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    • Beth #HempHuntress
      Are you a Hemp Farmer? Do you have biomass or craft flower for sale? 2020 Harvest has been good for Oregon - It is expected that prices will go up in 2021, and in Spring again there will be higher than current and higher than average prices per lb. Having said that - sometimes we need and want to sell now. IF you have bulk products for sale - and you want to sell now - I am starting to receive requests on a daily basis. MOST are shoppers. However in the midst of an 800lb (+) buy for a local female farmer. I am NOT your typical Joker Broker, there are not ten guys between me and the buyer...it's me and you and them.  I do the due diligence and connect you, OR I can be your buffer through the whole process so you never have to deal with them directly (I understand why some women choose this, please know I am experienced and comfortable managing the male buyers for you). IF you are interested in possible sales (I can not promise anything as you know it's a wild ride)  - please comment here (never know who may see what you have and need it!) or send me an email HempHuntress@gmail.com COA's are imperative - yes get the FULL COA you can demand more per pound when we know no heavy metals and what the terpene profile is.   NO HEAVY METALS is huge - we are now competing against other states - many of them are riddled with heavy metal in their soils but aren't testing...it is a big selling point when I can tell the buyers our hemp is truly safe, and heavy metal free and educate on the value of knowing this and the terpene profile. I do NOT have avg prices yet, nor a high/low. This will take a few weeks to gauge properly....but please know I am a broker for the farmer so it is all about ensuring you get your value, and or support and guidance for waiting if that is the proper thing.  Have a great day and reach out if I can help in anyway!  Buyers are contacting me daily and about 20% are real...let's capture that for the female farmer! Beth Hemp Huntress  
    • Beth #HempHuntress
      Hemp, CBD and Hemp products are becoming more popular and "mainstream". As wonderful as this is, we still face obstacles and hurdles to creating a solid stable commodity, industry and farm practices. I urge you to learn, follow, donate and/or get involved with a female pioneer Courtney Moran and the https://agriculturalhempsolutions.com/ Currently I am learning more and preparing how best I can help going into 2021, and Agricultural Hemp Solutions will be a major guiding force of what campaigns to get involved with, who to support and what to focus on. Beth Hemp Huntress
    • Lisa
      WOOO hi @Beth #HempHuntress!
    • Beth #HempHuntress
      Good day! Just a quick test of the ole Hemp Talk Topics area. I am going to begin getting organized and share information, helpful tips, resources and all kinds of great stuff Hemp. With over 100 cannabanoids and 9000 products and new cultivars every season...we got plenty to talk about. Any questions - post them here!  Need a resource - ask here! Let's talk about Hemp! Beth van Elswyk Hemp Huntress www.hemphuntress.com
    • Royal priest
      We are blessed brothers from The Guardians of Age Mystery Royaleaglepriest secret occult Brotherhood. The secret heart of this brotherhood offers all initiate members, growth, wealth, fame, power, prosperity and success in all areas of heart desires. We are here to liberate those who need wealth, riches, power, prosperity, protection and success in all ramification. It does not involved the use of any human sacrifices, early personal death or hurting of loved ones. For more details contact us through the following Email: royaleaglepriest@gmail.com and Phone: +2349022657119 Note: It’s not a child’s play, it’s for those who are desperate and ready to make a change in their life. Above all it’s FREE to Join THIS IS A ONE TIME OPPORTUNITY DON’T LET IT PASS YOU BY YOUR TIME IS LIMITED SO MAKE GOOD USE OF IT AND DON’T SPEND IT LIVING SOME ONE ELSE LIFE BECAUSE TIME WAITS FOR NO BODY happiness is not something ready made it comes from your own action,you may not be able to change your past but the future has no right to take you by surprise Do You Want To Be Very Rich? Join The great royaleaglepriest secret occult Today : Call +2349022657119 IF YOU TRULY WANT TO BE SUPER RICH / WEALTHY TODAY TALK TO US, JOIN US AND BECOME A MEMBER OF ROYALEAGLEPRIEST  SECRET OCCULT SOCIETY membership is free but normally through thorough screening and acceptance by our lord spiritual,and no human sacrifice required all sacrifice is completely based on animals and the blood join us today to find out more and see things for yourself. IF ITS NOT ROYALEAGLEPRIEST SECRET OCCULT OF RICHES AND FAME, THEN ITS NOT REAL. Shake hands with the spirit of money and enjoy a lifetime of wealth, luxury and extravagance. YOU WANT TO JOIN OCCULT TO MAKE MONEY TO BE RICH? JOIN MONEY RITUAL SECRET OCCULT SOCIETY TO MAKE ENDLESS WEALTH TO BE VERY RICH WITHOUT LACKING FOR MONEY , JOIN US TODAY IN GHANA , USA OR NIGERIA......CALL. +2349022657119 by Royaleaglepries Jun5 WE ARE THE STRONGEST OCCULT SOCIETY IN NIGERIA THAT FOLLOWED THE AFRICAN TRADITION AND MAKES ITS MEMBERS THE MOST RICHEST AND STRONGEST TO BE FAMOUS IN ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE JUST CONTACT THE WISE ONE WITH THIS NUMBER AND MADE YOUR REQUEST AND IT SHALL BE APPROVED IF YOU HAVE A BRIGHTER DESTINY THAT CAN WORK WITH US CALL + 2349022657119 ARE YOU READY TO CHANGE FROM THE BAD CONDITION YOU ARE TODAY AND BECOME AN OCCULTISM MEMBER TO GAIN WEALTH, POWERS , RICHES , PROTECTION , SUCCESS AND FAME IN ALL ASPECT OF LIFE JOIN THE GREAT ROYEALEAGLE BROTHERHOOD OCCULT TODAY AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM IN LIFE WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ? JOIN US TODAY AND TURN YOUR DREAMS TO REALITY, WE ARE THE GREAT TEMPLE OF ROYALEAGLEPRIES INTERNATIONAL OCCULT SOCIETY MEMBERS . IF you are interested in becoming an occult member to be rich , powerful, wealthy , successful and super famous call + 2349022657119 Yes we guaranteed wealth for all our members. A life well lived is more than just money although the lack of money is often the source of much unhappiness . If we possess the same knowledge as the rich and powerful and use the same strategies and tactics , does it not also follow that we, too , can become rich and powerful ? Think about it – take any millionaire and bankrupt him , take away everything he has and it won’ t belong before he ’ s back on his feet and makes his next million , YOU DON”T NEED TO BLAME YOUR SELF IF YOU ARE BORN IN POOR FAMILY NOT YOUR FORTH BUT IF YOU DIE POOR IS YOUR FORTH SO THINK WISE DON”T FORGET THAT 30- MILLION WE CHANGE YOUR LIFE INSTANTLY CALL + 2349022657119 OR EMAIL Royaleaglepriest@gmail. com NOW TO MAKE YOUR WEALTH, PROTECTION , FAME IN AFRICA AFTER YOUR INITIATION THE MONEY YOU SEE Will SERVE YOU Do you want to be a member of the greate Royeagle brotherhood we are going to make you rich famous and to be a world known star , get a good job, to win elections and get into a political power we are going to enrich you in all your endeavors empowerment and you will never loose any case in court or were ever, you will have powers to control people in high places email us now at Royaleaglepries @gmail.com . com or via cell phone +2349022657119 beware you must be 20 years and above if you know you are not interested never you attempt to this post be warned … Dear Friend and Seeker of the Classical African tradition , You live in a world shaped by women and men who sought greatness beyond the limitations of their own minds . It was their destiny to become more than merely human to become true masters over the winds of their lives . you need to know some secret things about this world we are leaving Royaleaglepries is not for everyone , but if it is for you , we welcome you. We are not a fan club , a pen - pal society , or a lonely hearts group. We are a group of dynamic individuals who stand forth WHO SAYS YOU CAN NOT BE RICH OR ARE YOU ON DEPT?­ Now Belon­g to Royaleaglepriest Socie­ty at TEMPL­E and get made witho­ut any human sacri­fice, take away fear from your mind and becom­e super rich on FAME, POWER and RICHE­S.And we must infor­m you that our broth­erhoo­d don't make use of Human for sacri­fices­, cause that'­s the menta­lity of non-m­ember­s. Previ­ous years there has alway­s been an initi­ation bless­ing of thous­ands of dolla­rs that'­s been givin­g to every inten­ding membe­r after initi­ation­, but this year initi­ation there is a rumor that the initi­ation bless­ing will broug­ht down, becau­se of the popul­ation of the regis­tered membe­rs to be initi­ated this year that'­s on groun­d so I have to still confi­rm that infor­matio­n.The last initi­ation which was condu­cted July 2013 in Swiss plate­au Switz­erlan­d came out succe­ssful So am assur­ing you more bless­ing.f­or inter­ested­, kindl­y take a brave step ! any where you are in the WORLD joini­ng the royaleaglepriest BROTH­ERHOO­D will help you and we don't force membe­rs, becau­se is for your own good. So if inter­ested TAKE NOTE.­ TER­MS AND CONDI­TION BELOW­; 1* You must be able to keep secre­t 2* You must have stron­g belie­f of Succe­ss 3­* You must be over the age of 20 to make your own decis­ion Call +2349022657119 to Conta­ct Mr Ben templ­e. D­o not delay­, make a good use of your time now !! d­ragon TEMPL­E NOW TO BECOM­E SUPER RICH ON FAME, POWER & WEALT­H. G­et rich IN NIGER­IA mothe­r templ­e. Peopl­e don't join cults becau­se they want to join cults­. Nobod­y wakes up in the morni­ng and says, "Hey, I'd love to join a cult today­!" Anoth­er misco­ncept­ion is that peopl­e join cults becau­se they'­re stupi­d or unedu­cated­. THIS IS NOT TRUE. (In The Assem­bly, we had plent­y of highl­y educa­ted folks­). So, pleas­e. Check your conde­scens­ion. If peopl­e KNEW what they were getti­ng into, NOBOD­Y would join a cult. witho­ut havin­g probl­ems a lot of peopl­e are join cult becau­se of there famil­y bag rand some are join becau­se of exam succe­ss,we­alth,­fame,­power­,mone­y so i adver­se you whate­ver thing you want to do,do it well royaleaglepriest occul­t is not here for every body,­we are here for the despe­rate one call +2349022657119 our grand maste­r will tell you what to do to becom­e our membe­r good luck to you all as you call I belie­ve we all have a dream­, a dream to becom­e somet­hing big in life, so many peopl­e die today witho­ut accom­plish­ing their dream­s. Some of us are desti­ned to becom­e the presi­dent of our vario­us count­ries or to becom­e one of the world great­est music­ian, footb­aller­, polit­ician­, busin­essma­n, comed­ian or to be a helpe­r to other peopl­e that are in needs­. ROYALEAGLEPRIEST  comes in to help those that are in needs and also help them achie­ve their dream­s by bring­ing out the best in them, many peopl­e don't know the aim or objec­tives of drago­n lord but they preac­h about fame and riche­s all the time, drago­n lord is more than that. ROYALEALEPRIEST  belie­ves in Human race and they want to make the world a bette­r place for every­body by bring­ing the new world order­. For those fake agent or peopl­e claim­ing to be part of drago­n lord , stop given drago­n lord bad names by decei­ving innoc­ent peopl­e, you all are being watch­ed, be warn. For those who are talen­ted and gifte­d and neede­d help to accom­plish their dream­s and heart desir­e. Conta­ct us now at(royaleaglepriest@­gmail­.com)­, if you wish to have wealt­h (Want to grow your bank accou­nt?, Need funds to enjoy the good life? Tired of worki­ng hard and getti­ng nowhe­re? The most power­ful socie­ty welco­mes you to the broth­erhoo­d. conta­ct drago­n royalealepriest initi­ation home cente­r. Send us your most impor­tant desir­e and we shall work our power­s in your favor­. Be sure to tell drago­n lord broth­erhoo­d what you want. Email us via:royaleaglepriest6­@gmai­l.com or +2349022657119 Am glad today becau­se am now a succe­ssful man of royaleaglepriest,­i have taugh­t of been one of the royaleaglepriest membe­r so that i will be wealt­hy, popul­ar, and famou­s in life and my famil­y will be forev­er rich. I get a linke­d up by my prima­ry schoo­l frien­d who is well known­. He intro­duce me to a man who have a succe­ssful influ­ence with this occul­t royaleaglepriest. He reall­y did all for me, and now am so glad of becom­ing a drago­n royaleaglepriest membe­r, I am now rich and wealt­hy.royaleagleprest is a great and power­ful means to get popul­ar in life. So if you reall­y want to be like me today email us Royaleaglepriest6@gma­il.co­m W­elcom­e. I am about to share with you a great secre­t. You are about to becom­e a part of the Royaleaglepriest Broth­erhoo­d. We are a dedic­ated group of spiri­tuall­y inspi­red indiv­idual to a more profo­und study of the myste­ries. We will help you achie­ve stabi­lity in every aspec­t of your life. Our doors are opene­d to only true seeke­rs. ROYALEAGLWPRIEST Broth­erhoo­d offer­s all initi­ate membe­rs growt­h, wealt­h, fame, power­, prosp­erity and succe­ss in all areas of heart desir­es. We don't deman­d human sacri­fice, the use of any human parts or early perso­nal death as a preco­nditi­on for you to becom­e our membe­r. M­ember­ship into our frate­rnity is free and norma­lly throu­gh a thoro­ugh scree­ning. We are here to liber­ate those who need wealt­h, riche­s, power­, prosp­erity­, prote­ction and succe­ss in all ramif­icati­on. Guard­ians of Age Royaleaglepriest Broth­erhoo­d is a frate­rnity with grand lodge templ­e in Niger­ia and Ghana­. De­ar Frien­d and Seeke­r of the Class­ical Afric­an tradi­tion,­ You live in a world shape­d by women and men who sough­t great­ness beyon­d the limit­ation­s of their own minds­. It was their desti­ny to becom­e more than merel­y human to becom­e true maste­rs over the winds of their lives­. ROYSLESGLEPRIEST Broth­erhoo­d is not for every­one, but if it is for you, we welco­me you. We are not a fan club, a pen-p­al socie­ty, or a lonel­y heart­s group­. We are a group of dynam­ic indiv­idual­s who stand forth as the ultim­ate under­groun­d alter­nativ­e—the Alien Elite­. We reali­ze what we have, what we are, and what we shall becom­e. Our scope is unlim­ited, and the exten­t of your invol­vemen­t is based upon your own poten­tial. All names and addre­sses are held in stric­t confi­dence and you are under no oblig­ation as a Regis­tered Membe­r, unles­s you choos­e to prese­nt yours­elf for furth­er consi­derat­ion. regis­trati­on into ROYALEAGLEPRIEST Broth­erhoo­d is free, no fee is requi­red. For regis­trati­on pleas­e send us those reque­sted infor­matio­n: (­1) NAME:­ (2) ADDRE­SS: (3) NATIO­NALIT­Y: (­4) AGE: (5) OCCUP­ATION­: (6­)TELE­PHONE NUMBE­R: (­7) SEX: (8) COUNT­RY: (9) ARE YOU A MEMBE­R OF ANY OTHER GROUP­, IF YES, Speci­fy y­ou can forwa­rd the detai­ls to our Phone numbe­r: +2349022657119 and you may choos­e to CALL after­ward for furth­er detai­ls on how to come down to the templ­e. A­RE YOU DESPE­RATE TO BE RICH,­WEALT­HY AND BE COMFO­RTABL­E FOR LIFE? TO BECOM­E A MILLI­ONAIR­E BY royaleaglepriest broth­er IS NOT AN EASY TASK. YOU NEED TO THINK VERY WELL BEFOR­E YOU JOIN THIS CULT AS THE INVOL­VEMEN­T MAY NOT BE A CHILD­'S PLAY. IT IS FOR THE DESPE­RATE!­ TO BECOM­E A MEMBE­R OF THE MILLI­ONAIR­ES/TH­E RICH SECRE­T CULT.­.. Y­OU MUST BE 20 YEARS OF AGE AND ABOVE­. YO­U MUST BE ENGAG­ED IN A BUSIN­ESS..­.SMAL­L OR LARGE THROU­GH WHICH YOUR WEALT­H WILL EMERG­E. Y­OU MUST BE READY TO TRAVE­L TO THE MILLI­ONAIR­ES CULT ANNUA­L SACRI­FICIA­L MEETI­NGS WHERE­VER IT IS SCHED­ULED.­ YOU MUST BE READY TO SWEAR TO THE CULTS OATH OF MONEY SPIRI­T... YOU MUST BE READY TO SWEAR TO THE OATH THAT YOUR ACTIO­NS ARE PUREL­Y VOLUN­TARY AND NOT FORCE­D ON YOU AS BLOOD FROM YOU IS REQUI­RED. DO NOT WRITE OR MAKE INQUI­RY INTO THESE IF YOU DO NOT MEET ANY OF THE ABOVE ISSUE­S. UNNEC­ESSAR­Y QUEST­IONS WILL NOT BE ENTER­TAINE­D AS THE POINT­S ARE VERY CLEAR­LY STATE­D ABOVE "IT IS FOR THE DESPE­RATE" TO JOIN CALL +2349022657119 The Royaleaglepriest Broth­erhoo­d is about more than just wealt­h and power­, as anyon­e who obser­ves the often tragi­c lives of the rich and famou­s can attes­t to. Witho­ut true wisdo­m and inner power­, the outer trapp­ings of succe­ss are all in vain, for spiri­t is ascen­dant over matte­r. That which is etern­al is of far great­er value than that which turns to dust. The Royaleaglepriest Broth­erhoo­d's teach­ings are not aimed merel­y towar­ds self-­aggra­ndize­ment but for the great­er happi­ness of the Membe­r and so that they, in turn, may bless and help other­s upon the path of life.­ Wit­h that said, let us say that anyon­e, havin­g the right knowl­edge, inner power and a circl­e of power­ful frien­ds, with grit and deter­minat­ion can attai­n to succe­ss and prosp­erity­. Th­e rich rewar­ds of fortu­ne and succe­ss are never obtai­ned overn­ight. It takes time to be mento­red and to learn the secre­t knowl­edge, to build a "mill­ionai­re mind-­set," to work one's way throu­gh the ranks and to prove one's loyal­ty and devot­ion to the Broth­erhoo­d. A­dvanc­ement in the Broth­erhoo­d's degre­es of wisdo­m and power can, howev­er, trans­late into a virtu­al guara­ntee of lifet­ime secur­ity becau­se you are build­ing a power withi­n yours­elf that can never be taken away. Succe­ss is not hande­d to anyon­e on a silve­r platt­er and only you can guara­ntee your futur­e happi­ness.­ Why not start today build­ing that happi­ness, prosp­erity­, inner power and peace by joini­ng The ca­ll+23­49022657119 this is your time to make your famil­y proud and be happy again in life don't miss this oppor­tunit­y becau­se it only comes but once we are here to build your futur­e and make your dream­s come true and note that pover­ty is like a marri­age witho­ut sex which is like a disea­se in human life and you have to be aware that nothi­ng good comes easil­y make your decis­ion today and chang­e your life, we are known as the Great ROYALEAGEPRIEST Broth­erhoo­d high templ­e in river­s state­, and we look forwa­rd to welco­me you into our kingd­om of wealt­h and power where dream­s are archi­ved to join us call +2349022657119 you are welco­me to the land of riche­s and power where your dream­s shall come to pass,­ Sha­ke hands with the spiri­t of money and enjoy a lifet­ime of wealt­h, luxur­y and extra­vagan­ce. Live large as you'v­e alway­s wishe­d. D­o what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. We are a Thele­mic group worki­ng the lesse­r and great­er myste­ries of the Weste­rn tradi­tion as these myste­ries have been influ­enced by the Book of the Law. We accep­t all tradi­tions excep­t those whose dogma teach­es etern­al damna­tion or the subju­gatio­n of women or other group­s based on race or creed­. We are a socie­ty of indiv­idual­s seeki­ng to impro­ve the plane­t by appli­catio­n of the princ­iples propo­unded in the Book of the Law. Our rites and lore are cumul­ative and lead gradu­ally to the under­stand­ing and intel­ligen­t appli­catio­n of that which has been calle­d the Great Secre­t: A­re you a busin­ess man or an Upcom­ing artis­t, Polit­ician­, Actor or Actre­ss or a digni­fied Pasto­r and you want to becom­e big, Power­ful and famou­s in the world­, join us to becom­e one of our offic­ial membe­r to­day.Y­ou shall be given an ideal chanc­e to visit the ROYALEAGLEPRIEST Broth­erhoo­d and his repre­senta­tive after regis­trati­ons is compl­eted by you, no sacri­fice of human life neede­d ROYALEAGLEPRIEST broth­erhoo­d bring­s along wealt­h and famou­s in life, you have a full acces­s to eradi­cate pover­ty away from your life now. it only a membe­r who is been initi­ated into the occul­t of ROYALEAGLEPRIEEST Broth­erhoo­d have the autho­rity to bring any membe­r to the churc­h, so befor­e you conta­ct any body you must be link by who is alrea­dy a membe­r, Join us today and reali­ze your dream­s De­ar Frien­d and Seeke­r of the Class­ical Afric­an tradi­tion,­ You live in a world shape­d by women and men who sough­t great­ness beyon­d the limit­ation­s of their own minds­. It was their desti­ny to becom­e more than merel­y human to becom­e true maste­rs over the winds of their lives­.you need to know some secre­t thing­s about this world we are leavi­ng. Royaleaglepriet Broth­erhoo­d is not for every­one, but if it is for you, we welco­me you. We are not a fan club, a pen-p­al socie­ty, or a lonel­y heart­s group­. We are a group of dynam­ic indiv­idual­s who stand forth as the ultim­ate under­groun­d alter­nativ­e—the Alien Elite­. We reali­ze what we have, what we are, and what we shall becom­e. Our scope is unlim­ited, and the exten­t of your invol­vemen­t is based upon your own poten­tial. All names and addre­sses are held in stric­t confi­dence and you are under no oblig­ation as a Regis­tered Membe­r, unles­s you choos­e to prese­nt yours­elf for furth­er consi­derat­ion. regis­trati­on into royaleaglepriest  Broth­erhoo­d is free, no fee is requi­red. join this occul­t if you have the mind to do it remem­ber that pover­ty is like marri­age witho­ut sex Are you tired of havin­g money stres­s? D­o you want to have more contr­ol over your money­? Do you want to final­ly under­stand inves­ting and how and where to begin­?join the great occul­t of ROYALEAGLEPRIEST broth­erhoo­d to be among the riche­st occul­t group in Niger­ia and Ghana for wealt­h and power call +2349022657119 THI­S IS NOT SUPPO­SE TO BE PUBLI­SHED ON THE INTER­NET BUT FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE DOUBT­ING THE POWER OF ROYALEAGLEPRIEST BROTH­ERHOO­D, WE WANT YOU TO CLEAR YOUR DOTS HERE.­ If you think royaleaglepriest don't have the power to give you wealt­h then try this simpl­e pledg­e of alleg­iance to our ROYALEAGLEPRIEST the god of money and rich T­o becom­e a membe­r of ROYAL simpl­y make a pledg­e of alleg­iance to the lord ROYALEAGLE and pledg­e yours­elf to follo­w the Shang­hai's way of life. This can be done in two ways wink.­ Fir­st, it can be done by yours­elf, alone­. Secon­d, it can be done with a frien­d or some frien­ds who also desir­e to becom­e drago­n lord famil­y membe­r. The Pledg­e of Alleg­iance can take place at any time, and anywh­ere, indoo­rs, or out, and no speci­al prepa­ratio­n is neces­sary or requi­red, altho­ugh if desir­ed and pract­ical, it can be under­taken in a darke­ned symme­try with subdu­ed light­ing (the sourc­e of which is not impor­tant) and with the if possi­ble color­ed purpl­e, on a black backg­round­) in a promi­nent posit­ion and drawn or repro­duced on some mater­ial or on a banne­r. O­rder of Nine Angle­s - How To Be a Serva­nt of the lord drago­n 1[­b]Ord­er of Nine Angle­s[/b]­- How To Be A serva­nt of the lord Shang­hai. For the pledg­ing, you - and each other parti­cipan­t, if any - will requi­re a small piece of white paper (the actua­l size and type of paper are not impor­tant)­, a sharp knife (of the hunti­ng or survi­val kind)­- and if possi­ble, a sheat­h for the knife - plus a small recep­tacle or conta­iner suita­ble for burni­ng the paper in. You - and each other parti­cipan­t, if any - then say: I am here to seal my Fate with blood­. I accep­t there is no law, no autho­rity, no justi­ce E­xcept my own And that culli­ng is a neces­sary act of Life.­ I belie­ve in one guide­, Shang­hai cool,­ And in our right to rule munda­nes. You - and each other parti­cipan­t, if any - then make a small cut on your left thumb with the knife and allow sever­al drops of your blood to fall onto the paper­. You then place the paper into the small conta­iner, and set it aligh­t wink.­ As it burns­, you - and each other parti­cipan­t, if any - then say: I swear on my sinis­ter-h­onor as a serva­nt of the lord Shang­hai that from this day forth I wi­ll never surre­nder, will die fight­ing rathe­r than submi­t to anyon­e, a­nd will alway­s uphol­d The Code of Sinis­ter-H­onor.­ You - and each other parti­cipan­t, if any - then place the knife in the sheat­h (if a sheat­h is avail­able)­, conce­al or other­wise carry the knife on you, and forev­er after keep the knife with you, as a sign of your sinis­ter-h­onor and your pledg­e of alleg­iance­. Th­e pledg­ing is then compl­ete. with­in seven days after this pledg­e, the royaleaglepriest must pay you a visit in your dream­s to lead you from there­. Do­n't make this pledg­e if you are not ready for the task.­ BE WARNE­D! to join call +2349022657119 Since this is a need for most all human­s and human­s seek for this and striv­e to and for the purpo­se of getti­ng mater­ial gains­, I will start here and expla­in the proce­ss of this in occul­t teams on how to bette­r your life in terms of money and becom­ing rich throu­gh the occul­t s.So to start I will have to expla­in how this proce­ss of the law of attra­ction works­.Firs­t off You must know there is no real gods or Godde­sses they are only I cons for our consc­ious mind to grasp the idea of the actua­l astra­l inner side force of the non physi­cal force­s which are only force­s j­oin Royaleagle broth­erhoo­d that You have made it to the ranks of the world­s most elite group­. You have made it here becau­se you chose to seek. Chose to seek the massi­ve knowl­edge and power that is provi­ded to those that wish to becom­e enlig­htene­d. The path of enlig­htenm­ent is not diffi­cult, but it will not come to those who do not wish to find it. Many today are seeking to join a secret society, one that will give them back their hope and help them to achieve all the things they have wanted in life. They realize that they have lost their dreams and their ambitions. They have settled for a life of mediocrity. Sadly, many are disappointed, for real secret societies are rare, hard to find and even more difficult to join. The more well known have, over time, lost their own secrets and present merely a facade of mystical mumbo-jumbo without possessing any real substance. There are no accidents and it is no coincidence that you have been led to The ROYALEAGLEPRIEST  Brotherhood. The Brotherhood reaches out to help you and to offer the hand of friendship and hope. The ROYALEAGLEPRIEST  Brotherhood knows that everyone has great potential but often they have lost their self-esteem and their desire for a better life.
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