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PRE-ORDER: The Mommy Jane's Guide to Becoming a Cannabis Social Media Influencer Digital Program & E-Book


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Learn Mommy Jane’s fail proof steps for getting your social media biz up and running, how to partner with brands, price your work and build a following in an easy to understand, step by step guide!

In this guide, you’ll learn the A to Zs on becoming a social media influencer, specifically focused on the cannabis space.

This course includes:

  • Over 70+ videos, broken down into chewable bites to can easily execute on

  • Over 85+ page downloadable PDF ebook
  • How to build a brand from scratch – from naming yourself, finding your niche, to website building, we’ve got you covered!
  • How brands partner with creators – after knowing and working with dozens of brands, I know how they work, and what works for them.
  • The basics to pricing yourself – “Know your worth, then add recreational tax”.
  • Fail proof steps for posting and posing – believe it or not, but there are guidelines for this too!
  • Advice on how to not make the mistakes we did while climbing our way to the top.
PLUS! FREE On-going educational Creative Pro workshops
EVERY MONTH THROUGH APRIL 2023 with The Mommy Jane & Tokeativity

Join now now and get $100 off $299  $199 through May 18th!

Signup now and be first in line to the course when it launches!


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