The Truth About Women in Cannabis

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Participate anonymously at the 2018 Cultivation Classic

Women in weed is officially one of the hottest topic in cannabis, but what is the truth about women’s experience in the cannabis industry? We’re curating a panel featuring women who have stories about there experience.

We will be reading some anonymous statements from our community about your own experiences. You can be from ANYWHERE. Any country, state or city. Recreational, medical or black market.

What we need from you:

1. Send us an anonymous statement (2-3 sentences) about what is true for you as a woman in the cannabis industry.

We will be reading some of them aloud at our panel we are curating for the Cultivation Classic in Portland, OR on May 12th. (Tokeativity women: get $10 off now through April 30 – use coupon code “tokeativity-2018”).

It can be about being the only woman at your company or farm, how you are treated, what kind of aggressions you have noticed towards you or other women, anything you have seen or felt that you want a room full of people to know. It’s completely anonymous.

In order to focus on your truth and experience fully, please refrain from including names of businesses and individuals in the statements.


2.  OPTIONAL: Send us a 2-3 solution-oriented sentences of how that experience could have been different for you if those around you took different actions. How could that situation been avoided? What do you want people to know?


The Truth About Women in Cannabis

  • Enter a statement that is true for you. Please keep individual names and companies out of the statement.
  • Enter a statement that offers a solution. What kind of actions could have made that different? No limit on words.
  • 100% optional. If you'd like us to know who wrote this or reply back to you, you can put your email address here.


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