The Canna Moms Tokeativity Social 2021: Recap, Photo Booth Pix & Music to Toke to

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Now that’s what I call a CANNA MOM event!!

Mommies & Mary Jane group talk all things canna moms

WOW! HUGE THANK YOU to all the folks that joined us from around the globe with us on May 8th to celebrate CANNA MOMS!

Together, we shattered stigmas, discussed political and civic action around parental and cannabis user’s rights, and set the stage for cannabis consuming mothers and parents around the world to learn from one another, ask questions, connect and get inspired by industry leaders and pioneers from around the world.

This event was produced by Lisa Snyder, Wendy Mintey, Samantha Montanaro, Nickia Delware & Casey Wiser, aka Tokeativity HQ. We are a global community of active cannabis consumers and business owners that believe in cannabis normalization, equity and empowerment of a modern consumption culture. Our community connects through creative, social, and political, intersectional feminist forward activities and marketing campaigns that work to create radical, positive change.

From left to right Samantha Montanaro, Lisa Snyder, Casey Wiser, Wendy Mintey, Nickia Delware & aka Tokeativity HQ

We appreciate all the support from our Corporate Members, HerblPaxSensi Magazine, our main event sponsor, Weed Mom, our collaborators & media partners (see full list below).

We had 4 back to back hours of panels, discussions, Q&As, networking, dancing, seshing! Not all sessions are recorded, so you joining the live event is a must to really get all the juice, connections and high vibes we put out at these events!

Check out our MUSIC TO TOKE TO, inspired by our Canna Moms event, curated by Nickia Delaware and the photo booth pix below!

Here’s a list of all the magic that happened. If the session did have a successful recording, it will be available in our video library in the weeks after. Check back on the Tokeativity Video Library often for updates on this AND past events you might have missed!



Tokeativity continues to lead the charge in bringing the feminist and women’s cannabis community together, no matter where someone lives at our Community Events. Attendees can be as “out” or as anonymous as they want on our platform – this ain’t no zoom call! Guests can listen in or share their screens and interact. Anyone 21+ can register and claim their sliding scale, starting with free, tickets at

Participate in the movement and become a supporting member! A portion of our proceeds go to non-profits we care about. Tokeativity hosts monthly socials covering taboo topics as the cannabis and psychedelic movements pick up speed. Every event features 25+ guest speakers & sesh rooms like Canna Moms, Hemp Talk, Black Women In Cannabis, Music, Movement, Live Podcast Recordings, Conversations about Plant Medicine, Self Healing & More!

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Music to Toke to

Photo Booth Pix – Scroll to find yours!

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