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Prohibition excluded cannabis entrepreneurs from access to professional skills and business funding for decades.  Now, the same people who fought and sacrificed for legalization struggle to access the resources they need to build their businesses.  EqCo began as a 15-minute main stage presentation, “The Feminine Art of Fundraising”, at the Women Grow Leadership Summit 2016. Now it is a comprehensive, technically sophisticated and emotionally intelligent curriculum that teaches fundraising as a skill set to founders tho have been excluded from access to capital.  This workshop covers the most critical aspects of a methodology that has supported cannabis founders in raising over $12,000,000 of seed capital in the 3 years since Sara committed to this mission. It offers a simple strategy that gets you around the major pitfalls of fundraising and arms you with powerful insights that will make the fundraising process less stressful, more efficient and more productive overall.
LIVE ONLINE CLASS START TIME: Nov 5, 2019 @ 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern
WHERE: Tokeativity Connect Online Classroom
Be as anonymous or as out of the green closet as you want with our interactive online classroom.

Sara is the CEO of EqCo (The Equity Capital Collective) which she founded in early 2018.  With a background in real estate, finance, entrepreneurship and venture capital, she entered the cannabis industry in 2015, founding and funding Hifi Farms, an Oregon cannabis cultivation company.  She also founded the Portland Chapter of Women Grow for diversity in cannabis and mentored several women towards success in funding and growing their own ventures. As CEO of Hifi, Sara recognized the critical need to ensure diversity in cannabis by codifying fundraising as a skill set for founders historically excluded from access to capital. This initiative evolved into EqCo which delivers fundraising insight, education, and coaching primarily to women, people of color and members of the LGBTQIA communities.

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