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Found 4 results

  1. elbe’s is a Cannabis Processor that has been around since 2010. We specialize in full flower, full spectrum cannabutter based edibles, but we also make topicals and other cannabis based products. We use no extracts or distillates in our foods, and we specialize in zero cannabis flavor. We are a small but mighty team and even after 9 years we still consider ourselves a start up. We are interested in someone who is passionate about the Cannabis Industry but specifically our edibles. We are interested in someone who understands that a start up means that our wages are not as great as we want, but there is a potential for equity for the right someone. We are interested in someone who sees that our sales department is a work in progress, is interested in making it better and likes to set up systems and bring ideas to their supervisors. We are looking for a highly motivated, and experienced individual to join our small but mighty team as a Sales Rep/Account Manager. You will be bringing in new accounts and managing existing accounts. Most of the work will be at our bakery/processing facility but there will be some face to face with existing accounts and some in store events as a Brand Ambassador. Your goals will be to increase our company brand’s awareness, generate sales, educate consumers, and set up a successful sales team. Must be motivated, trustworthy and a team player. We are looking for someone who sees the growth potential in this role, but understands the startup mentality and the hard work that it involves. We really need an exceptionally talented, bright, and a kind person, who is willing to collaborate and be creative. Must have a MWP, Valid ID and a Driver’s Licence. Please send resume and cover letters to jobs@elbesedibles.com attn elbe For extra style points please tell us in your cover letter what your experiences have been with our products. We will be starting interviews next Monday. www.elbesedibles.com
  2. Cynthia Gaffney

    Easy Cannabis Tea Recipe

    Easy Cannabis Tea Hi there. Short, to-the-point edibles recipes are popular on YouTube. I did little to promote this one, other than send links out to a few forums. Yet, it gained surprising traction. Anyone who is interesting in doing other short edibles recipes, please let me know. Thanks!
  3. Baked Smart

    Baked Smart

    At Baked Smart we believe all edibles should be clearly marked with a green cross. A green cross is easy to see, it’s a symbol for medication and it is already being used in the industry. A green cross lets your family and friends know when something is infused. Makes sense, right? So how do you mark an edible with a green cross? Enter Cannacals™! Cannacals™, are edible designs made for easy and direct application to edibles. They can be applied to most foods and will not change the taste or the texture of the food. Whether you are a commercial manufacturer or a DIY CannaChef, you need Cannacals™!
  4. https://www.leafly.com/news/lifestyle/cannabis-brownies Old article but just ran across this the other day and wanted to share! Some of these look goooooooood but I haven't tried my hand at any of these yet. Do y'all have any brownie recipes (medicated or unmedicated!) you really love? Do you have any tips & tricks that a beginner cannabaker should use?
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