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Tokeativity Jobs

Portland, Oregon Cannabis Job:Budtender Position - Silver Stem - Portland, OR

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Tokeativity Jobs

Have a passion for cannabis and desire to learn. Cannabis industry experience is preferred, however, if you feel like you have the following skill set and enjoy… $13 an hour
From Indeed - Fri, 25 Oct 2019 22:04:50 GMT - View all Portland, OR jobs

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    • Lisa
      Did you see this? https://tokeativity.com/connect/forums/topic/13490-tokeativity-hq-marketing-strategist-with-pathway-to-director-of-marketing/  
      Hey there!   My name is April Dimmick and I am a Brand Strategist, Graphic Designer & Illustrator. I've been to a couple Tokeativity meetups in Portland and wanted to come to Tokeativity Connect and offer my services to women in the cannabis industry.   I have 5+ professional experience in this field, having developed social media content, designs and products that sell!  Delivering my clients a product or service that POPS is my #1 goal! I want to provide my clients with something out of the ordinary and something unconventional, this approach hasn't let me down yet and I'm looking to apply it to the vastly expanding cannabis industry. If you are a business owner or work for a company looking to bring a new product into development, thinking about re-branding an existing product, or are looking to launch an advertising campaign, let's work together and make some magic happen! Here you can find examples of my published art: https://www.prilzor.com/published-works. I've been working with GOBLINKO the last 5 years gaining this experience and I'm ready to share it with you!   If this sounds right up your alley, I look forward to hearing from you!
    • Lisa
      We are looking for a marketing strategist to join our female-lead team at our woman-owned company, Tokeativity. This is a job for someone who really wants to sink their teeth into the cannabis community building arena and be part of a global cannabis and feminist movement. We are looking for someone with strong marketing and sales skills to help support our rapidly growing company, with a direct pathway to become our Director of Marketing. ABOUT US: Tokeativity is the Global Cannabis Community for Women We host experiential community events that focus on female empowerment, cannabis normalization and consumption culture through creative, social, political, and feminist forward activities in local chapters across the globe. Our community events are created for the feminine experience, but are open to all who are interested in learning and embracing the cannabis and feminist movements. Our non profit social club works to empower women at the root level by creating social, interactive and creative environments, with a focus on plant based medicine, for women to explore personal and professional growth in a space away from the male gaze. We are based in Portland, Oregon and would prefer someone local who can join us in person at our office in SE.   JOB DUTIES: - Work with HQ to plan and execute long and short term marketing strategies & campaigns - Work with HQ to lead sales and marketing efforts, including reviewing metrics to assist with plans and strategies to increase revenue and attendance - Integrate our already set up Dubsado and hubspot accounts into marketing and sales strategy - Ambassador team management - Look for and approve ambassadors, onboard & maintain relationships - Understand structures we currently have in place and work with the specific needs of different legal markets - Advertising & Graphic Design          - Help to design, create and maintain invites, graphics, and landing pages for in person and online events, ads for print and online, chapter marketing materials and other graphic needs        - Assist with creating quick and easy processes as proposals increase      - Create design assets for cities as needed      - Sell site ads, business directory listings, maintain relationships - Assist HQ with Email Marketing Planning & Execution      - Work with our mailchimp and send grid (and related) applications, along with our Tokeativity Connect membership bulk mail      - Prepare and work with cities on out-bound emails to attendees - Social Media Management      - Lead social media team efforts       - Assist team in writing and executing social media posts aligned with HQ - Sponsor Relationship Management - Coordinate on-going HQ relationships  - Train & support chapters on their sponsor relationship management - Sell HQ and chapter sponsorships - Member relationship management      - Support for Grassroots and Business Members      - upsell basic members to higher level memberships - Create a pathway for future team members to assist down the line - Assistance with Media & Strategic Partner Maintenance, including online calendars & related marketing websites - Work with HQ & Chapter coordinator on city-specific needs - Working with HQ on developing merch products and related sales On-going things as needed   YOU:  We are looking for for one who is ready to jump right in. Ideally, you can be with us 5 days a week full time, but if full time is not possible, are available atleast of 20 hours a week Have a min of 3-5 years marketing experience Passionate about the cannabis and feminist movement  People person - you connect and motivate  Can see the bigger picture and how small goals add up to large goals Strong background Graphic design  Organized, detail oriented Pays attention to detail  Comfortable with technology, open to learning new things Able to pivot quickly in a fast paced cannabis climate   SUPER PLUS IF: You have experience in: (physical) non-cannabis product merch CBD products THC products   Strengths: Graphic Design Marketing People Big Picture             EXCHANGE: This is a equity opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing, woman-forward cannabis companies in America. 1% of the company vested over 1 year plus 10% Commission on Sponsorship sales sold. Discussion in 3-6 months on pathway to base pay based on overall company sales and promotion to “Director of Marketing”. Grow with us and create the job of your dreams!
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    • Lorena Rose
      Hello everyone!  My family is trying to create a start up business selling weed paraphernalia. We are really excited about building our business, but keep running into huge hurdles that are really setting us back. Our newest one is that that our credit card processor we're trying to use for our online store will not support us. They're saying they will not work with us unless our social medias and website are completely clean of words, hashtags, and pictures that are related to, include, or mention weed, cannabis, or CBD in any way. This is really killing us because we do not have a store front, and are not in many independent stores yet. Plus, it's almost impossible to advertise traditionally so we rely on our social medias to spread brand awareness. We're new to the industry so if anybody has any advice on how to work with this system, or if there is a different payment processor other people use that is cannabis-friendly please let me know! Also, if anyone can shed some light on the advertising side, it would be greatly appreciated too!
    • The Mary Jane Experience
      See Original Blog Post Here The Mary Jane Experience is hitting the road! If you haven’t already heard, we are pimping out a Sprinter van and turning it into a Mobile Podcasting Studio (follow along on youtube). We will be traveling the US and Canada to visit with cannabis industry professionals, enthusiasts, growers, lawyers, doctors, patients, and beyond. We want to tell your story to the world – but in order to do so, we need to be able to find you. So we are asking you to add your location to our public CannaVan Map. We will do our best to visit everyone on the map and feature your business on our podcast. We cant wait to meet you! You can find the Map Here >> And a Tutorial Here >>  
    • budbox
      Hey Everyone, I hope this message finds you well. My name is Jeffrey and I've just created a product called Bud Box (Miao Decor) to validate an idea I had during school. I noticed that almost all marijuana users had something in common: a container to store their stash, whether it was a zip-loc bag, or a recycled shoe box. Now that we’ve graduated, I decided that it was time for all of us to move on to something better — and that is the story of Bud Box. Bud Box is a high-quality lacquer box that not only serves as an organizer for your marijuana storage needs, but is also a high-end decorative piece for the bougie stoner. It comes in two colors: Midnight Blue and Army Green. The box is designed to hold 1 grinder, 2 generic canisters of weed, and space for more accessories such as rolling paper, lighters, pipes, and so on. I have attached a several photos to provide more context for my box. If you'd like an even closer look, please feel free to visit www.miaodecor.com to learn more! I'd appreciate everyone's feedback! Best, Jeffrey
    • Lynne Feal-Staub
      Do you grow yet? SunBud Solutions recently launched pre-orders for our all-inclusive grow pod (built-in light, fan, filter, and timer) that makes growing easy enough for anyone to jump in. We are a Vermont-based company, and anticipate shipping our signature Sun Pods out in December (in time for the holidays!). As we ramp up over the fall, we are looking to create an affiliate program. If you're interested in working with us as we build up SunBud and bring growing into the mainstream, contact me at lynne@sunbudsolutions.com. Thanks (and open to all feedback from those who have been affiliates for other companies, are interested in SunBud, etc.). Lynne
    • HippyChixFarms
      A couple of new lady farmers in Salem Oregon here!!! We are looking for lady farmers in particular but any cannabis farms that are practicing dry farming techniques, organic and companion techniques or other unconventional cannabis farming is really interesting to us and we would love to meet up and learn as much as we can before the 2020 season.  We would love to come to your farm and take a tour, chat and even put in some labor to get any and all experience we can.  We currently manage a small hemp farm in salem but are not happy with the unethical and irresponsible behavior of the owner who is purely money driven. We want a sustainable farm that is ran ethically and want to be stewards of the land.  We have been given a great opportunity to start our own small 8ac farm next season.    We know it’s the busiest time of yr during harvest but also feel it’s the best time to see how a good farm operates under pressure.    Thank you so much for your help!!! Chris and Tina Owners/Chief Business Directors Hippy Chix Farms Salem Oregon 458-223-0269 or 458-223-0268
    • Lisa
      @cat.the.lion this might be you!
    • CynoNym
      Okay, maybe this is a weird request, but I figure if there's any place to look for womxn cannabis writers is a womxn's global cannabis network forum, right? So here's my thing. I want to read the work of and connect with writers that incorporate cannabis into their fiction or poetry writing.  I don't mean, like, can you incorporate weed into your writing, but am kind of specifically interested in seeing if there are people that already do (but, if you feel inspired by the idea, please also write away!!) and share, support, and connect! For example, I've been trying to add empowered cannabis moments or scenes into two very different project ideas I have: one a romance novel, the other a horror short story/comic series of zines I eventually want to do. Wouldn't it be fucking amazing if CannaFiction were a regular thing? 
    • Lynne Feal-Staub
      That's great, Cynthia (200,000+ views!). I'm working on putting together recipes and other how-tos for SunBud (https://sunbudsolutions.com/blog/) and would love to jump into making videos, but haven't done so yet. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to keep thinking on this as clearly video is the way to engage.
    • kaye052
      Have you tried CBD OIL as an alternative? CBD Oil is from the flower of Cannabis and now can Relief Pains but soon it will be a cure in people especially in curing Cancerous people. I may be looking forward to this and I am always! but for now, I guess we could start planting cannabis for the future and start searching seeds to plant. In researching I across this page  kylekushman.com/topic/official-led-light-choices-give-me-your-favorite/
    • vaporuk
      We have recently published a new article online at Minds.com, which helps explain some tips & tricks  https://www.minds.com/ukcbdoil/blog/what-is-insomnia-how-to-ease-it-987676659769622528
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