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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone! My family is trying to create a start up business selling weed paraphernalia. We are really excited about building our business, but keep running into huge hurdles that are really setting us back. Our newest one is that that our credit card processor we're trying to use for our online store will not support us. They're saying they will not work with us unless our social medias and website are completely clean of words, hashtags, and pictures that are related to, include, or mention weed, cannabis, or CBD in any way. This is really killing us because we do not have a store front, and are not in many independent stores yet. Plus, it's almost impossible to advertise traditionally so we rely on our social medias to spread brand awareness. We're new to the industry so if anybody has any advice on how to work with this system, or if there is a different payment processor other people use that is cannabis-friendly please let me know! Also, if anyone can shed some light on the advertising side, it would be greatly appreciated too!
  2. Hi there! My name is Hattie Watson and I am a photographer and art director based in Portland, OR. I am currently looking to get more into the Cannabis community to help educate others on the culture. To bring enlightenment and hopefully encouragement to not be judgmental. I have worked with Diem a while back shooting product/lifestyle imagery for them and could provide the images as well. Just wanted to put myself out there as a possible future photographer for other Cannabis or CBD companies. I have done lookbooks, product, and plenty of content creation for companies to post to their socials as well as help with social media marketing. If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate. If anyone is interested in working together, please let me know. Thank you all so much and I really hope to work with some of you in the future. Hattie Watson hattie@hattiewatson.com
  3. Are you a woman who loves social media? Do you enjoy creating content for yourself or others? We are looking to work closely with passionate women who align with our mission: Empowering women at the root level and forwarding the normalization of cannabis. If you are a content creator and are looking for ways to get the word out about what you do, we'd love to collaborate with you! We are looking for women who can commit for 1 month at a time to work with us on social media content creation. Work with us to set up posts we create together! You'll get to intimately work with us on empowering women and forwarding the normalization of cannabis on a global scale, gain more brand awareness for yourself as you align with us, get your brand tagged with each piece of content you curate for that month, and easily add it to your resume! May lead to other opportunities as they arise. Please PM us here or email heygirl@tokeativity.com with examples of your work, your social media profiles, and why empowering women and forwarding the normalization of cannabis is important to you.
  4. A couple years ago, I thought I might start an edibles company or cafe and decided to shift gears and start Tokeativity instead So I would like to sell the domain and all social media accounts. This is the kind of purchase that would seriously make your life easier - everything is spelled correctly with very little variance, except for the "co" on the facebook url, which is connected to the .co in the end of the url for the website, anyway. - http://cannablisscafe.co domain name, email addresses, and domain privacy - Instagram account - @cannablisscafe - Facebook account - /cannablisscafeco - Snapchat account - cannablisscafe - Twitter account - @cannablisscafe - Pinterest account - /cannablisscafe - YouTube account - cannabliss cafe - SoundCloud account - /cannablisscafe - Vimeo account - /cannablisscafe - BuzzFeed account - /cannablisscafe - Etsy account - cannabliss cafe - Linked in accont - cannabliss cafe - Google+ I am including time to transfer everything over to you in the cost of the sale and 30 minutes of account maintenance best practices. I've been working on the web since 1995, have had a web design business since 2006, Google SEO since 2004, and have help hundreds of companies level up in all things web. I also do Google SEO for businesses and individuals, teach wordpress web design, and consult businesses - and can easily quote that out for you if that is a need. Social Media, URLS, time to transfer everything to your name AND 30 minutes of my time to help you get settled with your new accounts : $425 OBO CONTACT: http://elleeye.com/contact to inquire
  5. I'm hiring a social media manager! Please apply via Indeed and mention that you found the job here! https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Cura-CS-LLC/jobs/Social-Media-Manager-6370e26f2aab884a?q=Cura+CS&vjs=3 Social Media ManagerCura CS LLC - Portland, OR 97211 Social Media Manager The Social Media Manager will oversee execution of social media activity on behalf of Cura and it's brands Select Oil and Select CBD. This role will work closely with our social media coordinator, marketing, PR and sales teams to utilize social media in a way that both builds brand recognition and impacts sales. The ideal candidate will understand analytics and will have strong familiarity with a variety of social media platforms. This person will be tasked with implementing an enterprise level social media management program, to be accessed in a variety of ways by several key team members. RESPONSIBILITIES Social media management Influencer relationship engagement Customer service support Develop and manage social media calendars for the year Create engaging content for social media channels including writing copy, photographing products and arranging multimedia needs Produce regular analytics reports and manage an enterprise level social media platform JOB QUALIFICATIONS 3-5 years’ experience in social media Strong understanding of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter BS in Marketing, Communications or another similar field Photography and design skills Ability to move quickly under pressure in a fast-changing and exciting environment Excellent communication skills COMPENSATION Compensation depends on experience. Full time Cura employees are eligible for Medical, Dental and Vision benefits after 60 days of employment. Job Type: Full-time
  6. Ayla

    AH Creative

    AH Creative is a boutique graphic design and photography service catering to the cannabis industry. Ayla specializes in high end product and portrait photography, along with the design of supplemental marketing materials across all platforms. Please visit www.ahcreative.net to chec out her portfolio and for more information.
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