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Found 4 results

  1. ZVEDA Botanicals

    ZVEDA Botanicals

    Canna-Veda Counseling and Consulting offers natural healing solutions utilizing Cannabis and Ayurvedic therapies supportive to healing naturally and effectively. We specialize in blending ancient healing therapies with safe and effective cannabis education. Whether you are struggling with you own health challenges, or are a health practitioner seeking alternative options for your clients, or simply a compassionate individual wanting to help your family and community, Canna-Veda offers individualized counseling, group workshops and classes, and fully integrated wellness retreats. Expect a synergy of yoga, herbs, daily routines, mindfulness exercises and cannabis education to help further you along in your quest for optimal health and well-being.
  2. yogaRIOT


    Visit our beautiful studio and practice in comfort and safety. We keep the practice room heated to between 95 and 100 degrees (about your body temperature) so that your joints and muscles are properly warm to practice safely and effectively. Fresh air moves through our big spacious studio so that you can breathe easily. We heat the studio with far-infrared radiant heat so that the air doesn’t dry your sinuses or your skin. Our mission at yogaRIOT is to cause a ruckus in your being, to disrupt the status quo of your yoga, and to create space for you to step into your biggest most powerful self.
  3. Intuitive Tara Rose

    Meditation & Cannabis

    Hi! I'm Tara Rose, and I am a big fan of meditating with cannabis and guiding other women into this wonderful experience, too! I especially love to meditate with high CBD edibles. They are my favorite for calming the mind. I wanted to hop on here and post a few of my favorite approaches to meditating with cannabis: 1) Being Mode Especially when I feel depleted, I like to take some cannabis and go into total "yin" mode of just being, keeping myself company with a kind and affectionate, gentle presence. Sometimes I envision that I am sunbathing. 2) Healing Mode I have had some really powerful experiences of deep self healing. I often find cannabis guides me deep into self-love and introspection when I ingest the medicine. I often am shown my fears and insecurities as well, which are opportunities to bring in deeper compassion for myself and to learn where they come from. I find that cannabis creates a spaciousness that is not as easily accessible when I meditate without her presence. If I am going through a difficult time where I don't know why I feel as I do, often taking some "me" time with this plant illuminates everything. 3) Breath-focused Meditation Sometimes it feels really good to just focus on the breath going in and out, and especially after the exhale, to notice the peace that's there. This is really grounding, calming and centering. If you are an experienced meditator, what approaches do you use and how do they benefit you? If you haven't tried it much, what holds you back? What questions do you have about cannabis and meditation?
  4. We had an amazing meditation together at our April Tokeativity Social in Portland! Here's a recording of it that you can access for free on SoundCloud. The track is 19 minutes long including Samantha's wonderful introduction and then my guided visualization for self-love. Synopsis: We envision a radiant sun filled with love lighting us from the inside out, inspiring harmony and the flourishing of nature all around us. Then we see cannabis healing the planet, making it kinder, relieving pain and expanding consciousness for all. Healing energy radiates to everyone and together we uplift the world, starting with women.
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