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    Hey lovelies! I'm starting a stoner babe subscription box service (url coming soon) and would love for any local/women-owned brands/companies to be featured -- if anyone has promo materials, coupons, product donations or giveaway ideas they'd like included please hit me up! Eventually I want to set up wholesale accounts but we're not even close to there yet Also, for now it's all cbd and nationally legal products, though eventually I'd like to get my handler's certification and do a specifically local and cannabis-focused box too. Message me or email me any time
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    This is so exciting! I can’t grow anything (truly!) but my seed babies from the tokeativity event have already sprouted and are getting tall so fast! Here’s a picture from my Instagram story earlier today.
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    Hi My name is Kendra! I own a small farm outside of Rogue River, called Oso Verde Farms! I have been a farmer for the last decade or so! Would love to give you all some simple tips for your own 4 in your yard or house! Step one: Get some potting soil. Just a small bag will do. Get 4" pots if you started seeds. Get 1 gallon pots if you got them as a clone. Just fill with some organic soil, compost, a small handful of Bio-live Brand is Down to earth from the local garden store or grow store. Tell them you are a first time grower! Talk to anyone and everyone! Water when needed. Plants do not like sopping wet soil. This kills and browns out their roots. Roots need oxygen too. They like a drink of water and then they like to dry up a little bit and then add more water and let them go a day between waterings but enough water to make sure they are not wilting. This is the mistake most people make with plants. Enough water so the soil is damp to the bottom of the pot but not so much water where it is running out of the bottom of the planter. Try and water every other day. Just a little bit! Remember, to keep plants in Veg mode to grow a little taller before flower...they have to have 18 hours of light on them minimum. Otherwise you will end up with a very small plant that has very tiny buds. You want it at least 3 ft or more to start it in flower mode! Remember plants need three things to make them thrive! Light, Water, and Co2. Okay get that started and I will be back for more tips!
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    COMING SOON: A series to learn how to grow at home! Watch and interact with cannabis farmers and specialists so we can learn how to grow in our own homes! Connect with other women about how it's going, learn tips and tricks from experts and more! Post your burning questions and we'll get experts to answer them!!
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    I've been growing my own medicine for 6 years and I'm so excited to be starting my next garden here in Portlandia soon! There's nothing more therapeutic & fun than growing cannabis!??
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    Hello - I have a cannabis home party business www.happyparties.com and we have a bunch of products for sale or trade. We are also always looking for consultants to conduct parties. I'm also a PR professional and can help with media consulting and strategy, including social media.
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    Hello lovelies! I am the creator and co-host of Your Highness Podcast, and would absolutely love to feature the awesome women here on future episodes. We don't make any money from this, but we do offer affordable sponsorship options. We have some cool things we would like to implement in the future, and a little funding would go a long way. In addition, we have a beauty segment which features any products we receive for review. Our main focus is to highlight women in this industry, and we love to make connections! So please reach out if you would like to be interviewed or are interested in sponsorship! Past guests have been some of the most marvelous pioneers in this industry, and we are so lucky to continue doing this work.
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    We need to have a Political Office Action 101 workshop to get women more comfortable with the process!
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    Hey ladies, I'm once againinitiating a new idea. I'd love to connect with other women who are navigating a new business adventure. The accountability is super helpful when I have others involved and I love offering my services to others in their ventures. Tell me about your ideas! My next project is Soveda !
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    I'm really excited about this! I'm going to grow a couple of plants this summer outside with my veggies! I'm mostly just interested in the basics - pot sizes, nutrient/soil/water recommendations. Best time to harvest?
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    we also need more gnc/masculine of center women in office - the whole spectrum of females!
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    Very neat idea, kudos for implementing this concept of Bartering and Trading, in this community space! I would love to offer consultation services for any horticultural needs: I can help set up your garden space, troubleshoot, help with planning, activation, implementation, etc. We all have such powerful and important skills we can share with one another, I'm very excited for this feature!
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    Hello all! I finally have some free time between projects and would love to trade services or products for graphic design work, social media content creation, or an in-depth website audit. Feel free to check my portfolio at: hellomonet.com or @savinamonet
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    I'm growing my very first canna plant right now! I started off with a clone though and not from seed but it's been so fun educating myself on how to keep my new plant baby happy, lol. I would like to recommend a book I received as a gift that holds an incredibly vast amount of information on cannabis and growing your own that I've fallen in love with. It's titled, "Grow Your Own: Understanding, Cultivating, and Enjoying Cannabis" by Nichole Graf, Micah Sherman, David Stein, and Liz Grain. It's been an amazing tool to have and learn from as I was prepping for my plant and understanding cannabis in depth=)
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    I'm looking for 2 LMT's who would be interested in participating in a wellness event (yoga cannabis consumption, NO SMOKING) April 19th from 4-6pm for trade of amazing, local, Hemp CBD oil. Please PM me
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    EXCITED TO SHARE that @Samantha, @Stoney Scorpio and I are planning a "INTRO TO ACTION" workshop in MARCH! STAY TUNED!!!
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    @Samantha and I just met with an awesome woman named Kimberly from the ACLU today and are putting into action an in person and online politics 101 workshop (title TBA)!!! Stay tuned!!!
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    Introspection and reflection help us dive deep into our thoughts and emotions, to get to the center of What, How, Why... I try to arrange at least 20 minutes to just this process, no external distractions or responsibilities, only my own responsibility to myself. I fold my yoga mat in half, place it in the middle of my bedroom, light a candle, fill the atmosphere with the depth of Anoushka Shankars' music, prepare my bong with healing medicine, and let myself slip into my mind and out of my body. Finding rhythm in my breath and the natural synchronicity with the sitar, I patiently smoke intermittently throughout this blessed moment. I dont force myself to smoke a whole bowl during this time, but I also dont limit myself to one bowl if I need to smoke more in order to separate from my ego; some times we are more burdened or stressed, but we can heal with cannabis to separate ourselves from everyday stress. I gently slip back into my body as I hear less instruments chime in, continuing to focus on deep breaths in and out. Breathing in positivism, aspirations, dreams, goals, fulfilling energy... Breathing out stress, hassles, irrelevant responsibilities, anger, injustice... Breathing in the Eternal now- happiness, peace, justice, honor, equality, strength, tranquility, prosperity... Lets motivate each other to be better versions of ourselves! Be the change you want to see in the world
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    Tokeativity works to empower women at the root level and forward the normalization of cannabis. We host in person and online events across the globe for women to connect, learn and create. As seen in: We'd like to invite you to our December 1st Glitter & Gold Tokeativity Social Launch in LA! Grab your glitter and gold, we're getting our holiday-sparkle on. Socialize, get creative and connect with women who love cannabis. First 25 women to register will receive a free gift at the door from The Healing Rose A portion of the proceeds this month will go to our selected non profit Date: Sat, Dec 1, 2018 Time: 4-7pm Place: Woman Friendly Space in near Beverly Grove in Los Angeles, CA Registered members will receive address after registration (zip code for planning: 90048) LIMITED TO 50 WOMEN - REGISTER NOW TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT Free for Grassroots (only $24/mo) & Business Members (only $99/mo) Upgrade your account to register you and a friend for free Basic Member Event Pass: $30 before 11/27, $35 after Email us if you'd like to sponsor or get involved: la@tokeativity.com Activities & Fun include: CBD Gift creation station - make a gift for someone in your life! Tasty Bites by Chef Wendy Zeng & Chef Shruti Patel Gluten Free & Vegan options available Meet Lisa Snyder & Samantha Montanaro, Founders of Tokeativity CBD Chai Tea Table featuring Lizzy Tish Cookies & Potli CBD Honey The Healing Rose Made from Dirt Daily High Club Get your Reiki on with NYC Based Lauren Mooney Tarot Card Readings with Veronica Galvez Glitter & Gold Photo Booth Area by Prop Designer Sarah Ritz + more Special thank you to our partners Sensi Mag & Pot Guide
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    We're looking for sales rep for commission based sales. 15% reoccurring commission for all online sales (classes, subscriptions, & ads). Work from anywhere! Enjoy upgraded community membership benefits as a sales rep! PM your resume to me with your sales and online experience - @Lisa
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    Hi! I have a Venezuelan food truck. I can trade for authentic Venezuelan food. You'll love it
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    Your plants are looking great @Aphrena! I would suggest carefully taking the seedlings apart and uppotting them to their own individual 4" pots. When you uppot you can plant the seedlings deeper into the soil so that maybe 1/2 " sticks out above the soil line. This will help support main stem of the plant during this part of their growth. You can also prop them up using a popsicle stick or shiskabob when theyre taller. When uppotting try to use some high quality soil. There are many options, but something with perlite for good drainage, mycorrhizae for the roots and worm castings. I suggest Pro mix HP or Fox Farm Light Warrior, but there are many to choose from I would also make sure that they have a light above them, no more than a foot away; the plants will reach to the light and become elongated the further they are from the light source. If you don't want to use an artificial light, keeping them near a southern facing window. Hope this helps:)
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    Thanks @Kendra Freeman very detailed and thorough, awesome! The only thing I would add would be to also keep an eye on the humidity/temperature of the room you're keeping the seedling in. When they are first establishing its important not to keep the plant anywhere drafty, too cold or too hot. Somewhere about 70-75 would be best. Also like @Kendra Freeman mentioned with the watering, its important not to over or under water right now, keeping soil moist but with no standing water (this is where temperature comes in- if its too cold in your room your plant might not need watering every other day, or if its too hot you may need to splash it a little more often). I find it useful to keep a log of garden activity, with things like: -When you planted your seeds -When they first germinated -When they are being watered/how much they are being watered---> this will help keep track of under or over watering - Etc. All of these notes can help you recreate your success or avoid the same pitfalls. Definitely keeping seedlings and small plant starts indoor because its just too chilly for them out right now, as well as not having enough natural light to keep them in a vegetative stage, so like @Kendra Freeman mentioned, having that 18 hour daylight and 6 hours of darkness will help your plant thrive at this stage- there are inexpensive light timers you can use to set your light schedule. Keep an eye on how close the plant gets to the light, the further the light the more the plant has to reach and the longer gaps between nodes, giving you a much leggier plant. Oh so much to say! Haha In a couple of weeks you should have a plant more than 5 nodes tall! Love! Mari
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    Also i even have some free seeds, and free plants for people! Of course i am giving away only “plant or seed to each person that needs one from my personal stash not from my licensed farm” I come to portland every other week!
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    I can't believe how fast they're growing. I have killed every plant I've ever had but these lil babies are growing like...well, weed(s) ? (sorry for the dad joke!) I watched a YouTube video today where a homegrower said he watered his with organic black tea, has anyone else heard of that?
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    I've been working on getting this started for over a year - VERY EXCITED to make this a reality!!
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    yes @SarahSackett - nothing fancy! I just want to drop some starts out there and see what I get!
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    Loving the Select CBD mentions! I lead PR efforts for the brand and I'm really focused on getting our product into the hands of people who really need it. Please do use Lisa's code and reach out if you have any questions at all. jrahmil@curacan.com is my email address.
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    We welcome you to join us! I believe it's going to be March 24th from 1-4pm - we are awaiting to confirm a few special guests before announcing!
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    Hey lovely ladies of Eugene and Beyond! I really missed having witchy women here this year! How do we throw another party!? How can I help!? Let's gather more, laugh more, toke more! We need to build Eugene's circle of amazing cannabis loving women! I know there a a bunch out there that have not yet heard about these fun events! The more we connect with one another the stronger we become!
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    I just started my own CBD business after years of experience in cannabis and other healing herbs, I am finally putting my experience into fruition. This company is a one woman show! I make everything by hand and It gives me deep satisfaction to know what goes into my products and my ability to potentially help others with their ailments in an all natural way. I am seeking to connect with other resilient woman in the industry.
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    For those of you who write about cannabis and are on Facebook, letting you know there’s a Green Binders secret Facebook group. This is a gathering for women writers to talk about the nuts and bolts of writing about this growing industry, engage in resource sharing, and the like. If you are interested in joining this group, send me a message with your email address and I’ll try to add you.
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    https://www.leafly.com/news/lifestyle/cannabis-brownies Old article but just ran across this the other day and wanted to share! Some of these look goooooooood but I haven't tried my hand at any of these yet. Do y'all have any brownie recipes (medicated or unmedicated!) you really love? Do you have any tips & tricks that a beginner cannabaker should use?
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    Promotional models in the cannabis industry. And a clothing line, you can participate in all different levels, but only Interns go to paid shoots and print. There is an affiliate program also, but we are just beginning. Saturday is our first event.
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    Happy Friday the 13th! I'm so happy I stumbled across this awesome resource for bartering and trade opportunities! It's truly one of my most favorite ways of conducting business. I would love to offer my social media strategy services to anyone who hasn't found the time to even THINK about jumping into the crazy world of social media. Having a month of curated and auto-scheduled content is such a huge help in getting that foundation of consistency going on your Facebook business page. My goal is to work with emerging cannabis companies (bonus if they are women-owned) that want their social media presence to reflect their passion for education and show their commitment to the cause of destigmatization of cannabis. Feel free to reach out if you need any support! (I'd love to work with a couple of you ladies this month so you are all set up and ready to kick ass in May!) Stacey Green Leaf Social Instagram
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    This is a fantastic idea!
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    Hey! I'm so excited to have this platform to be introducing myself on! I was borned and raised in the CAli Bay Area but Southern Oregon has been my home for 13 years now. Hablo español but moslty Spanglish Let's practice together! My parents are Puerto Rican and Guatemalan and I just really started embracing my own experience in the culture a couple years ago after seeing the habits of the Latinas around me and realizing where I fall in that. Conclusion is that I know we can do better, si se puede! We just got lift eachother up! And that's all women not just Latinas and women of color! Hope to meet some of you ladies soon!
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    I'm a brand strategist + marketer. Check my work out here -> thereinvention.co/funnel-cake-fix I'm open to trading consulting or possibly even some content creation (website, copy, social media, etc.) for the following: - Consulting from someone who has succssfully setup an edibles business utilizing a shared cannabis kitchen - Guidance with OLCC processes for both retail and processing licenses - Consulting with someone who runs cannabis dinners
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    A couple years ago I had a doctor actually suggest I might have ADD after describing my anxiety to her. I never thought that it could be possible if I was able to get good grades in school, but I've found that it's really difficult to focus on one task at a time (my web browser is currently a bunch of tabs that are all half-read). I've also had stomach issues for as long as I can remember. I was diagnosed with having ulcers and PCOS when I was in middle school. I have extreme anxiety that can easily manifest as physical symptoms. Migraines and depression are also health factors I treat. I also used to be extremely overweight (~350 lbs). Cannabis soothes my stomach so well that I forget I have stomach problems until I forget to medicate. It's the only thing that allows my brain to relax. I love to put some sativa in the vape, turn the fan on low, and use the whip to blow vapor into my nose for migraines. I also feel like I would have never been able to lose weight without cannabis. It curbed hunger pains and made healthy food taste delicious. I vape all day everyday since I get to work at home. I go light during the day and once I'm done with work I break out the enail and switch to a more recreational mindset.
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    So I've been illustrating my entire life, but had quite a few years where mental health dragged me down and blocked my creativity. It wasn't until I moved to Portland and started experimenting with cannabis that I basically got my mojo back, lol, and have been so inspired by many different artists and mediums....It's basically turned into a faucet of creativity that I can't turn off and it's amazingly wonderful! I'm currently using an embroidery medium to create some pieces and it's been so relaxing and cathartic just to be able to create again, not only for my own joy but for others' as well. Wondering if any of you ladies wouldn't mind sharing your experiences with art and cannabis on here and how it's helped you personally? Who knows, maybe down the line we can all hold a mini art exhibit? P.S.- Thank you for sharing!
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    @cat.the.lion When I was growing up, there was no such diagnosis as far as I know, but you've met me, right? Zoom, zoom! My parents did not notice. I got good grades. I've been treating my mania, eating challenges and anxiety since I was twelve or thirteen with cannabis. I also tried alcohol and most of the other drugs during the seventies and early eighties... many interesting and unsuccessful stories. In my late thirties, the docs prescribed me several different antidepressants. They made me sick. Alcohol made me sick. Only one thing has held true and good to help me calm down, eat and sleep and that's cannabis. I guess that's how I reached my conclusion. Now going forward, I'm planning on using way more CBD this year, way less THC, and also I'm narrowing down my terpene palette. We are surrounded by cannabis scientists. If we listen to them and our bodies, I think we can all feel better than ever without drugs. This is my hope. I myself have not taken so much as an aspirin since 2012. Finally, micro-dosing throughout the day is best for me, and I smoke flower. Edibles sometimes, but just for fun or extreme pain. Hope this helps.
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    @Stoney Scorpio Select Oil makes a CBD Tincture that is 999mg CBD and we carry it at Nectar for $60. There’s also multiple flavors. It’s the best for the price right now and it isn’t awful tasting which is a nice perk.
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    @savinamonet Yes! I still have that internalize reefer madness that I have to fight on a daily because I was taught through outside influences that those that smoked cannabis was lazy. Now, as a person that volunteers for all these organizations, whom is a community organizer and has to grind on the daily. I can tell you that cannabis has helped me so much in becoming the person i am today. It is very possible to be a productive stoner.
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    Yes! I was just talking with @Leah Maurer about this after researching a white paper. Demographics are skewed because there are so many women that are still in the "green closet" because of all of the STIGMA. When I was in High School and first using cannabis, I went out of my way to prove that I could smoke and still be successful. I would enroll in IB/AP classes, volunteer, effect my community in a positive way, all the while medicating. The stigma that if you smoke, then you're lazy or unmotivated is a tired stereotype. I hope that as people speak more openly about the casual use of cannabis then the stigma will end.
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    I really love Headspace - it's guided, but not too guided. And I REALLY love meditating on cannabis. I feel like I can really sink in and clear my mind. It's delightful. oooooooomm. xo
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    I'm really excited about this! I've been active in smaller platforms (neighborhood associations, etc) and would love to learn more about becoming active politically. Yay!
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    Very good morning @Stoney Scorpio, I hope you are receiving all of the world's love today! The cannabis industry is such a robust collection of AMAZING people and they all start just like you said, as a passionate advocate for the plant. I wish you all the luck in your journey and I'm sure sticking with this community will lead you to new opportunities!
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    My mom makes the best medicated brownies (crazy!) and she always swore by using a tablespoon of ground coffee to mask some of the canna taste as well as give you an extra pep in your step ?
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    YES!! I am sure I could ask Nikki Fisher to do this too, she would be excellent! This is so needed.
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