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Portland-based black, queer and woman-owned CBD Blunt company, Sway Blunts, is smashing stigmas and putting some sway into our step with these oh so smoooooth toking treats!

Sway Blunts elevates the CBD experience by offering hand rolled, craft hemp paper CBD blunts and CBD Thai Sticks using rich organic hemp paper enhanced with terpenes. Using locally sourced Organic, top shelf, DANK CBD-rich hemp flower, these blunts are hand rolled by Melody Wright (she/they), the Founder of Sway Blunts, with love. 

There is something to be said for a really good blunt, can you relate?! I mean, sometimes mama just needs a blunt break. But, these days many of us cannabis consumers are not keen on the idea of smoking tobacco for a number of well known reasons. Also, high doses of THC are not ideal for all situations or body types of consumers. This is where Hemp Blunts come to the rescue! Sway has a range of products to suit any smoker’s delight!

I am smoking my first Pinner as I write this and I must say, DAYYUUUMMMM. When you slide the beautiful, little clever matchbox open (where you get 10 little 1/3g CBD blunts that smell like heaven) you know you are about to take the edge off… the Sway way! The matches right there make this pack super convenient for keeping in your purse or in your stash bag. High quality and hand rolled, the blunts taste freaking amazing, burn slow and smooth and make you feel so relaxed. Lick your lips after taking a few pulls and enjoy the burst of flavonoids from the infused hemp papers.

Melody started Sway with passion, an amazing product and extensive knowledge in cannabis. Not long after entering the recreational cannabis space in 2018, Melody found herself unsure as to if they could persevere past the high barriers to entry, especially for her as a black, queer female. With the help of their team, community members and other women’s support, Sway moved into Tillamook Station, where they share an amazing space with Barbari Herbals to form the most badass co-op of plant rolling babes in the craft herbal smoke sector of the emerging cannabis industry!

When I talked with Melody and CEO Sonia Fay Stolfo about what they are pumped about at Sway, my own excitement for this plant was ignited. Sway is inspired by the changing laws around cannabis and CBD and believes in supporting female and BIPOC owned businesses to help all boats rise with the tides. They are excited about the future of cannabis and how the industry sophistication is improving. CBG and Delta-8-THC are exciting new cannabinoids starting to make their way into consumer products and we can look forward to innovation staying with Sway as they grow.

Cannabis consumption and the ability to consume with others in a social setting is a foundation of how Sway was founded and they would love to one day open an on-site consumption lounge. If Oregon’s 2021 Cannabis Equity Act, HB 3112 passes they may just be able to do just that. This bill is the most comprehensive, holistic approach to cannabis equity in the United States ever introduced and focuses on widespread reinvestment in the communities that have been hurt most by cannabis prohibition and the War on Drugs. Something we can all get behind!

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, we at Tokeativity are excited to see companies like Sway Blunts not only survive, but thrive. The craft cannabis market is just beginning! As consumers get access to education about the widely diverse cannabis plant, THC, CBD and other cannabinoids as well as the ways to consume we hope to see more innovative products like these Sway blunts…because, you know, sometimes mama just needs a blunt break.

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