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    Are you a CannaParent? I am based in California. Inland Empire to be exact. I would love to bring in more CannaParents in the community. You are not alone. Lets de-stigmatize the judgements on cannabis use for parents. We use it as a therapeutic enhancements to help better focus on our thoughts and actions. Sometimes as a parent we can be a bit overwhelmed in our daily routines. I would love to gather more parents in all areas to know that you are not alone. No more judgements and more education on how it can benefit us as better parents. Our health and wellness are very important for self care.
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    Cannabis poses way less risk for me, personally as a parent, than say Alcohol, as a way to unwind after a stressful day or week. Plus it has the added benefit in that it helps me sleep, which gives me the energy I need to try and keep up with the kiddos. Parenting is such an alien, and yet sensitive topic, and we all have our ways of doing our best.
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    Hi Destiny - Thanks so much for getting in touch. At this point, I think we are all set with accounting services, although I took a quick look at your website and certainly may be reaching out as we grow. If there's a way for you to keep track and circle back in six months or so, I would appreciate it. Again thanks, and happy New Year to you! Lynne
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    Looking to connect with other women canna business owners as we work to launch SunBud Solutions, a Vermont-based company helping people grow on a small scale. Check us out at http://sunbudsolutions.com/
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    Hey ladies, I'm once againinitiating a new idea. I'd love to connect with other women who are navigating a new business adventure. The accountability is super helpful when I have others involved and I love offering my services to others in their ventures. Tell me about your ideas! My next project is Soveda !
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    We should stay in touch! We may have some development work coming up this year. Can you send us your resume? Where do you live? heygirl@tokeativity.com
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    Hello, everyone! With most of the household working in the cannabis industry, we end up with a lot of leftover packaging, from exit bags to jar labels. In the spirit of conservation, I've been saving these odds and ends and turning them into bags, wallets, and other accessories. They've been very popular with the family and friends to whom I've gifted some, and I'm thinking of turning this hobby into a little side business. I know there are a lot of tricky regulations concerning the marketing of cannabis-related products of any type, as well as the reuse of cannabis packaging, so I'd be very glad for any advice on those fronts. I'm also looking for more information on matters like commission and trademark rights-- the stickers I use have brand names plastered all over them, and while they would have just been thrown out if I hadn't taken them, I still feel like I may owe the company something for the materials. We have a good relationship with the CEO, I'm sure we could work something out, I'd just like to be able to have a plan set out before we talk. Lastly, I'd love some recommendations on shops and events in the Portland area that carry repurposed/upcycled and/or cannabis-related products and might be interested in my wares. Thank you so much for all your wonderful work, Tokeativity and the amazing ladies who form it!
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    I’m always looking for freelance UI work (wireframeS, prototype your app or website, branding & marketing design) and would love to start being able to specialize in the cannabis industry!
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    I wonder if Etsy would be the market for you. I’m no expert but since they have the “Handmade” market, the TOS there may be more lenient to reuse of packaging. Do you have any images of your products? If love to see what you make!
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    I'm definitely a cannaparent and in California also, I stitch marijuana plants and you would not believe the rudeness I get from other moms at the park. The weed stigma needs to end. Drinking makes me a hungover mean mess mom but smoking makes me happy keeps me energized and makes me a better mom. Not sure where inland empire is but I'm in the bay area if any cannamoms in the bay wanna tokin buddy let me know
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    Join us for our 4th annual Tokeativity Vision Board Workshop. Help ground yourself from the chaos of the world and begin your 2020 by creating an empowering vision board, focusing on your life and what you want to attract and experience throughout this next year. First 25 women to register will receive a free gift at the door Date: Thurs, Jan 9, 2020 Time: 6-9pm Place: Woman Friendly Space in SE Portland, OR REGISTER NOW Tokeativity.com/events Free for Grassroots & Business Members Upgrade your account to register you and a friend for free Basic Member Event Pass: $25 thru 1/6, $35 after Our non profit social club works to empower women at the root level by creating social, interactive and creative environments, with a focus on plant based medicine, for women to explore personal and professional growth in a space away from the male gaze. SPECIAL ACCESS REQUIRED TO REGISTER FOR THIS MEMBER-ONLY EVENT! YOU MUST BE AN APPROVED MEMBER OF OUR PRIVATE SOCIAL CLUB Tokeativity members who have previously attended a Tokeativity event have been pre-approved by HQ and you should be able to check out without additional steps (as of 10/11/19). If you have not attended a Tokeativity event before, you will need to apply to become a member of our private social club. You can apply here. If you are approved, you will receive an email confirmation with an invitation to continue registering for social club events for the year. Special guests and fun to be announced! Email us if you'd like to sponsor or get involved: portland@tokeativity.com ABOUT THIS WORKSHOP: Lisa Snyder, the Founder of Tokeativity, will share a little bit about how Tokeativity was inspired and has grown through vision boarding, about the importance of individual goal setting, accomplishments, and reflection. Samantha Montanaro, Co-Founder of Tokeativity & Founder of Prism House will share about her journey. After a visualization and meditation with Lisa, we’ll dig into our vision boards! Perfect for introverts, extroverts and everyone in between! Learn the power of long term visualization, visual board best practices, meet and chat with other women or quietly create – it’s up to you! All art supplies included! Feel free to gather magazines you want to use, find things on the internet to print out along the way prior to the event or bring things you’ve been saving with you that you’d like to see on your board. RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Workshop Overview: – Welcome! Find a good place to set your belongings down and find a cozy place to sit – Workshop Overview: How to make a vision board, best practices on supply use, and hand out supplies – Intention setting & 5 minute meditative visualization exercise with Lisa Snyder, Founder of Tokeativity – Open studio to create your vision board ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Email us if you'd like to sponsor or get involved: connect@tokeativity.com WHAT WOMEN ARE SAYING "During the process of my vision board at the 2018 workshop I was not sure I was going to come up with a finished product that I would even want to keep. My vision board has been the center of my altar, where I meditate, pray, and read tarot. It really helped me focus my intentions throughout the year. I actually didn’t realize how many things I actually have accomplished or gotten into motion this year that I had put on my board last January." - Aphrena Rushton, Portland, OR "The Vision Board I created with Tokeativity served as both a mental and physical reminder to keep pushing for my ideals and goals throughout the year. It not only helped me to reassess and set goals in a meaningful and creative way, but allowed me to self-evaluate where I was with both personal and professional goals and helped create intentional conversation with other women whom (which I may have not done otherwise). After creating the board and hanging it in my room, I was able to refer to it throughout the year and draw both inspiration and motivation from it when needed. This is one of my favorite workshops that Tokeativity does all year!" - Leah Maurer, Co-Owner of The Weed Blog, Portland OR
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    Hello! I have started my own full service accounting firm specializing in the cannabis industry! I have gone thru Dope CFO training to make sure that I am a leading expert in all things canna!
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    Hi Lynne! I checked out your site i love your design and concept. Let me know if you need help with any of your accounting, I own Leo Accounting a cloud based full service accounting firm.
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    Just read your website and I con't think I have ever read a website that captured my pain points so well.
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    Tokeativity works to empower women at the root level and forward the normalization of cannabis through in person and online events happening across the globe where women connect, learn and create. AS SEEN IN WISCO WOMEN! We'd like to invite you to our Tokeativity Social event in Madison, WI! Socialize, get creative and connect with women who love or are interested in the CBD/Hemp/Cannabis movement. Bring your magic and connect with Tokeativity Madison on October's full moon. Inspired by the divine femininity in us all, this witchy women event celebrates the roots we have with mother nature, each other, and plant medicine. You don't want to miss this high vibration celebration with an eclectic list of activities including: Discussion led by Wisconsin State Representative Melissa Sargent! Comedy with Vanessa from Nessalla Kombucha Musical stylings by Quinley - Queer techno dj Belly dancing with Miranda Moon Tarot reading with Tulin Waters Craft your own dreamcatcher Light projection by Recreate Live painting by Braden Fine Art Full-moon cleansing ritual Costume Contest Guests are encouraged to express their witchiest vibes or favorite Halloween attire. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. BROUGHT TO YOU BY Are you a woman who owns any kind of business, works in the cannabis industry or healing arts like massage, tarot and reiki? Do you want to exchange your time for an event pass? Email us if you'd like to sponsor or get involved: madison@tokeativity.com Date: Sunday, Oct 13, 2019 Time: 6-9pm Central Registration Required in advance! $20 until 10/9, $25 after Place: A Woman-Friendly Madison, WI - register for address and event details. No alcohol consumption at this event. Register now: Tokeativity.com/events
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    Hi everyone! I am new to Toketivity and currently live in Wisconsin. The industry is very behind here and even talking about it with other like-minded women is not common, let alone finding a storefront that provides products and experiences a woman wants. My goal is to change that and I have been doing a ton of research in preparation for opening a CBD and cannabis lifestyle storefront until (THC is legal here). I have a lot of questions and really just looking for other women in the business to talk about her experiences, lessons learned, and opportunities for collaboration. I have over 15 years of business development, operations and strategic leadership experience and have supported the development of three biotech companies through seed funding to Series A. Instead of just opening my storefront (like I see all the men in WI doing), I truly want to partner with women and am so excited the industry seems to have positioned itself as women supporting women. Would love to talk with anyone willing to share their story about getting started in this business - by phone, email or especially in-person if you're near the Midwest! As I know many of you are in PDX, I will be there the week of 4/7/19 - 4/12/19 if anyone has an hour Thanks in advance!
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    I am interested! Would you email me at jessicannapdx@gmail.com
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    I'm focused on Wordpress php, html, css right now but I'm always honing and expanding my skills. I've also built some custom coded sites in the past. Sadly the company is no longer in business, I've included some screenshots below. My most recent work was http://kachkapdx.com (AMAZING food btw)
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    If Puff Pass Paint is opening up more slots, talk to @Samantha about this possibility!
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