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Found 20 results

  1. The Mary Jane Experience

    The Mary Jane Experience

    The Mary Jane Experience is a trusted media source for higher cannabis education. Through our popular podcast and blog we aim to dispel myths in the industry, inform the canna-curious, and uncover the latest research. MJX also puts on highly curated experiential events. Marketing opportunities for businesses include: Advertising on our podcast, blog, or website Sponsored Events Social Media Collaboration Content Creation and More Reach out to The Mary Jane Experience at info@maryjaneexperience.com or here.
  2. Hey Everyone, I hope this message finds you well. My name is Jeffrey and I've just created a product called Bud Box (Miao Decor) to validate an idea I had during school. I noticed that almost all marijuana users had something in common: a container to store their stash, whether it was a zip-loc bag, or a recycled shoe box. Now that we’ve graduated, I decided that it was time for all of us to move on to something better — and that is the story of Bud Box. Bud Box is a high-quality lacquer box that not only serves as an organizer for your marijuana storage needs, but is also a high-end decorative piece for the bougie stoner. It comes in two colors: Midnight Blue and Army Green. The box is designed to hold 1 grinder, 2 generic canisters of weed, and space for more accessories such as rolling paper, lighters, pipes, and so on. I have attached a several photos to provide more context for my box. If you'd like an even closer look, please feel free to visit www.miaodecor.com to learn more! I'd appreciate everyone's feedback! Best, Jeffrey
  3. Green Hop

    Green Hop

    Green Hop is a recreational cannabis dispensary featuring a new, exciting twist on the retail experience. The 1st Historical Hip Hop dispensary in the world that offers an Art and Digital technology experience. Green Hop is a link between musicians, art, and cannabis! Hip hop and cannabis have been intertwined since the genre rose up from its roots in the streets of the 1970s. DJ Kool Herc laid the foundation, Grandmaster Flash created the technique, and Afrika Bambaataa organized to help birth a culture called Hip Hop.
  4. Empower

    Empower Bodycare

    Empower’s mission is to provide high quality, effective, plant-based alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Empower is local, women owned and operated. We’ve been in business since 2013 and formulating since 2004. Empower stands for End Marijuana Prohibition, Organize Women, Enact Reform. Our company was founded in activism and continues to focus on ending the stigma around Cannabis use. Our products can be found at dispensaries all around Oregon and Washington states, and our CBD only products can be purchased online, and will be launching in retail stores across the US in the coming months. To learn more about us please visit our website at www.empowerbodycare.com
  5. cerino andrea

    (: Change the face of cannabis :)

    Hi all! My name is Andrea, I live in Barcelona and I am Argentine. im a cannabis photography work in barcelona. I like this job a lot, but since I started working I have to be more attentive and take care of myself because of the stigma still installed as a drug. At the same time I feel the need to do something consistent to the world and the plant, I would like to work / collaborate with any person from any geographical point to advance in this cause. to change the face of cannabis, in the United States they are more pioneers than in Europe, it is not a question of competence. Any contribution or comment, I am happy. thank you community!! my personal instagram for contact is: instagram.com/becannactivist
  6. CandicePaschal

    Paschal Farms

    Wherever You Roam, Welcome Home.™ Paschal Farms is family owned and operated and sits on 20 beautiful acres outside of Portland, Oregon. With over 12 years of growing experience, the farm focuses on entomological harmony and regenerative practices. Paschal Farms' flower is not only known for its taste and smell, but for its impact on the community. For every pound of flower sold, a pound of food is given to a hungry Oregonian. Paschal Farms has partnered with Portland nonprofits Growing Gardens & Urban Gleaners to help fulfill this mission. The Paschals believe that the communities who've suffered the most from the war on drugs should be some of the first in line to receive benefits from the production and sale of legal cannabis. Read more about the Pound for a Pound™ mission here. Paschal Farms believes that plantbased medicine, food, and adult recreation is essential for a thriving new generation.
  7. Hi Everybody, Maybe this is sorta strange, but during my time as a trim momma, and consuming the plant in general, I have experienced some uncanny coincidences, and I wanted to see if who else is out there that may have had some neat experiences around the plant. I'll share a story: Over the course of my years in indoor grows, I have found there to be an undeniable supernatural presence on a lot of farms. Going into the grow (lights on or off) there was one farm in particular that always creeped me out. A lot of the gardeners reported seeing a tall man in the shadows, but never felt threatened by him. Women going in to use the bathroom reported feeling watched or preyed upon (myself included), so much so that we always went in groups Being the skeptic that I am, and also someone who watches goofy TV shows like Ghost Adventures, I always wondered what the connection was, as I've felt this way and heard corroborating stories at numerous grow sites. I've always wondered, with so much electricity pumping through these facilities, if intelligent energies have an easier time manifesting in the physical reality. Is the plant an amplifier for these kinds of experiences? What gives? So anyways, totally random rant, but I'm wondering if anyone has had any ghost stories/metaphysical experiences surrounding the plant that they want to share?! Ideas about the way that plants commune with the human world? Cannabis as a window to other worlds? Is it just me? am I crazy?! Let's talk!
  8. cannaplacement


    Find a Job in the Cannabis Industry! Cannaplacenent is a platform committed to helping Employers find Cannabis Industry Professionals. For companies looking to hire, you can post your jobs on our site at: cannaplacement.com For any questions whether you are a job seeker, Cannabis company owner, or a recruiter email info@cannaplacement.com
  9. cannaplacement

    New Cannabis Job Board

    Hey All! I wanted to share with you something I made that can help employers in the Cannabis Industry find quality candidates. It's a job board and recruitment platform for the Cannabis Industry called cannaplacement.com! If you are a Cannabis company and have a job opening feel free to start listing your job postings here, on www.cannaplacement.com!  Also if you are in search of a job in the industry check out all of the latest jobs posted on the site. Let me know what you guys think! Now is a very exciting time for the Cannabis Industry and I want to help everyone who is passionate about Cannabis find a way to help grow this industry. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me a message at info@cannaplacement.com! Have a great day!
  10. cannaplacement

    New Cannabis Job Board

    Hey All! I wanted to share with you something I made that can help employers in the Cannabis Industry find quality candidates. It's a job board and recruitment platform for the Cannabis Industry called cannaplacement.com! If you are a Cannabis company and have a job opening feel free to start listing your job postings here, on www.cannaplacement.com! Also if you are in search of a job in the industry check out all of the latest jobs posted on the site. Let me know what you guys think! Now is a very exciting time for the Cannabis Industry and I want to help everyone who is passionate about Cannabis find a way to help grow this industry.
  11. Shadowbox Farms is looking for a sales rock star to join the #bestteamincannabis! Our ideal candidate is someone who is comfortable naturally building relationships, making cold calls, and confidently talking about our favorite subject: cannabis! You must be highly motivated, able to set and crush sales goals, and have your own reliable transportation. This is a full-time, outside sales position based out of our Portland office. This is an exciting opportunity to join a dynamic team! Job Purpose Summary: Our account managers are the face of Shadowbox for our customers. They not only make the sale, but also build and promote strong, long-lasting relationships by partnering with our clients and understanding their needs. The Account Manager oversees a territory in the Portland Metro and surrounding areas. They travel to each dispensary fostering relationships with face-to-face contact and regular follow-up via communication platforms such as phone, email and online CRM system. Account managers must be able to hit high-level sales goals that evolve based on inventory. Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities: Achieves growth and hits sales targets by cold-calling and building existing relationships Represents Shadowbox in dispensaries and drives engagement not only with Intake Managers, but also with Budtenders and direct consumers Collaborates with the rest of the sales team on goals and opportunities Partners with the Inventory Manager to current on available product and coordinate orders Collaborates with the Distribution Coordinator to support delivery schedules and set expectations with both delivery drivers and clients Responds effectively to feedback from the customer regarding product issues, rejected orders, or concerns; and ensures communication is shared with other departments and leadership as needed Cultivates communication with leadership and marketing teams on demands and trends within the industry to help build a cutting-edge brand Tracks all sales communications based on department SOPs Represents the company at industry events, conferences or networking meetings Qualifications: Valid OLCC Marijuana Worker Permit (or application in “Ready to Pay” status) Valid driver's license and reliable personal vehicle Stellar customer service skills 2+ years experience in direct sales Excellent written and verbal communication skills Proven ability to drive the sales process from plan to close Proficient computer and social media skills Understanding of OLCC compliance laws for the cannabis industry Flexible to work some evenings or weekends (vendor events, networking events etc.) TO APPLY: Follow this link and click the "Apply for this Job" button: https://shadowboxfarms.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=32. We look forward to meeting you!
  12. Canna-Veda

    Canna-Veda, LLC

    Canna-Veda Counseling and Consulting offers natural healing solutions utilizing Cannabis and Ayurvedic therapies supportive to healing naturally and effectively. We specialize in blending ancient healing therapies with safe and effective cannabis education. Whether you are struggling with you own health challenges, or are a health practitioner seeking alternative options for your clients, or simply a compassionate individual wanting to help your family and community, Canna-Veda offers individualized counseling, group workshops and classes, and fully integrated wellness retreats. Expect a synergy of yoga, herbs, daily routines, mindfulness exercises and cannabis education to help further you along in your quest for optimal health and well-being.
  13. Cannabis Cooking Magazine

    Cannacurious Recipe Competition

    SHOW OFF YOUR CULINARY SKILLS THIS HOLIDAY SEASON IN OUR ELEVATED MARINATE RECIPE CONTEST. It’s all about cooking with CBD!!!!! This is seriously going to be so much fun! If you love to cook, experiment in the kitchen and are interested in incorporating CBD in food, join us at Cannabis Cooking Magazine™ for a special product sampling event and recipe contest taking place in your kitchen! That's right...your kitchen. You don't have to go anywhere....create in your skibbies for all we care...just get creative and share whatcha make! You’ll get to experience müru, an all-natural CBD CannaMixer with the highest degree of bioavailability, complimentary. It's important to us to educate, share ideas and bring community of like-minded people together,...food has a way of doing just that. Join us for this fun virtual event, discovering amazing ingredients, connecting with peers and learning from industry bests! . Why would you want to participate? You win might just win a prize—-and you’ll learn a lot. Besides street cred and bragging rights...the top 3 recipes win a feature in Cannabis Cooking Magazine, and are highlighted on participating brand's social media channels. GRAND PRIZE WINNER receives a CBD Prize pack shipped direct to your door. Winning recipes are announced 12/23/18. Limited spots available - sign-up must be received by end of business 11/28/18...so get after it! *There is no cost to enter. You must be 21 years of age and live in the continental United States to receive your product shipment. Click link in bio to register . Once you register, expect an email with all the details in your inbox 11/29/18. Click Here to Participate
  14. Hi, my name is Janina (Jan) Robbins. I am looking for clients to help jump start my travel business! A little bit about me: I am a mother to a vivacious 10 y.o. who is gifted with a wonderful singing voice and a wife to a wonderful hubby who unfortunately has MS. As a result, I am trying very hard to supplement my income and recently launched a business as a travel consultant. My goal is to help book individual, group and corporate travel to most destinations. My specific niche is to assist people with getting GREAT travel deals and attend exclusive 420 venues, concerts, festivals, conferences and stay at 420 friendly hotels or B & B’s. I recently visited Vegas and truly enjoyed my 420 ventures & opportunities there! In the past, I worked for the Sheraton, Seattle Convention Bureau and booked corporate travel for executives. I have been a Brand Ambassador for a cannabis manufacturing company where I demonstrated several different products in numerous dispensaries. I also helped a company in NY launch their new coconut water-based sports drink. I lived in several states such as New York; traveled to California, Florida, Montana, Wyoming - more specifically Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and Sun Valley, Idaho where I learned how to ski (a black person skiing, that was HUGE for me – LOL). I attended last year’s Seattle Cannacon and this year’s Seattle Hempfest where I found out that there are currently nine different festivals and one held internationally in Jamaica, which I hope to go to next year in October (I can still book folks there for this year’s upcoming festival). I also hope to go to Costa Rica & back again to Panama in 2020 and Greece in 2021 (save up now for any or all of those group trips ). My other goal is to hopefully start a Tokeativity chapter in the Olympia area. I just submitted the form! Sorry I missed the Seattle launch. I was so wishing to be there; looks like you all had a nice time! This Saturday, Sept. 22nd at 2:30-4:20 pm, I will be hosting my first 420 Travel & Adventure Meetup group and hope to host a few Saturdays Meetups (check the Meetup Schedule for upcoming dates). If you are close to the area, I would really enjoy meeting you! I will definitely refer women to this website. Looking forward to seeing you down the road! P.S. - If you are looking for a side hustle, part-time job or new biz venture, hit me up! My master’s thesis was on telework/telecommute and I always had the motto of wanting to work anyplace, anywhere and anytime and becoming a travel consultant is now allowing me to do so. Regardless of where you live, I can help you to also become a travel consultant! I'm not sure if I can post my travel websites here or not. If so, I will post it once I get permission. If not, then please email me via this website. All my best!
  15. Nice Touch Co

    Diem Cannabis

    Diem’s grand vision is to see cannabis improving lives…everyone’s lives. We believe that cannabis is a natural medicine, with something to offer all humans, and our mission is to shine a light onto this miraculous plant. We are here to help you seize the day, working hard to provide relief for medical patients, fun and relaxation for recreational cannabis users, and to give back to our community. Diem is with the people, cannabis is for everyone.
  16. Are you an early riser with a passion for plants? We're Shadowbox Farms, a tier-2 sungrown craft cannabis farm, and we're looking for a new addition to our garden team. This is a seasonal, full-time position. See below for details. Gardener Level 1 Based in Williams, OR Position reports to Director of Horticulture Job Purpose Summary: Our Gardeners are the heart of what we do. They work closely with all of our plants and ensure that they are healthy and productive from clone to harvest. Key Responsibilities: Follow SOPs to ensure plants are properly cared for in all stages including propagation, transplanting, maintenance and harvest Maintain trellis structure with proper technique Actively and quickly report any plant health concerns Manage plant canopy Work with Director of Horticulture to execute individualized feeding and irrigation program Maintain clean and safe working environment, adhering to OSHA guidelines and reporting safety hazards in a timely manner Execute IPM protocols to anticipate, thwart and eliminate mold, powdery mildew, spider mites, root aphids, fungus gnats, etc. Assist with all levels of harvesting from bucking to trim Partner with the Compliance team for 100% METRC compliance on all levels of work Collaborate with management staff to provide timely reporting Assist with property landscaping and maintenance projects as needed Qualifications: Must be at least 21 years of age Valid Marijuana handlers permit Ability to bend and lift 25+ pounds Physical stamina for outdoor labor Reliable transportation Must be a team player with great communication skills Basic computer skills To apply, visit: https://shadowboxfarms.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=24
  17. For those of you who write about cannabis and are on Facebook, letting you know there’s a Green Binders secret Facebook group. This is a gathering for women writers to talk about the nuts and bolts of writing about this growing industry, engage in resource sharing, and the like. If you are interested in joining this group, send me a message with your email address and I’ll try to add you.
  18. We had an amazing meditation together at our April Tokeativity Social in Portland! Here's a recording of it that you can access for free on SoundCloud. The track is 19 minutes long including Samantha's wonderful introduction and then my guided visualization for self-love. Synopsis: We envision a radiant sun filled with love lighting us from the inside out, inspiring harmony and the flourishing of nature all around us. Then we see cannabis healing the planet, making it kinder, relieving pain and expanding consciousness for all. Healing energy radiates to everyone and together we uplift the world, starting with women.
  19. ChefMegonDeeCave

    What are you cooking?

    Hi Chef Megon here! I want to know what are you cooking? Which of your dishes are you wanting to infuse? Share your ideas and I'd love to help teach you how to infuse your favorite dishes.
  20. BGarrison

    Anyone going to CannaCon

    Checking to see if anyone is going to CannaCon this week in Seattle? If so, I will be there on Thursday (15th) and Friday (16th) and love to connect.
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