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    Hey lovelies! I'm starting a stoner babe subscription box service (url coming soon) and would love for any local/women-owned brands/companies to be featured -- if anyone has promo materials, coupons, product donations or giveaway ideas they'd like included please hit me up! Eventually I want to set up wholesale accounts but we're not even close to there yet Also, for now it's all cbd and nationally legal products, though eventually I'd like to get my handler's certification and do a specifically local and cannabis-focused box too. Message me or email me any time
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    We need to have a Political Office Action 101 workshop to get women more comfortable with the process!
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    I'm growing my very first canna plant right now! I started off with a clone though and not from seed but it's been so fun educating myself on how to keep my new plant baby happy, lol. I would like to recommend a book I received as a gift that holds an incredibly vast amount of information on cannabis and growing your own that I've fallen in love with. It's titled, "Grow Your Own: Understanding, Cultivating, and Enjoying Cannabis" by Nichole Graf, Micah Sherman, David Stein, and Liz Grain. It's been an amazing tool to have and learn from as I was prepping for my plant and understanding cannabis in depth=)
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    EXCITED TO SHARE that @Samantha, @Stoney Scorpio and I are planning a "INTRO TO ACTION" workshop in MARCH! STAY TUNED!!!
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    Thanks @Kendra Freeman very detailed and thorough, awesome! The only thing I would add would be to also keep an eye on the humidity/temperature of the room you're keeping the seedling in. When they are first establishing its important not to keep the plant anywhere drafty, too cold or too hot. Somewhere about 70-75 would be best. Also like @Kendra Freeman mentioned with the watering, its important not to over or under water right now, keeping soil moist but with no standing water (this is where temperature comes in- if its too cold in your room your plant might not need watering every other day, or if its too hot you may need to splash it a little more often). I find it useful to keep a log of garden activity, with things like: -When you planted your seeds -When they first germinated -When they are being watered/how much they are being watered---> this will help keep track of under or over watering - Etc. All of these notes can help you recreate your success or avoid the same pitfalls. Definitely keeping seedlings and small plant starts indoor because its just too chilly for them out right now, as well as not having enough natural light to keep them in a vegetative stage, so like @Kendra Freeman mentioned, having that 18 hour daylight and 6 hours of darkness will help your plant thrive at this stage- there are inexpensive light timers you can use to set your light schedule. Keep an eye on how close the plant gets to the light, the further the light the more the plant has to reach and the longer gaps between nodes, giving you a much leggier plant. Oh so much to say! Haha In a couple of weeks you should have a plant more than 5 nodes tall! Love! Mari
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    So I've been illustrating my entire life, but had quite a few years where mental health dragged me down and blocked my creativity. It wasn't until I moved to Portland and started experimenting with cannabis that I basically got my mojo back, lol, and have been so inspired by many different artists and mediums....It's basically turned into a faucet of creativity that I can't turn off and it's amazingly wonderful! I'm currently using an embroidery medium to create some pieces and it's been so relaxing and cathartic just to be able to create again, not only for my own joy but for others' as well. Wondering if any of you ladies wouldn't mind sharing your experiences with art and cannabis on here and how it's helped you personally? Who knows, maybe down the line we can all hold a mini art exhibit? P.S.- Thank you for sharing!
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    @cat.the.lion When I was growing up, there was no such diagnosis as far as I know, but you've met me, right? Zoom, zoom! My parents did not notice. I got good grades. I've been treating my mania, eating challenges and anxiety since I was twelve or thirteen with cannabis. I also tried alcohol and most of the other drugs during the seventies and early eighties... many interesting and unsuccessful stories. In my late thirties, the docs prescribed me several different antidepressants. They made me sick. Alcohol made me sick. Only one thing has held true and good to help me calm down, eat and sleep and that's cannabis. I guess that's how I reached my conclusion. Now going forward, I'm planning on using way more CBD this year, way less THC, and also I'm narrowing down my terpene palette. We are surrounded by cannabis scientists. If we listen to them and our bodies, I think we can all feel better than ever without drugs. This is my hope. I myself have not taken so much as an aspirin since 2012. Finally, micro-dosing throughout the day is best for me, and I smoke flower. Edibles sometimes, but just for fun or extreme pain. Hope this helps.
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    Hi Jan, nice to meet you! Really cool how you've found work that supports your desired lifestyle, and vice versa. And I agree that great work can be done from pretty much anywhere! Will definitely keep you in mind for future business travel services as well. Hope you have a great week!
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    We need a larger representation of our gender in office. WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO TO GET MORE WOMEN IN OFFICE?
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    Just finished listening to Emma's webinar and the only downside is she leaves you wanting more. Emma is amazing, intelligent and is sharing information that everyone needs to hear where you are in this industry or just starting out. There were too many aha moments to count. Can't wait to hear more from this extraordinary woman!
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    Hi! I'm Tara Rose, and I am a big fan of meditating with cannabis and guiding other women into this wonderful experience, too! I especially love to meditate with high CBD edibles. They are my favorite for calming the mind. I wanted to hop on here and post a few of my favorite approaches to meditating with cannabis: 1) Being Mode Especially when I feel depleted, I like to take some cannabis and go into total "yin" mode of just being, keeping myself company with a kind and affectionate, gentle presence. Sometimes I envision that I am sunbathing. 2) Healing Mode I have had some really powerful experiences of deep self healing. I often find cannabis guides me deep into self-love and introspection when I ingest the medicine. I often am shown my fears and insecurities as well, which are opportunities to bring in deeper compassion for myself and to learn where they come from. I find that cannabis creates a spaciousness that is not as easily accessible when I meditate without her presence. If I am going through a difficult time where I don't know why I feel as I do, often taking some "me" time with this plant illuminates everything. 3) Breath-focused Meditation Sometimes it feels really good to just focus on the breath going in and out, and especially after the exhale, to notice the peace that's there. This is really grounding, calming and centering. If you are an experienced meditator, what approaches do you use and how do they benefit you? If you haven't tried it much, what holds you back? What questions do you have about cannabis and meditation?
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    @erika1219 I'm a designer/illustrator who also deals with mental illness so this is riiiight up my alley. I definitely want to look more into strains that help me get out of my brain (girl scout cookies are a go-to of mine!), as well as take some classes with other people + cannabis! I've been taking some online classes and pairing it with consumption at home but it's not the same. Loved the craft table at the last tokeativity, it was so nice to be crafty and consuming with other gals. Also, LOVE the idea of an art exhibit!!
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    Wear your chillest, most fabulous yoga pants and stretchy materials, we're gonna MOVE IT into MARCH! First 25 women to register will receive a free gift at the door Date: Sat, March 9, 2019 Time: 7-10pm Place: Woman Friendly Space in Portland, OR REGISTER NOW Tokeativity.com/march9 Free for Grassroots & Business Members Upgrade your account to register you and a friend for free Basic Member Event Pass: $25 thru 3/5, $30 after Actual physical activity not required! Special guests and fun: Say HELLO to Dutch Valley Farms Say HEEEYYYY to Grasse Co. A "massage yourself" station Let's get physical with Mary Jane Fonda Enjoy Empowerment Movement with Fyndi Jermany Hip Hop Dance with Leaux Elstad Craft spring garden stakes with Mothercraft Savina Monet Designs Photos by Dopeafide AND MORE TBA! Email us if you'd like to sponsor or get involved: connect@tokeativity.com
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    Hi Everyone, I am posting here in hopes of making some connections! I moved to Oregon permanently last year with my kids, dogs, and partner. We decided to do this after dividing our time between Idaho and Portland for years. My parents, siblings, nieces and nephew are all here, and I just wanted to be close to them more than anything! Business-wise, my intention was, and is, to seek a new venture within the cannabis industry. I have a very eclectic background when it comes to my past careers, in the last ten years: -I started a salon from the ground up. -I spent years in the editorial and creative world of photography. -I worked as a banker and financial assistant. -I managed and ran a music recording studio. -Earned higher education in chemistry and biology, with the last two years having been entirely devoted to an emphasis on physiological and therapeutic findings in cannabis. -I also have a background in natural healing with the Earth’s resources thanks to my Pacific Northwest Indigenous heritage and cultural upbringing. Now I am at a point where I am ready to put myself to work in the Portland area community. My first business venture will be to open a dispensary this year and I would absolutely LOVE the opportunity to meet and maybe bounce ideas and knowledge around with women in the community who have experience with dispensaries, state guidelines, or anything cannabis related! I have knowledge to share and friendship to go all the way around. Cheers! Sister Northern
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    Hey! would love to connect with you about your dev experience! What is your linked in? Add me here: http://linkedin.com/in/lisasnyder
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    Hey everyone, my name is Laicy and I have recently had success with selling my unicorn crowns. I make them with a 3D printer, fabrics, glues and accessories. Most importantly I put intention and good vibey magic into each one. Each unicorn has her own story. I am looking for places to sell my wares. As soon as my packaging comes in I will open an etsy store. I would love to meet with other ladies who sell art. I also do Unicorn rituals where we wear the unicorn crowns and have a party while removing bad vibes and increasing our positivity and love. For my rituals I bring my alter, candles, unicorn crowns and LOTs of love and sass. My email is unicornritual@gmail.com. My face book page is Unicorn Rituals. If you need a change or a smile or know someone who does? Hit me up! If you have advice to give me on marketing and what I could be rewording or putting more of a focus on, Lay that wisdom on me! Thank you all for being such bad ass ladies!
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    TY! That salve is helping my parents.
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    Ooh a Tokeativity Cruise?! I'm looking forward to when we get to do that! So great to meet you Jan! I hope you can make it out to the next Tokeativity social (or perhaps you'll be hosting one!) and get a true welcome!
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    We’re scouting for venues across the globe. Do you know of one? Have one or access to one? We’d love to know about it! Please enter in as much information as you know and if we have any questions about it, we’ll get back to you. Venue Search Name* First Last Email* Venue Location*Please enter the name of city of your potential venue What type of venue is this?* This is a private residence This is a private venue This is a public venue that can be rented for privacy Other If you selected "other" please describe this further What is your relationship to this venue?*I am the owner of this venueI am the manager of this venueI know the owner or manager of this venueI can get in touch with the owner or manager of this venue Venue Max Capacity*If you are not sure, use your best judgement Please enter a value between 15 and 10000. Venue Cost*Please select all that apply FreeTrade for sponsorship/business membership/advertising ok$20-$40/hr$40-$60/hr$60-80/hr$100/hrOther If you selected "other" please elaborate Does this venue haveIf you know what kinds of amenities it has, please check them off chairs tables outdoor space parking Is consumption acceptable in this location?* Yes Not yet, I'd have to get permission This is not a consumption friendly venue, but could be used for non-consumption events What types of consumption is acceptable here?* Smoking inside and outside ok Smoking outside only Tinctures & edibles inside and outside Vaping inside and outside ok Vaping outside only Other If you selected "other" please describe Do you have any pictures, video or maps of the space?If so, upload here Drop files here or Anything else you'd like us to know? The post Venue Search appeared first on Tokeativity® - The Global Cannabis Community for Women. View the full post
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    We'd like to invite you to our October 13th Eugene Tokeativity Social - Witchy Woman! Dress to express your inner witchy woman First 25 women to register will receive a free gift at the door! A portion of the proceeds this month will go to our selected non profit, Beyond Toxics Date: Sat, Oct 13, 2018 Time: 7-10pm Place: Woman Friendly Space in Eugene, OR, register for address LIMITED AVAILABILITY - REGISTER NOW $25 before 10/8, $30 after Bring a friend and save $ Free for Community & Business Members Upgrade your account to get your free spot Special guests and fun to be announced! Email us if you'd like to sponsor or get involved: eugene@tokeativity.com
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    A couple years ago, I thought I might start an edibles company or cafe and decided to shift gears and start Tokeativity instead So I would like to sell the domain and all social media accounts. This is the kind of purchase that would seriously make your life easier - everything is spelled correctly with very little variance, except for the "co" on the facebook url, which is connected to the .co in the end of the url for the website, anyway. - http://cannablisscafe.co domain name, email addresses, and domain privacy - Instagram account - @cannablisscafe - Facebook account - /cannablisscafeco - Snapchat account - cannablisscafe - Twitter account - @cannablisscafe - Pinterest account - /cannablisscafe - YouTube account - cannabliss cafe - SoundCloud account - /cannablisscafe - Vimeo account - /cannablisscafe - BuzzFeed account - /cannablisscafe - Etsy account - cannabliss cafe - Linked in accont - cannabliss cafe - Google+ I am including time to transfer everything over to you in the cost of the sale and 30 minutes of account maintenance best practices. I've been working on the web since 1995, have had a web design business since 2006, Google SEO since 2004, and have help hundreds of companies level up in all things web. I also do Google SEO for businesses and individuals, teach wordpress web design, and consult businesses - and can easily quote that out for you if that is a need. Social Media, URLS, time to transfer everything to your name AND 30 minutes of my time to help you get settled with your new accounts : $425 OBO CONTACT: http://elleeye.com/contact to inquire
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    Hey folks - marketer looking for the next big gig. Experience in cannabis + compliance across social + full marketing campaign design and implementation. Resume (3).pdf
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    @BGarrison Hello! Is the offer for this hook up still open? If so, I'd love to send you my email.
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    I’ll be working it! Hope you can be my partner in crime for a bit @Stoney Scorpio!
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    Good afternoon, I would be interested in learning more about this job opportunity! Kat Alexander @cannakat
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    Um... I can hook you up with a graphic designer (my partner) who would totally trade design work for food!
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    @Lindsay @ NFGco Maybe we can find a new home for your girls as they get bigger. Maybe someone on here has a safe garden in the PDX area.
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    Actually @Lisa something that you might cover at the grow at home session is the legality of it all – I remember seeing something a while ago (maybe on the John Oliver cannabis episode?) about how people who have federally-funded mortgages are at risk for losing their mortgages if they grow because it's federally illegal, too? I know I'm not supposed to have cannabis in my apartment at all (smoking, growing, possession but whatever)-- definitely an interesting other side to the convo.
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    I recently discovered empower bodycare's roll on (it's amazing!) and while I haven't yet tried it, have also had CBD apothecary's products recommended to me as well! Still trying to learn more about what strains work well for my chronic pain -- actually just got my diagnoses a couple weeks ago (scoliosis, reverse curvature in my neck, disc degeneration, hella inflammation). I'm very much not a science-minded person, so I've been struggling a little to dive into the science behind learning what I need/what is best for my body but there must be beginner-friendly resources beyond Leafly out there that are more comprehensive and helpful! ?
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    I was diagnosed with MS in October. I'm glad to see you started this discussion. I've always used cannabis recreationally, and I'm more interested than ever in learning what strains and methods can be used for my MS spasticity and pain issues.
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    This might be out of your realm, but I'm really interested in using my diet as medicine to help with chronic muscle pain and I'd love to get some tips more dishes that with ingredients incorporate those specific qualities and increase the nutritional value - like using turmeric with CBD and THC for anti-inflammation?
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    Double Erica’s in the House! Erica & Erika!
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    I can not get over how excited I am about this.
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    Oh girl, it sounds like we've been up here for 'bout the same amount of time? What part of So Cal are you from? My husband and I moved up here from Riverside!
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    Repost this in the FB group!
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    Tokeativity works to empower women at the root level and forward the normalization of cannabis. We host in person and online events across the globe for women to connect, learn and create. AS SEEN IN BROUGHT TO YOU BY OUR SEATTLE CHAPTER SPONSOR Cannabis loving women of Seattle! You're invited to the Seattle Summer Lovin' Tokeativity Social Socialize, get creative and connect with women who love cannabis. Get out your flip flops and tank tops, it's time to celebrate SUMMER! First 25 women to register will receive a free gift at the door Date: Saturday, June 15, 2019 Time: 7-10pm Place: Woman Friendly Space in Downtown Seattle REGISTER NOW Tokeativity.com/seattle Free for Grassroots & Business Members Upgrade your account to register you and a friend for free Single Event Pass for Basic Members: $20 thru 6/11, $25 after Limited bring a friend passes available for $22.50 Special guests and fun include: Join us for our first group photo in Seattle! Come say hello to our Seattle Chapter Sponsor, Cultiva Law Pet Rocks! and Roach Clips! with Jessica the Craft Goddess Henna Tattoos by Britt! Live music sets by Lovely and Maya! + more (as they are announced) ! Email us if you'd like to sponsor or get involved: seattle@tokeativity.com Interpreters on site | Wheel Chair accessible
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    What neighborhood/part of PDX? I'd love to learn more!
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    Cannabis brand expanding again! Entry level positions available. This position is mostly stuffing pre-roll cones (majority of the position), packaging of various products and processing rosin or kief. This is an independent position, you get to sit q ... View link
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    Hey Emily!!!! Welcome to Oregon!!!!! What part of town do you want to live in?
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    Caperello Creative is a writing, business development, and business strategy consultancy based in Portland, Oregon. Cat Caperello brings more than 18 years of diverse business experience with a specialization in customer service, sales operations, business development, and marketing strategy. She has worked on more than 500 projects for a wide range of clients including Fortune 250 firms, start ups, cannabis operations, solopreneurs, and more through Caperello Creative and her work writing business plans with Masterplans.
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    Date: Saturday, March 24 Time: 1-4pm Place: A Woman-Friendly Space in NE Portland (Registrants will receive address) Early Bird: $10 before 3/20 General Admission: $15 after 3/20 Bring a friend and save $ Free for low income women & women of color, apply now at Tokeativity.com/scholarships A Portion of the proceeds will go to Dont Shoot Portland REGISTER NOW: https://impactflow.com/event/7279 DETAILS: http://tokeativity.com/march24 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Are you curious about how to make change in your community? Are you feeling motivated by the #METOO or #BLACKLIVESMATTERcampaigns? Are you feeling fed up with our local, state and federal policy makers seemingly doing whatever interests them? Are you just plain confused about how the hell this democracy thing works? Do you get overwhelmed at even the thought of politics? If you said yes to any of the above questions, then INTRO TO ACTION is the right workshop for you! Our American Democracy is a complicated beast and making our voices heard is no easy feat. Tokeativity is a cannabis inclusive community for women that curates safe spaces to create, learn and connect. Join us for this workshop open to all women at all stages of their political awakening! We aim to create conversations, discussions and experiences that will inspire more women to feel confident about making their voices heard. Bring a delicious dish in exchange for your ticket! Email potluck@tokeativity.com to participate! We have scholarships for low income and women of color. Please apply through tokeativity.com/scholarships to participate. Thank you! Featuring: Erica Fuller, Women's Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon Chair Teresa Raiford, Dont Shoot Portland Flow: 1:00pm Welcome & Mingle 1:30pm - 3:00pm Speakers + Q & A 3:00pm Networking 4:00pm End * No door sales or refunds will be available. All women must be 21+ and registered online prior to coming. Please make sure to register all members of your party online ahead of time. We support safe transportation and consumption of all substances.
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    @Samantha @Leighanalynn @ladyjade @jnoodZ do you have any leads or ideas for @Jaime Marie?
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