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  1. Hi Everybody, Maybe this is sorta strange, but during my time as a trim momma, and consuming the plant in general, I have experienced some uncanny coincidences, and I wanted to see if who else is out there that may have had some neat experiences around the plant. I'll share a story: Over the course of my years in indoor grows, I have found there to be an undeniable supernatural presence on a lot of farms. Going into the grow (lights on or off) there was one farm in particular that always creeped me out. A lot of the gardeners reported seeing a tall man in the shadows, but never felt threatened by him. Women going in to use the bathroom reported feeling watched or preyed upon (myself included), so much so that we always went in groups Being the skeptic that I am, and also someone who watches goofy TV shows like Ghost Adventures, I always wondered what the connection was, as I've felt this way and heard corroborating stories at numerous grow sites. I've always wondered, with so much electricity pumping through these facilities, if intelligent energies have an easier time manifesting in the physical reality. Is the plant an amplifier for these kinds of experiences? What gives? So anyways, totally random rant, but I'm wondering if anyone has had any ghost stories/metaphysical experiences surrounding the plant that they want to share?! Ideas about the way that plants commune with the human world? Cannabis as a window to other worlds? Is it just me? am I crazy?! Let's talk!
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