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    Date: June 17 Time: 3-6pm Pacific Place: ONLINE RSVP for login details and password Cost: FREE FOR TOKEATIVITY BUSINESS & GRASSROOTS MEMBERS Basic Members: Pay what you can, sliding scale $0 - $25 HAUS OF JANE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: TOKEATIVITY WOMEN EMPOWER IN CANNABIS WHITE BUFFALO EVENTS WELCOME TO HAUS OF JANE Join us from the comfort of your own home for a one of a kind, interactive online women's speed networking! Get auto-matched in our 1 on 1 sessions in 3 minute intervals, exchange info at the touch of a button and get a stack of new connections to followup with! You'll never meet the same person twice. Want to take a break? Hang out in our SESH room! Stay till the end for our HAUS OF JANE giveaway. If you wish to participate as a valued sponsor or contribute, contact our Sponsorship Director Courtney Freeman IG @White_Buflo. Call or Text 424-259-2261 or send a message . HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTORS (OPT TO ADD YOUR NAME HERE DURING REGISTRATION) @Alex Stupple @Susie Osborn @Christi Powell @Joyce1965 @Haley Glover @Alibi Cannabis @Laura Hamilton @Ann, Joint Venture & Co. @Bethany Niebauer @ebookkeepinginc.com @TrokieDorea @JaneG @Kim (JAMUspa) @Roz McCarthy @Jill Cohen @Agata @Kelly C @Camidini @Noelle Marie @Tribe SHOKi @Intuitive Tara Rose @Teaghan Marconi Tokeativity Has Been Featured In:
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    Very good idea, thank you.
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    Good idea !!!
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    Hey Ladies! We just launched our online marketplace and are looking to source more cannabis-related products. Anything from quality CBD, smoking accessories, cannabis fashion, and more. Trying to stick to as many small women-owned businesses possible, if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them. Here is the store: https://maryjaneexperience.com/marketplace/
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