people who do too! I am so incredibly stoked about CBD cocktails for this reason! I don’t have to stop drinking altogether – I am just changing what it is that I am drinking.

Here is my go-to recipe for a CBD cocktail that has endless possibilities:

I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE COCKTAILS! And my body, mind and spirit are thanking me for it! Cannabis asks us to take our healing into our own hands. Cannabis asks us to listen deeper to what our body and spirit is telling us. Cannabis is gentle and loving to our bodies and that is something that any mom can get behind!

No payment was exchanged for this promotion, ya’ll. I really just love these products that much. They are changing my life and I am excited to watch companies like ZV Botanicals and Danodan innovate consumption for future generations!





About the Author: Samantha Montanaro

Samantha Montanaro
Samantha Montanaro is the co-founder and CEO of Tokeativity. Her passion for plant medicine, music, art, urban farming, the psychedelic renaissance and progressive community culture are woven into everything she does as a business owner, mother, musician and pillar in her local community of Portland, OR.

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