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Farm to Food (Beverage) Competition - $40,000 prize money

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Cannabis Cooking Magazine

For those of you who are interested and/or share with your network…

This came across our desk ~ Karmel Ungerleider-Abrams & Devorah Ungerleider-Moore

 2019 Women’s Farm to Food Business Competition

Compete for $40,000 to help launch, grow, or scale your woman-owned business!

 The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) Foundation is offering a new business competition for women farmers and entrepreneurs making food and beverage products in Oregon and Washington. NASDA Foundation is partnering with the Washington State Department of Agriculture and Oregon Department of Agriculture to host the first-ever 2019 Women’s Farm to Food Business Competition. The competition will award a total of $40,000 to help women launch, grow or scale their businesses. The competition is open to women farmers/fishers/ranchers who are using their agricultural goods to create food and beverage products. The competition is also open to women entrepreneurs who source agricultural goods from Oregon and Washington producers (e.g., farmers, fishers, ranchers) and use those ingredients to create food and beverage products.

The application is now open and closes on January 31. APPLY TODAY!

Questions? Email Lisa Benson at lisa.benson@nasda.org


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    • Tyler81
      Oh, I also started growing plants not a long time ago. Some of my plants are almost grown enough to get strains. I've tried a lot of different strains, but I love those with berry smell the most. Last time I ordered shishkaberry from herbiesheadshop.com/cannabis-seeds/shiskaberry for the first time, because I read the description and thought that it's something worth trying.
    • Beth #HempHuntress
      Are you a Hemp Farmer? Do you have biomass or craft flower for sale? 2020 Harvest has been good for Oregon - It is expected that prices will go up in 2021, and in Spring again there will be higher than current and higher than average prices per lb. Having said that - sometimes we need and want to sell now. IF you have bulk products for sale - and you want to sell now - I am starting to receive requests on a daily basis. MOST are shoppers. However in the midst of an 800lb (+) buy for a local female farmer. I am NOT your typical Joker Broker, there are not ten guys between me and the buyer...it's me and you and them.  I do the due diligence and connect you, OR I can be your buffer through the whole process so you never have to deal with them directly (I understand why some women choose this, please know I am experienced and comfortable managing the male buyers for you). IF you are interested in possible sales (I can not promise anything as you know it's a wild ride)  - please comment here (never know who may see what you have and need it!) or send me an email HempHuntress@gmail.com COA's are imperative - yes get the FULL COA you can demand more per pound when we know no heavy metals and what the terpene profile is.   NO HEAVY METALS is huge - we are now competing against other states - many of them are riddled with heavy metal in their soils but aren't testing...it is a big selling point when I can tell the buyers our hemp is truly safe, and heavy metal free and educate on the value of knowing this and the terpene profile. I do NOT have avg prices yet, nor a high/low. This will take a few weeks to gauge properly....but please know I am a broker for the farmer so it is all about ensuring you get your value, and or support and guidance for waiting if that is the proper thing.  Have a great day and reach out if I can help in anyway!  Buyers are contacting me daily and about 20% are real...let's capture that for the female farmer! Beth Hemp Huntress  
    • Beth #HempHuntress
      Hemp, CBD and Hemp products are becoming more popular and "mainstream". As wonderful as this is, we still face obstacles and hurdles to creating a solid stable commodity, industry and farm practices. I urge you to learn, follow, donate and/or get involved with a female pioneer Courtney Moran and the https://agriculturalhempsolutions.com/ Currently I am learning more and preparing how best I can help going into 2021, and Agricultural Hemp Solutions will be a major guiding force of what campaigns to get involved with, who to support and what to focus on. Beth Hemp Huntress
    • Lisa
      WOOO hi @Beth #HempHuntress!
    • Beth #HempHuntress
      Good day! Just a quick test of the ole Hemp Talk Topics area. I am going to begin getting organized and share information, helpful tips, resources and all kinds of great stuff Hemp. With over 100 cannabanoids and 9000 products and new cultivars every season...we got plenty to talk about. Any questions - post them here!  Need a resource - ask here! Let's talk about Hemp! Beth van Elswyk Hemp Huntress www.hemphuntress.com
    • Brianna
      Hey All! My name is Brianna Wheeler and I am a contributor at the Willamette Week Portland Newsweekly. I'm putting together a piece for Veteran's Day that spotlights some community experiences with cannabis therapy post-service. I would love to create something that further normalizes cannabis use and also advocates for and uplifts the veteran community. Ideally, I will feature 5-6 community members by asking them 3 questions: Describe your military service How has cannabis use affected your life post-service? What are your favorite or highest recommended strains/products? If you or anyone you know is a cannabis using veteran and would like to be featured please reach out to either this posting or to me directly.  XOXO - Brianna Wheeler  beigesandstorm@gmail.com 503 926 1701
    • Tyler81
      Wow, I've heard many receipts with cannabis, but I've never heard about making marijuana tea. Maybe, one day I'll try something like that. I'm not an experienced smoker, and now I'm looking for the info about cannabis and strains because I haven't found the one I like the most. A few days ago, I came across this article about the Top 10 marijuana strains, and there you can see info about each strain. Maybe, it'll be useful for someone else!
    • Tyler81
      Wow, thanks, I'd never heard about that show
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