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    Tokeativity works to empower women at the root level and forward the normalization of cannabis through in person and online events happening across the globe where women connect, learn and create. AS SEEN IN BROUGHT TO YOU BY OUR SEATTLE CHAPTER SPONSOR Cannabis loving women of Seattle: Come celebrate the holidaze at the last Tokeativity Social of the decade! First 25 women to register will receive a free gift at the door Date: Fri, Dec 13, 2019 Time: 7-10pm Place: Private Space in the SHORELINE neighborhood of Seattle, WA - RSVP for address & details * LIMITED TO 40 * REGISTER NOW Tokeativity.com/events Free for Grassroots & Business Members Upgrade your account to register you and a friend for free Single Event Pass for Basic Members: $20 thru 12/11, $25 after Our non profit social club works to empower women at the root level by creating social, interactive and creative environments, with a focus on plant based medicine, for women to explore personal and professional growth in a space away from the male gaze. SPECIAL ACCESS REQUIRED TO REGISTER FOR THIS MEMBER-ONLY EVENT! YOU MUST BE AN APPROVED MEMBER OF OUR PRIVATE SOCIAL CLUB If you have not attended a Tokeativity event before, you will need to apply to become a member of our private social club. You can apply here. If you are approved, you will receive an email confirmation with an invitation to continue registering for social club events for the year. Special guests and fun include: Wear your glitter and gold inspirations! Music and light vibes by DJ Frenchie ASL Interpretation by Alonna Tokeativity Craft station Healer/tarot readings Pot Luck by Ozzy Email us if you'd like to sponsor or get involved in the potluck or work trade program: seattle@tokeativity.com Special thank you to our Seattle Chapter Sponsor, Cultiva Law Interpreters on site
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    Grassroots Extracts Seeking Brand Representative Company website: http://www.Grassroots-Extracts.com At GRASSROOTS EXTRACTS we use supercritical CO2 extraction and subzero de-waxing to create cannabis oil of the highest quality and clarity. No hydrocarbons, NO ADDITIVES, just the full cannabis flavor that customers seek. PURE, SIMPLE. Our own line of cannabis oil, COtrue <http://www.grassroots-extracts.com/cotrue>, epitomizes the pursuit of quality and purity by applying the Grassroots Extracts process to pure top-shelf flower. Visit our Products page for more info on COtrue, and other other clients of ours. To learn more about the people behind Grassroots Extracts, click here <http://www.grassroots-extracts.com/about>. For the finest CO2 extraction cannabis oil in Oregon, keep it Grassroots. Grassroots Extracts provides a variety of products and services, including: •Processing your flower into extract. •Sale of bulk oil for vaporizing, edibles, and topicals. •Customized CO2 oil cartridges, for your dispensary or farm brand. •Collaborations with cannabis brands. Job Description _Start Date: Shows on the 5,6,7th of December. Otherwise, approx. 1x a week for a couple month (Friday or one weekend day). _$25/hour _Responsibilities: Hang out at a dispensary, answer Qs about Grassroots Extracts and/or COtrue product line, prize giveaways. Must be personable! _Job duration: Subject to discussion with company. May be a couple months and/or what you make of it!). Contact Doug Shipley, Owner Doug@grassroots-extracts.com
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    Date: Wed Dec 11, 5-8pm Place: Haus of Jane, Las Vegas NV - RSVP for address Cost: Free! ABOUT THIS EVENT Join us December 11, 2019 for the opportunity to mix and mingle with influential female founders, consultants, cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, dispensary owners, brands, service providers, and consumers at a private, invite-only event during the largest cannabis convention in the United States. BROUGHT TO YOU BY TOKEATIVITY WOMEN EMPOWERED IN CANNABIS VERDANT LEAF FARMS WHITE BUFFALO KADIN MATCH MAKING CONSCIOUS CANNABIZ Interested in sponsoring? Contact Courtney Freeman Courtney@WhiteBuffaloCannabis.com
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    Hello everyone! My family is trying to create a start up business selling weed paraphernalia. We are really excited about building our business, but keep running into huge hurdles that are really setting us back. Our newest one is that that our credit card processor we're trying to use for our online store will not support us. They're saying they will not work with us unless our social medias and website are completely clean of words, hashtags, and pictures that are related to, include, or mention weed, cannabis, or CBD in any way. This is really killing us because we do not have a store front, and are not in many independent stores yet. Plus, it's almost impossible to advertise traditionally so we rely on our social medias to spread brand awareness. We're new to the industry so if anybody has any advice on how to work with this system, or if there is a different payment processor other people use that is cannabis-friendly please let me know! Also, if anyone can shed some light on the advertising side, it would be greatly appreciated too!
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    Hey lovely ladies of Eugene and Beyond! I really missed having witchy women here this year! How do we throw another party!? How can I help!? Let's gather more, laugh more, toke more! We need to build Eugene's circle of amazing cannabis loving women! I know there a a bunch out there that have not yet heard about these fun events! The more we connect with one another the stronger we become!
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    Hey All! I wanted to share with you something I made that can help employers in the Cannabis Industry find quality candidates. It's a job board and recruitment platform for the Cannabis Industry called cannaplacement.com! If you are a Cannabis company and have a job opening feel free to start listing your job postings here, on www.cannaplacement.com!  Also if you are in search of a job in the industry check out all of the latest jobs posted on the site. Let me know what you guys think! Now is a very exciting time for the Cannabis Industry and I want to help everyone who is passionate about Cannabis find a way to help grow this industry. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me a message at info@cannaplacement.com! Have a great day!
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    Hi, I'm a chronic pain advocate and patient living in Indiana. I found cannabis as a teen, quit to work a high level executive assistant job and then a logistics coordinator position in a warehouse. After my pain stopped me from working I tried everything I could to get back to my warehouse and career. Cannabis was the only thing that worked, but in my state of Indiana, it is illegal and barred me from working at the company I devoted years and tears to. I'm now looking to move to a legal state in any possible position, looking for any opportunities to start a life without this illness crippling me. I want to help and educate others on the powers of this plant, and the amazing jobs and communities it has created. I am hoping that someone on the West Coast will take pity on me and hire me, as I will literally move immediately to resettle. I am willing to work any position, and my resume reflects how hard I work with a record of lateral advancement. I'd prefer to work in a clerical or administrative position, but I am eager to learn more about growing. I am currently taking horticulture classes focused on cannabis. I have the equivalent of a BS in computer science and software implementation, but the government denied the school accreditation. I believe my acumen shows a clear pattern and is far more than sufficient to prove I am on part with the average BS earner, especially with my knowledge of product management/development, supervisory experience, 'Help Desk' expertise, and project management. I have attached my resume, business card, and cover letter - I currently am desperately networking in the field and applying for everything I can. This business is for me, and I need it as much as I truly believe it needs me. RESUME UPDATED (1).pdf COVER LETTER (1).pdf
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    Hello out there! I want cannabis to be recreationally adult use legal in the state of New Jersey and I want to pursue a career as a cannabis advocate and educator. I spent 4+ years working for Campbell Soup, mostly as Project Lead in The Consumer Test Kitchen. My experience at Campbell’s afforded me the opportunity to gain experience in project management and sharpen my creative and analytical skills as well as refine my planning and organizational style while I managed the shifting priorities and multiple projects across 10+ CPG brands. Currently, I work for Saxbys Coffee as Product Development Manager. My everyday responsibilities include creating new food/ beverage options and researching food/ beverage trends. Along with my creative work, I work closely with our vendors and distributors to source and purchase new ingredients and retail items. I monitor inventory reports to prevent shortages to cafes, I maintain the distributor order guides and work directly with our multiple vendors to maintain the best agreements making sure our pricing is in line with our increasing volume. I am lead when it comes to the sourcing and bidding processes of any consumable goods, including publishing project/ product RFPs and coordinating the evaluation and selection. I am proficient in a variety of software and social media platforms; I have strong communication, writing, and follow up skills; I gladly juggle multiple tasks effectively, and maintain confidentiality with highly sensitive materials. I have experience creating and adhering to budgets; I have been responsible for product testing requirements, compliance and standards; I am detail oriented and communicate ideas effectively to cross-functional teams. In any position throughout my career, I enjoy finding ways to educate myself in my field to keep my knowledge relevant. My entry into the food & bev world spawned from a strong interest in wine, and then later honey, and coffee. I have always been fascinated by and had a love for researching sustainable farming practices and how the plants we grow are affected by their microclimates changing anything from their phenotypes, to chemical compositions, and of course effects on our palates. My cannabis use started only about three years ago, I will honestly let you know it was purely recreational and just for fun, but then beyond the fun, I started to realize other beneficial ‘side effects.’ From there my natural curiosity led me to do my own research and strain hunting around the country (in legalized states). I have read everything Leafly has published and I subscribe to a number of podcasts to keep me updated on research, innovation, consumer trends, and the legalization process many states, including NJ, seem to be on. I am now enrolled in the Cannabis Training University and am working toward a number of certifications. At this point cannabis education and certifications, I feel, are much like the Wild West, in that I am not sure what any of them will really get me in the end, but the more educated I am, the more I am realizing this is my passion. I cannot remember the last time I was so excited to learn and explore something and want to tell virtually everyone I know about it. I want to be involved in any and every way possible, but being a lifelong resident of New Jersey I feel like my hands are tied and I am not sure what I can do right now to both enter a cannabis-focused career and be a public advocate for cannabis normalization. When/ if New Jersey becomes an adult use state I see myself becoming an entrepreneur on some level with an interest in becoming politically active in the space. My overarching goal is to give people a safe, comfortable space to acquaint themselves with cannabis and end the ideas that currently surround stereotypical ‘stoner culture’ and black market marijuana. What can I do right now? Thank you, Lori KUSERK LORI RESUME 2018.pdf
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    Hello lovely ladies!!! I'm currently working in a dispensary as a budtender but my time in this establishment is coming to an end beginning of August with a total of 2.5 years of experience. I'm embarking on a journey of creating my own business as a tarot reader/intuitive of the mystic arts and am looking for a part time gig 3-4 days a week for steady income. Although my experience is is budtending/customer service/ sales aspect I would really like to experience the creating/cultivating aspect of the industry. Looking for a nurturing, supportive, creative environment with badass people, also I LOVE being outside. Located in SE Portland, no vehicle but more than willing to Trimet to wherever is needed. Feel free to call/text me flip phone 503 419 7236 or email theresabuck3@gmail.com. Thank you for your time and for being here resume feb 2018.pdf
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    Hey lovelies! I'm starting a stoner babe subscription box service (url coming soon) and would love for any local/women-owned brands/companies to be featured -- if anyone has promo materials, coupons, product donations or giveaway ideas they'd like included please hit me up! Eventually I want to set up wholesale accounts but we're not even close to there yet Also, for now it's all cbd and nationally legal products, though eventually I'd like to get my handler's certification and do a specifically local and cannabis-focused box too. Message me or email me any time
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