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Global Online Panel Recording - Nov 1, 2018

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Watch this recorded Tokeativity Canna Mamas Global Online Event for compelling discussions about cannabis & motherhood from around the globe




Record Date: Thurs, Nov 1, 2018
Time: 7 to 8:30pm PST
Place: Our online classroom (link & login details emailed to registrants)
Cost: Free for Grassroots & Business Members, $10 for Basic Members



Llana Vallabh, South Africa
Tokeativity South Africa Chapter Leader
Topic: Navigating a new legal space as a mother

Gill Pollard, Canada
Founder of The Herblife & The High Friends Podcast
Topic: Talking to your kids about cannabis / how to navigate teachers and other caregivers who might not understand cannabis

Kelley Bruce, California, United States
Founder of CannaMommy.org
Topic: Resources available during pre-pregnancy all the way through postpartum & protecting your rights as a cannabis-using parent

Samantha Montanaro, Oregon, United States
Co-Founder of Tokeativity
Topic: Using cannabis to help you feel better during postpartum / pregnancy loss


Flow of Event:

7 to 7:15 welcome and hang out - toke sesh if you are feelin it! (NOT INCLUDED IN RECORDING)
7:15 Panel followed by Q & A
8:30 Goodbyes


We welcome you to be as anonymous or as open as you want! Our online classroom has video and audio capability so that we can see and hear one another. You can be completely anonymous when entering the classroom if you like simply by putting in initials, your Tokeativity Connect name, or any name you like and declining the message of connecting your video or audio. We have a chatroom where you can express yourself if you like instead! 

If you are okay with video & audio, you can approve your browser's request for video and audio access. We may have the classroom muted while the panel is going on.

This session will be recorded and available for free to our Grassroots & Business Members.

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It comes as no surprise that the stigma of cannabis is most prevalent when it comes to mothers and children. The lack of research combined with decades of misleading propaganda has put moms in the most difficult position of deciding if cannabis is safe for them and their families. Mothers are uncertain as to whether cannabis use is OK during pregnancy and breastfeeding and we often feel shame or hide our use. We say NO MORE SHAME! Let's open up conversations to break down the stigmas!

Tokeativity Canna Mamas aims to open up deep conversation and connection between women interested in cannabis and parenthood. It is time to get together to connect, learn and create a community of Canna Mamas who can learn, discuss and support one another to set some standards for how cannabis can be used as a parent. All women are welcome who are interested in this conversation - you do not need to be a mother to attend! RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!


  1. Canna Mamas Global Online Panel - 11/1/18

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