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    Get your flip flops and your tank tops out - it's time to celebrate SUMMER! PLUS! WE WILL BE TAKING OUR ANNUAL GROUP PHOTO! First 25 women to register will receive a free gift at the door Date: Fri, June 14, 2019 Time: 7-10pm Place: Woman Friendly Space in Portland, OR REGISTER NOW Tokeativity.com/portland Free for Grassroots & Business Members Upgrade your account to register you and a friend for free Basic Member Event Pass: $20 thru 6/10, $25 after Limited bring a friend passes available for $22.50 Special guests and fun include: Core Gardens will be our fab sponsors! Join us for our annual photo with Arkady Brown - we'll be taking it at 7:30 sharp Get your nails pretty for summer with Nomster Nails! Tarot readings with The Way Witch! Manage your calm with Reiki Says Relax Tokeativity Coloring Pages + more! Email us if you'd like to sponsor or get involved: connect@tokeativity.com
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    Your plants are looking great @Aphrena! I would suggest carefully taking the seedlings apart and uppotting them to their own individual 4" pots. When you uppot you can plant the seedlings deeper into the soil so that maybe 1/2 " sticks out above the soil line. This will help support main stem of the plant during this part of their growth. You can also prop them up using a popsicle stick or shiskabob when theyre taller. When uppotting try to use some high quality soil. There are many options, but something with perlite for good drainage, mycorrhizae for the roots and worm castings. I suggest Pro mix HP or Fox Farm Light Warrior, but there are many to choose from I would also make sure that they have a light above them, no more than a foot away; the plants will reach to the light and become elongated the further they are from the light source. If you don't want to use an artificial light, keeping them near a southern facing window. Hope this helps:)
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    Hi My name is Kendra! I own a small farm outside of Rogue River, called Oso Verde Farms! I have been a farmer for the last decade or so! Would love to give you all some simple tips for your own 4 in your yard or house! Step one: Get some potting soil. Just a small bag will do. Get 4" pots if you started seeds. Get 1 gallon pots if you got them as a clone. Just fill with some organic soil, compost, a small handful of Bio-live Brand is Down to earth from the local garden store or grow store. Tell them you are a first time grower! Talk to anyone and everyone! Water when needed. Plants do not like sopping wet soil. This kills and browns out their roots. Roots need oxygen too. They like a drink of water and then they like to dry up a little bit and then add more water and let them go a day between waterings but enough water to make sure they are not wilting. This is the mistake most people make with plants. Enough water so the soil is damp to the bottom of the pot but not so much water where it is running out of the bottom of the planter. Try and water every other day. Just a little bit! Remember, to keep plants in Veg mode to grow a little taller before flower...they have to have 18 hours of light on them minimum. Otherwise you will end up with a very small plant that has very tiny buds. You want it at least 3 ft or more to start it in flower mode! Remember plants need three things to make them thrive! Light, Water, and Co2. Okay get that started and I will be back for more tips!
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    I'm interested in hearing more as I work to launch SunBud Solutions - https://sunbudsolutions.com/. Can you get in touch with me at lynne@sunbudsolutions so we can talk offline? Thanks!
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    Thank you Blaze, for being a wonderful Chapter Leader. I appreciate all you bring together for our gatherings.
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    the cannabis industry needs more books by women of color! check out our submission guidelines if you've ever considered turning your hobby and knowledge into a text that could help others and broaden the spectrum of knowledge in the publishing of cannabis content. https://microcosmpublishing.com/faq#submit-manuscripts
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    There are several positions open. Just go to our page on Indeed.com to apply. https://www.indeed.com/q-Lazarus-Naturals-jobs.html Good Luck! Phyllis
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    Tokeativity works to empower women at the root level and forward the normalization of cannabis. We host in person and online events across the globe for women to connect, learn and create. AS SEEN IN BROUGHT TO YOU BY OUR SEATTLE CHAPTER SPONSOR Cannabis loving women of Seattle! You're invited to the Seattle Summer Lovin' Tokeativity Social Socialize, get creative and connect with women who love cannabis. Get out your flip flops and tank tops, it's time to celebrate SUMMER! First 25 women to register will receive a free gift at the door Date: Saturday, June 15, 2019 Time: 7-10pm Place: Woman Friendly Space in Downtown Seattle REGISTER NOW Tokeativity.com/seattle Free for Grassroots & Business Members Upgrade your account to register you and a friend for free Single Event Pass for Basic Members: $20 thru 6/11, $25 after Limited bring a friend passes available for $22.50 Special guests and fun include: Join us for our first group photo in Seattle! Come say hello to our Seattle Chapter Sponsor, Cultiva Law Pet Rocks! and Roach Clips! with Jessica the Craft Goddess Henna Tattoos by Britt! Live music sets by Lovely and Maya! + more (as they are announced) ! Email us if you'd like to sponsor or get involved: seattle@tokeativity.com Interpreters on site | Wheel Chair accessible
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    PRODUCTION ASSISTANT About BARBARI: BARBARI is a lifestyle brand focused on mindful cannabis consumption. We create quality herbal consumables with a focus on clean, quality ingredients and equitable relationships. We are a safe space, looking for motivated candidates that are committed to maintaining a safe and equitable environment and who are comfortable balancing attention to detail with efficiency. We are a startup in the cannabis industry looking for a highly motivated and professional individual to join our team as a Production Assistant. We are interested in someone who is passionate about the Cannabis industry and BARBARI’s inclusive, mindful and ambitious culture. We expect every team member to feel the same sense of ownership, innovation, and hustle as we work to grow the company together. We need exceptionally talented, bright, and driven people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone, get creative and collaborate. We are looking for individuals who will be working with a variety of production tasks. These individuals must be able to multitask, work quickly and efficiently, and be adaptable to changing priorities and tasks as needed. Must be motivated, trustworthy and a team player. What You’ll Do: Coordinate with managers to implement manufacturing schedule based off of current product demands Prepare/process herbs Assist with the spliff production line Follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Prep work stations each day Operate small machinery Load and unload items from shelves, carts Measure and pour ingredients Ensure conformance to specifications Fill and package products for delivery Record data Work in Metrc Maintain equipment cleaning, washing, sterilizing, and organizing Clean and close work area down at the end of the day Communicate with supply chain, lab and production leads Take instructions from supervisors Assist production manager in Inventory management Maintain documentation, check and verify numbers, count and fill correctly What You’ll Need: Must be over 21 years of age OLCC Marijuana Workers Permit within 1 week of hire Cannabis production/joint filling experience is preferred but not required Strong attention to detail Excellent interpersonal communication skills Must be able to lift 20+ pounds Must be organized and maintain a clean work space Ability to follow standard operating procedures Ability to stand for long periods of time Ability to work in a periodically dusty space Reliable transportation. Our primary job site is outside of Portland but is accessible by public transportation. Production may occasionally take place in North Portland as well. Details: $15.00/hr 8-16 hrs per week We are an equal opportunity employer. Please submit resume + application to jobs@barbarishop.com
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    Easy Cannabis Tea Hi there. Short, to-the-point edibles recipes are popular on YouTube. I did little to promote this one, other than send links out to a few forums. Yet, it gained surprising traction. Anyone who is interesting in doing other short edibles recipes, please let me know. Thanks!
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    I'm growing my very first canna plant right now! I started off with a clone though and not from seed but it's been so fun educating myself on how to keep my new plant baby happy, lol. I would like to recommend a book I received as a gift that holds an incredibly vast amount of information on cannabis and growing your own that I've fallen in love with. It's titled, "Grow Your Own: Understanding, Cultivating, and Enjoying Cannabis" by Nichole Graf, Micah Sherman, David Stein, and Liz Grain. It's been an amazing tool to have and learn from as I was prepping for my plant and understanding cannabis in depth=)
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    I was super surprised how quickly my plants sprouted as well! Now I am just worried about them being too tall? Right now two of them are starting to lean and almost fall over. Anyone know what I can do to make them stronger?! They’re getting so big!
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    Thanks @Kendra Freeman very detailed and thorough, awesome! The only thing I would add would be to also keep an eye on the humidity/temperature of the room you're keeping the seedling in. When they are first establishing its important not to keep the plant anywhere drafty, too cold or too hot. Somewhere about 70-75 would be best. Also like @Kendra Freeman mentioned with the watering, its important not to over or under water right now, keeping soil moist but with no standing water (this is where temperature comes in- if its too cold in your room your plant might not need watering every other day, or if its too hot you may need to splash it a little more often). I find it useful to keep a log of garden activity, with things like: -When you planted your seeds -When they first germinated -When they are being watered/how much they are being watered---> this will help keep track of under or over watering - Etc. All of these notes can help you recreate your success or avoid the same pitfalls. Definitely keeping seedlings and small plant starts indoor because its just too chilly for them out right now, as well as not having enough natural light to keep them in a vegetative stage, so like @Kendra Freeman mentioned, having that 18 hour daylight and 6 hours of darkness will help your plant thrive at this stage- there are inexpensive light timers you can use to set your light schedule. Keep an eye on how close the plant gets to the light, the further the light the more the plant has to reach and the longer gaps between nodes, giving you a much leggier plant. Oh so much to say! Haha In a couple of weeks you should have a plant more than 5 nodes tall! Love! Mari
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    This is so exciting! I can’t grow anything (truly!) but my seed babies from the tokeativity event have already sprouted and are getting tall so fast! Here’s a picture from my Instagram story earlier today.
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    I've been growing my own medicine for 6 years and I'm so excited to be starting my next garden here in Portlandia soon! There's nothing more therapeutic & fun than growing cannabis!??
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