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    Hi, my name is Janina (Jan) Robbins. I am looking for clients to help jump start my travel business! A little bit about me: I am a mother to a vivacious 10 y.o. who is gifted with a wonderful singing voice and a wife to a wonderful hubby who unfortunately has MS. As a result, I am trying very hard to supplement my income and recently launched a business as a travel consultant. My goal is to help book individual, group and corporate travel to most destinations. My specific niche is to assist people with getting GREAT travel deals and attend exclusive 420 venues, concerts, festivals, conferences and stay at 420 friendly hotels or B & B’s. I recently visited Vegas and truly enjoyed my 420 ventures & opportunities there! In the past, I worked for the Sheraton, Seattle Convention Bureau and booked corporate travel for executives. I have been a Brand Ambassador for a cannabis manufacturing company where I demonstrated several different products in numerous dispensaries. I also helped a company in NY launch their new coconut water-based sports drink. I lived in several states such as New York; traveled to California, Florida, Montana, Wyoming - more specifically Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and Sun Valley, Idaho where I learned how to ski (a black person skiing, that was HUGE for me – LOL). I attended last year’s Seattle Cannacon and this year’s Seattle Hempfest where I found out that there are currently nine different festivals and one held internationally in Jamaica, which I hope to go to next year in October (I can still book folks there for this year’s upcoming festival). I also hope to go to Costa Rica & back again to Panama in 2020 and Greece in 2021 (save up now for any or all of those group trips ). My other goal is to hopefully start a Tokeativity chapter in the Olympia area. I just submitted the form! Sorry I missed the Seattle launch. I was so wishing to be there; looks like you all had a nice time! This Saturday, Sept. 22nd at 2:30-4:20 pm, I will be hosting my first 420 Travel & Adventure Meetup group and hope to host a few Saturdays Meetups (check the Meetup Schedule for upcoming dates). If you are close to the area, I would really enjoy meeting you! I will definitely refer women to this website. Looking forward to seeing you down the road! P.S. - If you are looking for a side hustle, part-time job or new biz venture, hit me up! My master’s thesis was on telework/telecommute and I always had the motto of wanting to work anyplace, anywhere and anytime and becoming a travel consultant is now allowing me to do so. Regardless of where you live, I can help you to also become a travel consultant! I'm not sure if I can post my travel websites here or not. If so, I will post it once I get permission. If not, then please email me via this website. All my best!
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    WELL HELLO LADIES!! Thank you so much Lisa for putting the word out. I appreciate it and all that you have done with your site!! I do realize that people get busy and all, but I was feeling a bit down when I didn't get much of a response. So, thank you ladies for taking the time to respond! I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment with starting a new business and trying to network. I suppose it is okay then to put up up my websites: https://evotravelagent.com/travelessentials & https://evotravelagent.com/travelessentials420 (to come). Opt-in under "contact" for emailed specials!! I would love to book travel for one and all!! I would also love for us to take a cruise together one day too!! Check out my site for specials & all-inclusive packages!! Have a lovely 420-day ladies!! Janina (Jan) email: etravel420@gmail.com
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    Hello Jan!!! It's so wonderful to meet you. My name is Erica Fuller Aka Stoney Scorpio! 'I am also an Brand Ambassador for Tokeativity! I live out in Portland were the OG Chapter begin. Sorry I didn't see this question earlier. Yes we are certainly supported throughout this group. From Scholarship to Social's to women of color in leadership roles. I am certainly excited to be a part of this community. Don't forget to let us know where you are from and what you are looking for in a community. I promise you won't be disappointed. Stoney Scorpio
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    Well Hello Jan, Make no mistake... We are certainly represented in this space, and absolutely excited to have you amongst the ranks. I apologize for the delayed response, I am right in the middle of a project. Please feel free reach out to me directly anytime however, I am happy to assist in any way I can. Truly, Illuzionz O’Grandeur DeNORMLwomensAlliance@Gmail.com
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    Hi Jan, nice to meet you! Really cool how you've found work that supports your desired lifestyle, and vice versa. And I agree that great work can be done from pretty much anywhere! Will definitely keep you in mind for future business travel services as well. Hope you have a great week!
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    Ooh a Tokeativity Cruise?! I'm looking forward to when we get to do that! So great to meet you Jan! I hope you can make it out to the next Tokeativity social (or perhaps you'll be hosting one!) and get a true welcome!
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    Happy to delete it if you want, but I think you should keep it up! @Stoney Scorpio @Teyanna Clevenger @savinamonet @Illuzionz O’Grandeur @ChefMegonDeeCave please say hello to @Jan!
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    We’re scouting for venues across the globe. Do you know of one? Have one or access to one? We’d love to know about it! Please enter in as much information as you know and if we have any questions about it, we’ll get back to you. Venue Search Name* First Last Email* Venue Location*Please enter the name of city of your potential venue What type of venue is this?* This is a private residence This is a private venue This is a public venue that can be rented for privacy Other If you selected "other" please describe this further What is your relationship to this venue?*I am the owner of this venueI am the manager of this venueI know the owner or manager of this venueI can get in touch with the owner or manager of this venue Venue Max Capacity*If you are not sure, use your best judgement Please enter a value between 15 and 10000. Venue Cost*Please select all that apply FreeTrade for sponsorship/business membership/advertising ok$20-$40/hr$40-$60/hr$60-80/hr$100/hrOther If you selected "other" please elaborate Does this venue haveIf you know what kinds of amenities it has, please check them off chairs tables outdoor space parking Is consumption acceptable in this location?* Yes Not yet, I'd have to get permission This is not a consumption friendly venue, but could be used for non-consumption events What types of consumption is acceptable here?* Smoking inside and outside ok Smoking outside only Tinctures & edibles inside and outside Vaping inside and outside ok Vaping outside only Other If you selected "other" please describe Do you have any pictures, video or maps of the space?If so, upload here Drop files here or Anything else you'd like us to know? The post Venue Search appeared first on Tokeativity® - The Global Cannabis Community for Women. View the full post
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    We'd like to invite you to our October 13th Eugene Tokeativity Social - Witchy Woman! Dress to express your inner witchy woman First 25 women to register will receive a free gift at the door! A portion of the proceeds this month will go to our selected non profit, Beyond Toxics Date: Sat, Oct 13, 2018 Time: 7-10pm Place: Woman Friendly Space in Eugene, OR, register for address LIMITED AVAILABILITY - REGISTER NOW $25 before 10/8, $30 after Bring a friend and save $ Free for Community & Business Members Upgrade your account to get your free spot Special guests and fun to be announced! Email us if you'd like to sponsor or get involved: eugene@tokeativity.com
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    Join Our Team! Are you looking to join a great team? Look no further as MaryJane's could be the perfect next steps for you. We are growing and are now hiring for a number of positions. We provide good support, accommodations, medical care, and a great working environment. Start your dream career today. Contact us now and apply and learn more about joining our team. Apply now for more details. WEBISTE: https://maryjanemedicinal-dispensary.com/ EMAIL: info@maryjanemedicinal-dispensary.com
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    TY! That salve is helping my parents.
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    I want to thank whomever made the salve in glass jars. It is wonderful for pain and so lovely to smell. I thank you.
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    Had a good experience with a local vendor, supplier or service provider? Found a useful resource you'd like to share? Post them here!
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    Understood... haven’t found anyone in your area, I’ll definitely keep an eye out. My personal engineer, he is based in Virginia, but works Nationally... I advised him of your situation and that I would give you his contact information to help better advise or locate resources. (804)214-6793 Sorry he is isn’t local, he is however a minority owned business. Best of Luck! Truly, iLLz
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    Yes, Oregon is the focus at present.
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    Damn, Jan! You are bad ass! I have a 10 year old too! I love how you're bringing your previous experience into the cannabis space. Such a great idea! Can't wait to meet you next time in WA
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    Understood... I will certainly inquire and circle back. ☝
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    Cash in on the emerging $7.1 Billion Cannabis Industry that according to Forbes magazine will hit $22 Billion by 2020 and blow past $50 billion by 2026! CBD products are being used worldwide and customers get instant, life-changing results with this ... View link
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    Question - Construction Services: I'm collecting construction bids for a commercial construction project by the airport, and I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone they'd recommend. (Bonus points for woman or minority owned businesses!) I've been searching woman's trade organizations online, but I can't seem to find just a list of local female contractors. Any tips?
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    I am looking forward to seeing the women of Tokeativity and making new friends on the 5th. See you there!
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    Laicy! Please email your resume to stacie@unlockmeraki.com
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    One of Oregon’s only cannabis events permitting public consumption tempted crowds this summer with chocolates, kombucha, tinctures and other edibles amid a feel-good vibe. The sold-out Oregon Cannabis Association Summer Fair, July 28 in Portland, showcased the diversity, craftmanship and expertise of the state’s cannabis community, putting names and faces to a growing variety of cannabis brands. Small, family-run businesses were strongly represented among the 54 vendors — growers, processors, edible manufacturers, analytics testing labs and others — a t the third annual event. Read the full article here The post WEED AFICIONADO: “Summer Lovin'” by Becky Garrison appeared first on Tokeativity® - The Global Cannabis Community for Women. View the full post
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    Thanks for coming, @Ozzy Girl!! LOVED seeing your happy shining face! Can't wait to party with you again! xo Lisa
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    Hey lovelies! I'm starting a stoner babe subscription box service (url coming soon) and would love for any local/women-owned brands/companies to be featured -- if anyone has promo materials, coupons, product donations or giveaway ideas they'd like included please hit me up! Eventually I want to set up wholesale accounts but we're not even close to there yet Also, for now it's all cbd and nationally legal products, though eventually I'd like to get my handler's certification and do a specifically local and cannabis-focused box too. Message me or email me any time
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