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Tokeativity Jobs

Earn $1,000 - $8,000+ per Week!!! $50M Corporation, headquartered in California is expanding nationally and internationally with a Clinically Tested and Proven All-Natural PURE CBD Hemp Oil - best on the market. SALES ARE THROUGH THE ROOF and our es ...

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    • Lisa
      Call To Action! For great people who are looking for good industrial farming experience, to help us plant 250 acres of hemp.   Dates: June 15- 20 2019 (UPDATED!).  It is a 4 day planting session. Location: Burns, Oregon.  Its is 2.5 hrs east of Bend, and 2.5 hrs west of Boise ID.  Pay: $20 per hour.     We are looking to identify 5 more people to help plant seedlings.  We will need your commitment for 3 nights and 4 days.  An 8-hour planting shift is required each day, with an option for 1-2 additional hours helping with the logistics of each days planting.  We are planting with a 7 seat/row transplanter behind a tractor, so this is not manual hand-planting 250 acres. That being said, a person has to have the ability, comfort and stamina to sit and place plants from a tray into a planter wheel, with short intervals every 15-20 minutes, to get down off the seat for some movement and reload trays.      This is a 1000 acre farm, and our family lives in a trailer in the middle. We will have food catered in twice a day and place to sit and relax.  We have room to tent here on the farm.  We will have showers available and porta-potties available.  Burns is a small town so there are few hotels in town, and they are inexpensive.  We are working this farm with a few Mennonite families, and the high desert is very beautiful.  We are only 10 minutes from Crane Hot Springs, and its only $10 to soak!       For more information, please contact: CannaSource Pro, LLC Jana Stolins 707.684.9711 Jana.stolins@cannasourcepro.com
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