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The Future is 1:1: – Anonymous Stories 

Have you experienced an uncomfortable interaction or been witness to one? Did someone grab your ass? Talk to you in a way you found demeaning or embarrassing as a woman? Did you wish you could have said something or done something different? Do you wish someone else spoke up for you?

We’re curating stories from women across the world who have had an uncomfortable interaction with another person. We’re specifically looking for stories interacting with MEN.

We would like to know the short version of what happened and what you wish would have been different – do you wish someone spoke up for you? Do you wish you would have felt comfortable enough to say “I don’t appreciate you grabbing by ass at work” or “don’t call me girl, I am a woman.”, etc?

We will be reading some anonymous stories and solutions from our community about your experiences. You can be from ANYWHERE in the world. Any country, state or city. Recreational, medical or black market.

What we need from you:

1. Send us an anonymous statement (3-5 sentences) about an experience you had out in the world you wished either didn’t happen or wished you would have been able to do something in the moment.

We will be reading some of them aloud at our event, THE FUTURE IS 1:1 we are curating in Portland, OR on Sat Feb 2nd.

In order to focus on your truth and experience fully, please refrain from including names of businesses and individuals in the statements.


2. Send us a 2-3 sentences of how that experience could have been different for you or what you wish you would have said or done differently.  How could that situation been avoided? What do you want people to know?


The Future is 1:1

  • Please keep individual names and companies out of the statement.
  • 100% optional. If you'd like us to know who wrote this or reply back to you, you can put your email address here.


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