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  • Refer friends. Get paid.

    Share with friends, followers or your mom - you decide. Use your referral link, invite via email or give them your special coupon code. Share with women who are interested in or totally in love with cannabis!

    Basic Members: 3% 
    Grassroots Members: 5% 
    Business Members: 7%
    See membership options


    OPTION 1: Use referral links you create. The website will track signups associated with it. 
    OPTION 2: Invite friends via email - $1 for every email that creates an account
    OPTION 3: Tell friends to use your coupon code when checking out (on social media or print out flyers and add your coupon code to it)

    Your account gets credited when your friends and followers make purchases. You can use that to make your own purchases for membership, events, classes, or anything else available through Tokeativity.com/connect.

    ONLY APPROVED AMBASSADORS can withdraw for $. 





    Q: Who can refer a friend?
    A: All Tokeativity Members with an account on Tokeativity Connect

    Q: What can you earn?
    A: Earn credit for any website offerings (events, memberships, etc)

    $1 commission per email registration lead

    + PLUS

    Commission on first sale & on-going renewals:

    Basic Members - 3.5%
    Grassroots Members- 5%
    Business Members - 7%

    a) invite friends and track through the invitation system at https://tokeativity.com/connect/referrals/invite/

    b) your unique link or a code at https://tokeativity.com/connect/referrals/


    c) a coupon code a new member uses when they sign up that we manually have set up for you connected to your account - this is on a case by case basis

    Q: How do you know when you refer someone?
    A: You will get an email with the subject line "You have earned .XX". 

    Q: How do you get paid?
    A: Commission is transferred immediately to your Tokeativity Connect account credit, usable for any website offerings (events, memberships, ads, etc).

    Only approved ambassadors can request withdraw for payment via PayPal.



    Q: Can you tell me a little bit about the program?
    A: If you love Tokeativity and want to make a bit of money of the side, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Apply here.

    If you have been approved as an ambassador, we will assign your Tokeativity Connect user as an ambassador. You will need to sign into your account to read and agree to the ambassador terms to proceed with your ambassador relationship with us.

    Ambassadors make commission on website sales only tracked through coupon codes, their unique website links, and the email invite system.

    You will get emailed info, training, access to sales tools, materials & posts as they arise, access to exclusive events and connections and will be the first to be asked to attend an event on behalf of Tokeativity.

    You will receive a special coupon code for marketing. There is no payment required for being an ambassador.

    Withdraw $ opportunities - you must hit a min of $25. After hitting that amount, you can request a withdraw on your referral links page, available only to approved ambassadors

    When you hit $300, we may ask you to fill out a w9, if we do not yet have one for you on file.

    You may, if you like, use Tokeativity Ambassador on resumes, social media profiles, etc.

    We reserve the right to close the ambassador relationship if the agreement is not adhered to. Same for the terms and conditions of membership, we reserve the right to close the member relationship.

    Q: What is the commission for ambassadors?
    A: Commission on web sales tracked through your coupon code, unique links and invite system: 10%

    Q: How do I become an Ambassador?
    A: You can apply here

    Q: I'm not sure if I will have time for this, how much time is involved?
    A: As little as 1 minute and as much as you want. You decide how much you share!

    Q: Can I sell sponsorships?
    A: Only those who have been approved for the Ambassador (+) program can receive commission on sponsorship sales. Please inquire with us if you are interested. Commission on web sales tracked through the above:10% Commission on Sponsorships: 10% Terms: Sponsor must be supported from intro to invoice to receive commission. First to submit invoice request to the chapter and chapter approves gets the sale.

    Q: What are some of the ways I can spread the word?


    Re-share our posts - please turn on Notifications for Tokeativity and feel free to RE-SHARE our posts

    Talk to other women about Tokeativity whenever you can and encourage them to sign up

    Use your code, referral link, invite to invite / sell - an easy way to do this is to simply keep the invite page as a bookmark on your phone's home screen: https://tokeativity.com/connect/referrals/invite/

    Upsell to those who are already members - you will get on-going revenue from their upgrades for as long as they are a member

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  • Please note:

    Chargebacks and returns, although rare, do happen sometimes. When a member wants to cancel a product or membership, and credit is due back to the customer, this will cancel out any funds that were previously owed. 

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