WEEDTUBE.COM: Legal Cannabis Industry Launches Petition Demanding Updates to Instagram’s Community Guidelines 

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WeedTube.com, launches a petition with a  goal of 1 Million signatures to end the censorship of cannabis on Instagram!

DENVER, CO (March 3, 2022) — WeedTube, the video sharing platform for cannabis content, is launching a petition to gain 1,000,000 signatures to demand that Instagram end its strict censorship of cannabis-related content and update its Community Guidelines to treat all legally operating cannabis businesses equally. Cannabis industry professionals and enthusiasts alike are encouraged to sign the petition to call for Instagram to update its regulations, as well as host a “roundtable” discussion with cannabis industry leaders on how to best navigate moving forward in a fair and equal way.

Cannabis has been legalized for adult use in 18 states and medically in 36 states, yet Instagram continues to suspend and delete the pages of licensed and legal cannabis companies for violation of their vague and outdated policy prohibiting “attempts by individuals, manufacturers and retailers to purchase, sell or trade” marijuana. This policy is not enforced equally, with large multi-state corporations being allowed to promote their products and locations, while smaller, independent operators lose access to their Instagram pages, which are essential marketing tools in 2022.

The petition is being led by WeedTube who lost access to their Instagram account in November for the second time. “We hope this petition can start a dialogue between Instagram and the legal cannabis industry to develop best practices so that we can promote our businesses in a safe and professional manner,” said WeedTube Co-Founder and Creative Director Arend Richard. Richard, whose YouTube channel was deleted in 2018 with nearly 200k subscribers due to cannabis content, has become an advocate for ending online cannabis censorship.

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