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LIVE BROADCAST: Tokeativity Canna Mama's Panel & Social


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About thisEvent:

Date: Thurs, Feb 8

Panel Time: 7:30 - 8:30pm

Place: Tokeativity.com/connect/live  - Visible to Community & Business Members Only

Cost: FREE! This panelisincluded in our BETA TESTING round of Community & Business MembersMembers



Join us forthe inaugural Tokeativity Canna Mamas Panel + Social!

*We would like this to becomea regular monthly event – please contact Samantha at samantha@tokeativity.com if you are interested in being a panelist or sharing a Mama-friendly company who would like to collaborate!

As a mother of a 9 year old, Samantha Montanaro, co-creator of Tokeativity, isalwayslooking to connect with other mothers (or women who are interestedin parenthood) who are also interestedin cannabis. She finds conversations oftenoccur in close small circles and talking candidly in open about parentingin an adult-use state, is stillchallenging. It is time to get together to connect,learn and create a community of Canna Mamas who can support one another.

JOIN US for this really special evening where we will have a powerful panel of some Canna Mamas that we admire, andthen enjoy self care stations where conversations can continue and friendships can be made.


* * *  FEATURING  * * *  

Byrdie McCoy – Fitness Coach and CBD during Pregnancy advocate

Casey O’Keefe – Doula and Birth Advocate

Jenn Lauder – SPLIMM.com on Pot & Parenting

Angie Sims – TheWildWeed.com on medicating yourself and your child in need

Leah Maurer – TheWeedBlog.com andMoms for Measure 91

Celia Behar– TheLilMamas.com and cannabisduring postpartum

Jill Trinchero – She Don’t Know Snacks and Motherhood


Flow of Live Event:

7:30pm –Panel of Canna Mamas + Q&A


This is a live streamingevent that will only be available during the time above. There are no guarantees for technology issues that arise during broadcast.


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