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Oliver Smith

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Oliver Smith

Since 2011 MARIJUANA BUDS STORE  has been the top destination in USA & Canada for all your medical marijuana needs. We have been in the medical marijuana community for the past years, and possess a passion for truly helping our patients receive the optimum relief through medical marijuana. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service assisting you, the patient with whatever questions or concerns you may have through every step of the ordering process. We put the customer first and pride ourselves off of our many repeat, lifelong customers and the relationships we have developed along the way. Buy Marijuana Online Canada.

We ship directly to your door! Quality medical-grade marijuana! With the price of gas nowadays, we can save you money. We also offer discounts for customers with a medical condition and prescription. Buy marijuana seeds online.
With the many relationships with growers we have developed over the years, we consistently provide the customer with a superior product. You can trust us for being the superior online dispensary.
Who We Are
We are a couple of cannabis loving enthusiasts that enjoy experiencing new strains and edibles and passing them onto our friends and customers. Coming from the alcohol industry we realized the social harms and destruction that alcohol creates across communities in Canada. Instead of opening a cold beer & wine store or getting back in the bar business we chose to go for the safer alternative.
 We are the modern day equivalent to the Seagram’s family, Sleeman family and the Bronfmans who all made a living selling alcohol a much more dangerous substance than cannabis.

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Marijuana has been used as medicine among humans for millennia from treating cramping, earaches, malaria and everything in between, medical marijuana has had a long- term influence on the medical world.

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Oliver Smith


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    • kaye052
      Have you tried CBD OIL as an alternative? CBD Oil is from the flower of Cannabis and now can Relief Pains but soon it will be a cure in people especially in curing Cancerous people. I may be looking forward to this and I am always! but for now, I guess we could start planting cannabis for the future and start searching seeds to plant. In researching I across this page  kylekushman.com/topic/official-led-light-choices-give-me-your-favorite/
    • vaporuk
      We have recently published a new article online at Minds.com, which helps explain some tips & tricks  https://www.minds.com/ukcbdoil/blog/what-is-insomnia-how-to-ease-it-987676659769622528
    • Sidnee Grubb
      the cannabis industry needs more books by women of color! check out our submission guidelines if you've ever considered turning your hobby and knowledge into a text that could help others and broaden the spectrum of knowledge in the publishing of cannabis content. https://microcosmpublishing.com/faq#submit-manuscripts
    • cerino andrea
      Hi all! My name is Andrea, I live in Barcelona and I am Argentine. im a cannabis photography work in barcelona. I like this job a lot, but since I started working I have to be more attentive and take care of myself because of the stigma still installed as a drug. At the same time I feel the need to do something consistent to the world and the plant, I would like to work / collaborate with any person from any geographical point to advance in this cause. to change the face of cannabis, in the United States they are more pioneers than in Europe, it is not a question of competence. Any contribution or comment, I am happy. thank you community!! my personal instagram for contact is: instagram.com/becannactivist
    • Lynne Feal-Staub
      Hi all, I’m late to this thread, but wanted to offer the following resource for a simple how-to on growing: https://sunbudsolutions.com/growing-guide/. SunBud Solutions is in the process of developing an all-inclusive grow pod (built-in light, fan, filter & timer) designed for a single plant. We’re also all about providing how-tos and tips to keep it simple so anyone can successfully grow. Although the link is specific to growing in a SunBud unit, the technique is the same regardless of your set up and walks you through five steps to growing your own!
    • Lynne Feal-Staub
      My daughter and I recently attended our first Tokeativity event (in Turners Falls, MA) - thank you, Sam, for organizing! As we work to fully launch SunBud Solutions (a Vermont-based start-up in the process of developing a single-plant, self-contained grow pod), we are looking for feedback. In particular, we are developing a section of the SunBud website to collect recipes and tutorials for those using our product (and those growing on their own). Any thoughts, feedback, etc. on the first two blog posts in this area, and thoughts for future growth, are much appreciated!  Link to blog: https://sunbudsolutions.com/blog/
    • Cynthia Gaffney
      Easy Cannabis Tea Hi there.  Short, to-the-point edibles recipes are popular on YouTube.  I did little to promote this one, other than send links out to a few forums.  Yet, it gained surprising traction.  Anyone who is interesting in doing other short edibles recipes, please let me know. Thanks!
    • thereliefleaf
      No problem, glad you found it useful.  
    • Lisa
      Thanks for sharing this!
    • thereliefleaf
      Hey everyone, I just wanted to share this. I've been working toward an established brand in the CBD industry but still have a lot of unanswered questions. There are tons of hurdles I run into and I have just scratched the surface. I came across this and signed up for a #CBD A-Z course and am super excited, this woman has her own CBD business and is teaching others how to build one from the ground up. She also provides marketing techniques as marketing on Facebook is a huge challenge, she is one of the 1st companies that is allowed to run ads on Facebook without being shut down Facebook has officially approved her business. Check out the course >>here<<   Also, I wanted to share with you her ebook that gives some tips and tricks on how to position your brand. Hope you like it.    Cheers!   Secrets_to_Marketing_In_Restricted_Industries_UNCENSORED_full.pdf
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