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Found 5 results

  1. ZVEDA Botanicals

    Sales Agent for Hemp Wellness Product Line

    We are looking for someone skilled and experienced in representing an entire line of products geared to health and wellness retail brick and mortar businesses. Potential clients include spa and wellness centers, health practitioner's offices (naturopaths, acupuncturists, dentists, oral surgeons, pain management clinics, retirement communities, massage therapists, etc), boutique hotel spas, high end shops, and upscale restaraunts and bars. Excellent phone and people skills a must. Assistance with special events, pop-ups, private parties, etc is also requested. This a new product line, formulated and hand made by an Ayurvedic practitioner and cannabis counselor. The products are with hemp derived full spectrum CBD extracts, herbs and essential oils, and are sold outside of dispensaries in Oregon. Product understanding and education is critically important, as this is a very unique product line. This position requires the creation and maintenance of a customer base in the greater Portland area, with regional sales to Eugene, Bend, Hood River, the Coast, Vanoucver, and possibly Seattle. The intention of this position is to create a solid customer base, setting the foundation for customer management as we move to a national platform. This position has the potential to become the National Sales Director as we move into California, Florida, New York, Kentucky, Michigan and more. Position includes salary and commission. Must live in the greater Portland area/region. z-veda.com ~ zvedawisdom@gmail.com Joanna Matson-Tandberg, founder and CEO To Share_ ZVEDA PLAN-2.pdf
  2. Emma Chasen

    Eminent Consulting

    We know the eccentricities of the cannabis industry and therefore we approach shaping its culture accordingly. Our mission is to guide and influence emerging cannabis entrepreneurs to successfully implement a craft ethos and cutting-edge business model through scientific-based educational initiatives and authentic collaborative relationships.
  3. XXX


    Welcome to CHEECHABLE, the place to find experimental art, research and design inspired by cannabis culture, industry and advocacy. Visit us in the studio, SESH! We’re happy to open our space to you for business meetings and events. Check out the latest products and publications in the SHOP. Work with us for your next art, research or design project by connecting with us on instagram @cheechablefuture or just shoot us a note to hey@cheechable.com we'd love to hear what is new and exciting for you and your cannabis business!
  4. Are you a woman who loves social media? Do you enjoy creating content for yourself or others? We are looking to work closely with passionate women who align with our mission: Empowering women at the root level and forwarding the normalization of cannabis. If you are a content creator and are looking for ways to get the word out about what you do, we'd love to collaborate with you! We are looking for women who can commit for 1 month at a time to work with us on social media content creation. Work with us to set up posts we create together! You'll get to intimately work with us on empowering women and forwarding the normalization of cannabis on a global scale, gain more brand awareness for yourself as you align with us, get your brand tagged with each piece of content you curate for that month, and easily add it to your resume! May lead to other opportunities as they arise. Please PM us here or email heygirl@tokeativity.com with examples of your work, your social media profiles, and why empowering women and forwarding the normalization of cannabis is important to you.
  5. Ayla

    AH Creative

    AH Creative is a boutique graphic design and photography service catering to the cannabis industry. Ayla specializes in high end product and portrait photography, along with the design of supplemental marketing materials across all platforms. Please visit www.ahcreative.net to chec out her portfolio and for more information.
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