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    Portland, 97070, Portland, United States

High there friends!

I'm Savina and I make damn good designs for the cannabis industry. No really, it's the reason I get up in the morning. Giving form to your idea. Cover to your book. Design of your products. Creative content to your empty wall. Anything from print to digital and all for the cannabis industry. I've had the pleasure of working with women owned companies like Chil, Gold Moon Concentrates, Tokeativity, High Good People, YGB Portland and plenty more. Although my aesthetic is 70's centered, I am a true Gemini and won't stay attached to a specific style for long. 

View my portfolio to see what I can do!

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  • Savina Monet cover
  • Savina Monet 126


    Now Accepting New Clients!

    Now taking Summer projects ??✨ Looking for packaging design, flyer, or logo work? Tired of touching code on your website? Tokeativity Connect members receive a special 10% discount off work, DM me for more info!

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