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    Portland, Oregon, United States
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At Bonfleur we believe that powerful plants can provide powerful healing. Hand-blended tinctures, topicals, and soaking salts address the impacts of pain and inflammation, stress and sleep issues.about

Through a scientifically refined approach to plant-based medicine, we’ve crafted a suite of wellness products that are highly effective, enjoyable to use, consciously sourced. 

Bonfleur’s blend of organic botanicals and adaptogens, pure essential oils, and organic full-spectrum hemp extract are scientifically formulated to help you feel better. We harness the healing power of full-spectrum CBD with naturally occurring cannabinoids, flavenoids and terpenes with no derivatives and no reformulations.

Sourced regionally in the Pacific Northwest from a Clean Green Certified farm, our CBD comes from pesticide-free plants grown sustainably in the sunshine. Our partners love and nurture their plants so those plants can help us nurture YOU…..

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