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    4126 SE Tolman St, Portland, 97202, Portland, United States
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CBD Revolution

Oregon Hemp Meets Essential Oils

After years of study, experiments and field trials, we hit the sweet spot: the optimum blend of essential oils infused with CBD (full-spectrum C02 extract) from Oregon hemp. The result: smooth, creamy, non-greasy, fast-absorbing lotions, salves and gels, that have a fresh natural scent (no cannabis stench), are gluten-free and vegan friendly (absolutely no animal products or testing--ever!) When field tests showed that the products are equally effective in treating skin conditions, like eczema, we knew we had a real winner! Now we want to invite you to join us as we revolutionize CBD topicals.

Soothe Infused Topicals

We've developed our own original formulas to create truly amazing results. Sustainable essential oils supplement the cannabidiol CO2 Oregon hemp extract for optimum results in all Soothe Infused Topicals.

Soothe Infused Topicals are tested by independent state-licensed labs to ensure that the products comply with Oregon hemp regulations. Proudly made in Oregon using Oregon hemp extract and Oregon Arnica montana.


Soothe Face and Body

We've been busy creating our exciting new line of Soothe Face and Body products that help protect and heal skin.

Capturing the power of Oregon's sun-loving hemp, lavender, peppermint, flowers and berries, these products are the richest in anti-oxidants, with naturally occurring SPF. This powerful combination from nature helps protect skin from the harshness of daily life.

Soothe Face and Body products are the next best step in skin care.

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