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  1. Learn Mommy Jane’s fail proof steps for getting your social media biz up and running, how to partner with brands, price your work and build a following in an easy to understand, step by step guide! This guide is perfect for anyone who wants to create change on a massive scale or wants to become a Social Media Influencer Nano influencer (1K–10K followers) Micro influencer (10K–100K followers) Macro influencer (100K–1M followers) One day be a Mega or celebrity influencer (1M+ followers) Social Media Manager for a Brand In this guide, you’ll learn the A to Zs on becoming a social media influencer, with a special emphasis on the cannabis influencer space. This book includes: 85 pages How to build your foundation as someone who wants to make radical change happen using social media how to create your unique brand for yourself how to find your niche how to prep your mindset how to build your foundation How to create your marketing plan Journal prompts How brands partner with creators How to negotiate collaborations How to price your social media & influencer work How to initiate pitches to brands Learn the rules of collaboration Learn fail proof strategies for posting and posing Engagement strategies that work How to create quality content How to build your confidence for the camera Batching content Learn how to become your own photographer Learn tips to make your photos the best they can be with simple tools Navigating your well being / avoiding cyber bulling How to weave in your Anti-racism work Search Engine Optimization & Blogging recommendations Media Kit 101 Learn how to grow an online community Mastering Instagram Reels and Stories The "algorithm" Engaging with followers Add on video course includes 71 videos: Welcome Tokeativity's Herstory History of Cannabis Prepping Your Mindset Grab a Journal Creating a Vision Board Why are we here? Setting Intentions What's your niche? What are your values? How do you want to be seen? Self love reflection Own your tone What's your core message? Creating your unique brand Questions to consider when choosing your brand name Let's talk logos Branding yourself What is your product or service? Promotion etiquette Ask yourself "why"? Marketing planning basics Questions to ask yourself Online marketing venues other than Instagram Track your stats Promoting yourself Pricing your work How to initiate pitches to brands How much to charge Before you charge Creating a deal PR companies and do you need one? Noticing red flags Rules of collaboration: How to be a desirable person to work with Social media basics White folks and anti-racism Cyber bulling on social media Engagement strategies The 3,6,9 rule Blogging Should I make a media kit What to include in your media kit Social media marketing 101 Growing an online community and network Serving with a purpose, be an example Creating quality content Elements of a good photo What equipment do you need? Posing for pictures Creative ways to work with your hands 6 quick ways to create movement in photos Becoming your own photographer Getting confident on camera Attitude is everything Positive self affirmations Mastering IG Stories IG Story Highlights Reels Instagram post algorithm explained: 6 key factors A few good rules for posting Growing an online community Reasons why your content might not be performing well Creating content for your audience Content strategies Hit these 3 marks every time you're creating content Steps to have a successful content shoot 10 essentials to pack for content shoots Losing followers or engagement How to niche down You did it!
  2. until
    SIGN UP NOW AND SAVE $100 OFF THE PROGRAM Learn Mommy Jane’s fail proof steps for getting your social media biz up and running, how to partner with brands, price your work and build a following in an easy to understand, step by step guide! In this guide, you’ll learn the A to Zs on becoming a social media influencer, specifically focused on the cannabis space. This course includes: Over 70+ videos, broken down into chewable bites to can easily execute on Over 85+ page downloadable PDF ebook How to build a brand from scratch – from naming yourself, finding your niche, to website building, we’ve got you covered! How brands partner with creators – after knowing and working with dozens of brands, I know how they work, and what works for them. The basics to pricing yourself – “Know your worth, then add recreational tax”. Fail proof steps for posting and posing – believe it or not, but there are guidelines for this too! Advice on how to not make the mistakes we did while climbing our way to the top. PLUS! FREE On-going educational Creative Pro workshops EVERY MONTH THROUGH APRIL 2023 with The Mommy Jane & Tokeativity Join now now and get $100 off $299 $199 through May 18th! Signup now and be first in line to the course when it launches!
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